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Resolume Avenue 7.5.0 rev 77960

Waterfox for Mac は、Mozilla Firefox の高性能 64 ビットバージョンを提供します。 Firefox のソースコードは、64 ビット Mac コンピュータ用に特別に動作するように作成され、コンパイルされました。 Waterfox for Mac を群衆から目立たせるには、それは?? Firefox を 64 ビットプログラムとしてコンパイルするよりも高速かつ効率的に実行できるように、多くの最適化でコンパイルされました。ダウンロード、インストール、アップデート Waterfox for Mac!

Waterfox Features
いいえ Adobe DRM なしポケットなしデータ収集なし 64 ビットプラグインごとに実行すべてのアドオンを実行する(署名されていないものも含む)Windows XP 64 ビットサポートボンデージ変更の詳細... 注: 64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

もご利用いただけます:Waterfox for Windows


ファイルのバージョン Resolume Avenue 7.5.0 rev 77960
ファイル名 Resolume_Avenue_7_5_0_rev_77960_Installer.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.6 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Waterfox Team
更新時間 2021-08-31

What's new in this version:

Arena DMX Spanning:
- When working with LED strips or a lot of fixtures you had to manually manage multiple DMX universes in the Advanced output of Arena. But not anymore! with version 7.5 Arena will automatically create as many universes as you like. This is huge time-saver when working with many DMX universes.

- This version of Wire comes with several cool new features, such as auto-repeat for instance counts, interpolated Read, multi-pass ISF, MIDI Program Change nodes and a Trim node. All MIDI and OSC nodes are now instanceable and with more alignment tools you can easily make your patches more organized and readable.

Arena & Avenue Fix List:
- Crash setting FFGL source FFT input to local
- Crash handling Directshow capture sometimes
- Crash waking machine from sleep with Lumiverse output
- Crash trying to register on old drivers or unsupported GPU
- Preview stops playing when moving the previewed clip
- This column shortcuts are lost from earlier versions
- Keyboard navigation no worky in Avenue Effects, and Sources panels
- Flashing noise at the end of very short clips
- "This column" target option missing for group columns
- Moving a colour of a palette and then clicking on it shows the wrong colour
- Clicking red in the default palette the first time, loads black instead
- Undoing clip move to create new column, keeps columns if you switch to a different decks and start to undo there
- Clip preview midi shortcut triggers preview also on note off
- Playhead position of incoming and outgoing OSC-messages different
- Scrubbing playhead in transport control range limited when in-/out-points are changed
- Pasting ASS Output mask no worky
- Restart Param set to Clip trigger, on BPM synced clip when hitting resync
- Reverse Advanced output mouse selection order
- Make Clip speed slider dingetje arrows adjust in finer steps
- /composition/layers/*/clips/*/transport/position/behaviour/duration/multiply can make Resolume freeze if it sets play speed very fast
- Clip Preview gets disconnected when clearing layer or on Piano trigger clip disconnect
- Can't animate Wire layer choice mixer params sometimes
- List / insert Fixtures in alphabetical order
- Metaballs grid in should be an integer
- New composition with Persistent source in column 1, deck 2, and 3 only have 1 column
- Keystone effects show grid at wrong position

Alley Fix List:
- Alley's factory DXV presets all use Normal Quality with Alpha format
- Wire Fix List:
- Add 1/2 Patch Size and 1/4 Patch Size resolution options
- Connect actions that cause loss of input constant values are not undone.
- Store output routing selection in patch and enable output if possible on patch load
- Slice Render should scale according to its resolution attribute
- Getting instanced, inlets should inherit original inlet value
- Dragging a .isf resource to the patch create a new ressoure even if it already exist
- Saving patch with ISF the shader resets values if it has defaults in the code
- Inlet/Outlet inspectortje should also show multiline text, now it's all in one line
- ISF multipass implementation
- Give Toggle two trigger inlets to force the state
- Patch with Russian and weird characters in file name doesn't load on windows
- All inlets of Switch want to disconnect trying to instancing network with a trigger
- Screen Shake should rotate around center
- Add Max attribute on Linear node (to make loopable lists)
- Crash consolidating patch with missing resource
- Double clicking .cwired with Resolume not running, and choosing cancel in the installation prompt makes Resolume freeze on startup
- Crash loading patch which has syphon output enabled, after a patch which had syphon output enabled
- Read OSC loses 'Address'-input when changing type
- Converge: Node that goes from event instances to single stream
- Crash connecting float to 1st inlet of greater after texture to 2nd inlet

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