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Ventrilo Client 4.0.3

Mac 用の Ventrilo は、Voice over IP(VoIP)グループ通信ソフトウェアの次の進化的なステップです。 Ventrilo は、他のすべてのユーザーが機能を模倣しようとする際の業界標準です.



Ventrilo for Mac は、コンピュータの日常操作やオンラインゲームの競技に干渉しないように、優れた音質と CPU リソースの最小限の使用で最もよく知られています。最も一般的に使用されている機能がすぐに表示され、マウスを 1 回クリックするだけで起動できるため、初心者のコンピュータユーザーは非常に迅速に学習できます.

Ventrilo Client offers:
複数のユーザーとの音声通信クロスチャネル通信ファントムユーザが他のチャネルでリッスンするためのユーザ間のプライベートな会話ダイナミックに作成できる個別のチャネルパスワードで保護されたサーバのログインとチャネル高度なチャネル制御オプションとフィルタチャネルごとの個別管理パスワードその他多数:Ventrilo のダウンロード Windows 用クライアント

ファイルのバージョン Ventrilo Client 4.0.3
ファイル名 ventrilopro-403-osx.dmg
ファイルサイズ 4.7 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.6 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Flagship Industries, Inc
更新時間 2019-07-22

What's new in this version:

All Platforms:
- Added support for scripting commands such as automated recording and file uploads. See documentation for ".VTSCRIPT" files.
- Added support for launching external applications when a URL link is using protocols other than http. For example, a steam:// protocol link that starts a steam based game. This applies to any protocol that has a defined handler installed on your system.
- Modified popup menu in main tree window to place a check mark on the Misc > Phantom option if you have a phantom in the selected channel.
- Fixed bug in SRV Record name resolution so that the program does not try resolving the full name using normal DNS before performing a lookup in SRV Records. In the example: the "host" part is not required to exist as a normal A Record.
- Modified Private Chat / Deferred Message / Global Chat / RCon to allow sizing the input field for more viewable space. Also modified it so that the input field and scroll field font sizes can be increased or decreased by clicking the fields once and then holding down the control key and scrolling the mouse wheel up and down. These settings are remembered for each individual window.
- Modified Record / Playback window so that if you press the Control key while clicking the "Close" button the internal recording will be closed and discarded making it easier to delete the file using your systems file browser.
- Modified recording so that a continuous stream will be automatically tagged every 10 minutes. This prevents the slow consumption of memory from such streams.
- Modified the main window tree to test for the shift key while right-clicking on a user name. This will force a Deferred Message window to automatically open for the selected User.
- Modified the receiving audio buffer to prevent clipping if the transmitter released the PTT key too quickly.

Mac Specific:
- Added support for the Apple Touch Bar which permits the User to interact with the Ventrilo client while running in the background. Watch the demonstration video.
- Modified File Transfer window so that the filename and recipients windows are selectable allowing for copying their contents to the clipboard.
- Modified so that the application will automatically request access to the Microphone. This is needed starting with OSX 14.

Theme Designer Options:
- Added new XMIT property to "Img" commands.
- Added SbcObscureRight
- Added SbcObscureBottom
- Added BrdTitlePosSize

New Themes:
- Alpha-Advanced
- Dragons-Eye
- Dragons-Fantasy
- Dragons-Treasure
- Examp-XmitInternal
- Filigree
- Galvanized-Plate
- Galvanized-Sunken
- LightLink
- MiniPanel
- Phantom-In-The-Csh-2nd
- Phoenix-Advanced
- Powered-Plate
- Scrapbook
- Ships-Galley
- Ships-Junk
- Ships-Longship

Updated Themes:
- Dice
- FracturedWindow
- SpaceRace
- TropicalIsland

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