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MacFamilyTree 8.5.4

Viber for Mac あなたは無料のメッセージを送信し、任意の国や地域のあらゆるデバイスやネットワーク上の他の Viber ユーザーに無料で電話をかけることができます!

Viber は連絡先、メッセージ、通話履歴をモバイルデバイスと同期させるので、Viber モバイルアプリケーションあなたの Mac の快適さから続けてください。 Viber for Mac をダウンロードし、電話番号を入力して、友人との接続を開始してください。

Viber 特長:
最高品質の HD 音声電話ビデオ通話テキスト、写真、およびステッカーメッセージ携帯電話と Mac 間の完全な同期デバイス間での通話の転送注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

Also Available:Windows 用 Viber をダウンロード

ファイルのバージョン MacFamilyTree 8.5.4
ファイル名 MacFamilyTree 8.5.4 Demo.dmg
ファイルサイズ 235 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.8 Lion
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Viber Media Inc
更新時間 2019-04-18

What's new in this version:

MacFamilyTree 8.5.4
- Directly open PDF files in the Preview app from the Edit Media section
- Backup window is now displayed correctly on smaller screens
- Bug fixes for older macOS versions, especially when using the new Edit Media section
- Localization updates

MacFamilyTree 8.5.3
- Display of website and audio icons improved when using the new Dark Mode in macOS Mojave
- Option added in the Edit Media section to open selected pictures with Preview
- Slideshow fixed for macOS 10.11 El Capitan and macOS 10.10 Yosemite
- Web Research sites updated
- Localization improvements

MacFamilyTree 8.5.2
- Issue corrected preventing family trees stored on iCloud Drive from opening correctly

MacFamilyTree 8.5.1
- Stability issue fixed when adding new media to a family tree
- Opening media from the search section is now working reliable

MacFamilyTree 8.5

- Completely new Media section
- Rewritten from the ground up
- Quick and easy access to all media in a family tree, like Pictures, Videos, PDFs and Web Sites
- Improved search feature
- Blazingly fast: Even 10.000 images show up in under one second on recent Macs
- Easily export media to other apps using drag & drop
- Configurable sorting and grouping
- Directly edit all metadata from the same view: Add titles, labels, notes and sources without having to leave the media section
- Tag persons on group shots
- Directly play videos and audio and quickly browse through PDF files
- Complete keyboard navigation to navigate to the next or previous image
- Use drag & drop to add new media to your family tree
- New Media Gallery
- Well structured overview of all media in your family tree
- Enlarge any image, video, website or PDF with a single click to its full size
- Completely configurable including thumbnail size, sorting and grouping
- Keyboard navigation to navigate to the next or previous image
- Different coloring modes to tag media by type or date
- Perfect to present your family tree to your relatives
- Improved Slideshow
- Many new configuration options added
- Improved selection of the media items to display in the slideshow
- Better on-screen controls during slideshows
- Improved Virtual Globe
- Greatly improved quality of the map
- Better connection lines between event places
- Improved display of place and country names
- Better list of person and person events for easier navigation
- Vastly improved map sharpness on Macs with a Retina display
- Use Smart Filters to only display specific persons
- Improved search feature
- Splitting Family Trees & Exporting specific parts
- Need to export part of your family tree into a new file to share it with relatives? MacFamilyTree 8.5 will just do that.
- Control precisely which part of your family tree should be exported (for example, only the paternal or maternal line)
- Easy selection of the persons to export (for example using Smart Filters)
- Removing parts of a Family Tree
- Quickly and efficiently remove parts of your family tree without deleting persons one by one
- Easy and precise control of which persons to remove and which to keep in your family tree
- Other
- When exporting GEDCOM files, optionally specify to only include the year component of dates
- Many bug fixes and smaller improvements

MacFamilyTree 8.4.3
- Issue displaying custom event icons fixed
- Issue exporting web sites with images fixed when using Macs with a Retina display
- Cancel button when editing places now works as expected
- Performance enhancements when editing places in databases with a huge number of entered places
- Error merging family trees with associated persons fixed
- Localization updates

MacFamilyTree 8.4.2
- Issues importing and exporting GEDCOM files corrected

MacFamilyTree 8.4.1
- Big fixed that prevented opening trees when using macOS High Sierra

MacFamilyTree 8.3.6
- CloudTree synchronization issues fixed
- Several FamilySearch issues fixed

MacFamilyTree 8.3.5
- Age calculation in several views improved
- Plausibility checks improved
- Bug concerning the layout of several reports fixed
- File size of exported PDF files improved
- Duplicate search for Places improved
- Error selecting categories in the World History section improved
- Error in the GEDCOM header of exported GEDCOM files fixed
- Improved localisations

MacFamilyTree 8.3.4
- Issue fixed where certain charts for a family could not be displayed
- Minor user interface problems fixed when merging family trees

MacFamilyTree 8.3.3
- Fixes an bug that could cause the Interactive Tree to crash MacFamilyTree on certain Mac models

MacFamilyTree 8.3.2
- Fixes an issue where merging a database or searching for duplicates prevents CloudTree sync

MacFamilyTree 8.3.1
- Fixes an issue using the Interactive Tree on OS X 10.10 Yosemite and OS X 10.11 El Capitan

MacFamilyTree 8.3

- Much Improved Interactive Tree
- Support added for Metal 2 when running in macOS 10.13 High Sierra for incredible smooth animations and less energy consumption
- Much improved text rendering when running on macOS 10.13 High Sierra
- Improved visualization of family connections, persons and images
- Much improved performance when using Family Search in the Interactive Tree
- Improved indicators when further persons are present
- Sidebar can be hidden when browsing the Interactive Tree
- Print the Interactive Tree
- Configurable Family Connections: Highlight blood relationships and adopted relationships
- Improved generation separators: Quickly discover which persons are related
- Improved control over shadows and lighting
- Improved navigation and zoom
- New Database Merge
- Merge GEDCOM files and MacFamilyTree files to your current family tree
- Detects persons, families, sources and places present in both files in order to avoid duplicates
- Decide on a entry-by-entry case which information to preserve
- New Duplicate Detection
- Search for duplicate persons, families, places or sources in your family tree
- When duplicate entries are found, merge these entries while preserving family connections
- New Timeline
- Completely redeveloped Timeline
- Choose between 6 graphical styles
- Group timeline entries to create separate sections by last name or birth place
- Display historical events, like World War II, directly on the timeline
- Configurable fonts
- Configurable events: Choose which person and family events should be displayed in the timeline
- Timeline can be configured to be displayed as a top to bottom chart or left to right chart

Other Improvements:
- Performance of all charts & diagrams vastly improved
- Performance across the app improved, especially when using macOS 10.13 High Sierra or iOS 11
- Find and reveal specific persons in larger charts
- Smart Filters improved with more search options
- Improved places import from GEDCOM files
- Improved display of married names
- Improved plausibility warnings
- Countless number of smaller improvements and bug fixe

MacFamilyTree 8.2.8
- Smaller bug fixes

MacFamilyTree 8.2.7
- German and French localisation updated
- Smaller bug fixes

MacFamilyTree 8.2.6
- Fixes using FamilySearch from within MacFamilyTree

MacFamilyTree 8.2.5
- Importing notes from GEDCOM files improved
- Bugs in the Statistic Maps resolved
- Picture display in charts improved
- Updated French user manual
- Bug in the language selection when using charts or reports resolved

MacFamilyTree 8.2.4
- Several fixes for macOS High Sierra

MacFamilyTree 8.2.3
- Support added to print to more than 32x32 pages
- Issues displaying labels fixed
- Children in the Fan Chart are now ordered correctly
- The Hourglass Chart hides information marked as private correctly
- Localisation updates

MacFamilyTree 8.2.2
- Stability issue using FamilySearch fixed
- Printing improved
- GEDCOM import improved concerning Places and Notes

MacFamilyTree 8.2.1
- Bugs exporting GEDCOM files corrected
- Issue in the Narrative Report fixed

MacFamilyTree 8.2

- New & Improved Charts
- New Fractal Tree Chart
- New Horizontal/Vertical Fractal Chart
- New Symmetrical Fractal Tree Chart
- New Fractal Circular Tree Chart
- Completely rewritten styling of most charts
- Many configureable styling options to choose from
- Configureable event & fact display
- Configureable line styles
- Configureable shadow styles
- Size of boxes can be increased/decreased depending on generation in nearly all charts for better space efficiency
- Greatly improved performance rendering charts
- Select custom fonts in all charts
- Labels can now be displayed in each chart
- New background styles
- Improved Timeline (configureable coloring and styles)
- Reference Numbers can be shown in all charts
- Display of kinships now available in the Genogram Chart
- Tree Chart now displays family events like marriage and divorce correctly

Improved Fan Chart:
- Configureable styles added
- Improved Fan Chart text rendering
- Much improved performance

Improved Chars Editor & Printing:
- Configureable pagination layout for poster printing
- Option to automatically layout objects to a specific count of pages
- When printing to multiple pages, a page number can be printed on each page for easy identification
- Unlimited undo while editing a chart
- Improved user interface

FamilySearch improvements:
- Performance of FamilySearch integration in the Interactive Tree dramatically improved
- Comparing local and FamilySearch persons improved
- Coordinates of places are automatically downloaded from FamilySearch
- LDS Ordinances added (reserve, print, share with Temple etc.)
- Family Tree is automatically scanned for possible LDS Ordinances that can be reserved

- Improved organisation of functions
- Keyboard navigation added to the Interactive Tree
- GEDCOM import and interoperability with other apps improved
- Date interpretation when exporting GEDCOM files improved
- Options added to configure which additional names to display in addition to the full name
- CloudTree performance improved

MacFamilyTree 8.1.4
- Issue syncing with CloudTree fixed
- Issue merging persons in a family tree fixed
- Touch Bar integration using the Interactive Tree improved

MacFamilyTree 8.1.3
- Plausibility Check is now handling LDS events correctly
- Hourglass Chart in the Person Report can now be configured correctly
- Issues migrating databases from previous versions fixed
- Right-click in the Interactive Tree works reliably now
- Interactive Tree background colors fixed

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