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ShaperBox 3.3.2

Waterfox for Mac は、Mozilla Firefox の高性能 64 ビットバージョンを提供します。 Firefox のソースコードは、64 ビット Mac コンピュータ用に特別に動作するように作成され、コンパイルされました。 Waterfox for Mac を群衆から目立たせるには、それは?? Firefox を 64 ビットプログラムとしてコンパイルするよりも高速かつ効率的に実行できるように、多くの最適化でコンパイルされました。ダウンロード、インストール、アップデート Waterfox for Mac!

Waterfox Features
いいえ Adobe DRM なしポケットなしデータ収集なし 64 ビットプラグインごとに実行すべてのアドオンを実行する(署名されていないものも含む)Windows XP 64 ビットサポートボンデージ変更の詳細... 注: 64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

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ファイルのバージョン ShaperBox 3.3.2
ファイル名 Cableguys-ShaperBox-Demo-Mac.zip
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.6 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Waterfox Team
更新日 https://www.waterfoxproject.org/
更新時間 2022-12-16

What's new in this version:

ShaperBox 3.3.2
- New: 41 additional Cymbal and Percussion noise types for NoiseShaper
- New: Pitch control for NoiseShaper, up to +/- 24 semitones
- Fixed: ShaperBox could crash after expanding the LFO wave in TimeShaper
- Fixed: The vectorscope in Pan and Width Shapers was missing the right-hand side of the graph when displaying a 100% sides signal

ShaperBox 3.1.1
- New: Vectorscope stereo analyzer for PanShaper and WidthShaper
- Improved: Your ShaperBox 1/2 custom presets can now be synced to ShaperBox 3. To use the feature, open ShaperBox 1 or 2 and select Sync from the Main Menu (three lines icon). Next open ShaperBox 3 and click the Sync button in the top bar (or via Main Menu). Your synced presets will appear in the My Presets area, prefixed "SB1" or "SB2". If you delete/alter/rename them in ShaperBox 3, they remain visible and unchanged in ShaperBox 1/2.
- Improved: NoiseShaper's noise download dialog will not be shown again once cancelled
- Fixed: Oscilloscope Tool was not resized when the Global Audio Trigger panel was open
- Fixed: If the plugin was loaded while a selected MIDI device port was unavailable, the plugin internally defaulted to DAW MIDI, causing unexpected results

ShaperBox 2.4.5
- Syncing presets with the server could stop working if you've set up a public profile image via the Main Menu

ShaperBox 2.4.4
- New: Supports VST 3
- New: "Use OpenGL Graphics" option in Main Menu for Windows users

ShaperBox 2.4.3
- New: 12 additional noise sounds for NoiseShaper

- UI performance was slow on some macOS systems when Scaling was not set to 100%
- Rosetta is no longer required during installation on Apple Silicon M1 systems
- The error dialog box could show corrupt characters in certain situations

ShaperBox 2.4.2
- Improved: NoiseShaper's user noise folder can now be opened directly via a Main Menu entry.
- Improved: In some DAWs (eg, Logic Pro), switching presets was slow on older versions of macOS.
- Fixed: Rare crash bug with the macOS version of ShaperBox when syncing files for NoiseShaper.

ShaperBox 2.4.1
- Fixed: If your internet connection was interrupted while downloading NoiseShaper's noise files, some noises could stop working.

ShaperBox 2.3.3
- Fixed: When using PanShaper at a sample rate of 192kHz or higher, high Haas settings could cause crashes.
- Fixed: In some DAWs (eg, Cubase), latency was not correctly compensated when the plugin was bypassed by the host.
- Fixed: Double-clicking or dragging a modulatable parameter could sometimes change the LFO waveform, or create too many undo stages.

ShaperBox 2.3.2
- New: Supports AAX for Pro Tools 12.0 or later.
- New: "Always use 16 samples of latency" option via Main Menu. When disabled, ShaperBox uses 0 samples of latency when DriveShaper is not added. For most DAWs, latency is compensated correctly, so this setting makes no practical difference. However, some DAWs (eg, Ableton Live and Logic Pro X) have known problems with latency compensation, so zero latency can be helpful.
- Fixed: In FL Studio, host time signatures with a denominator other than 4 caused timing issues.

ShaperBox 2.3.1
- Fixed: In Ableton Live, automation for automated parameters could be disabled after loading a project containing ShaperBox.
- Fixed: TimeShaper's MIDI Trigger Smoothing did not work properly when TimeShaper was placed after DriveShaper, an LFO waveform "step" coincided with a MIDI note triggering the LFO, and TimeShaper's Step Mode was set to Smooth.

ShaperBox 2.3
- New Shaper: DriveShaper. If you own it, then please download/apply your updated license file from your Cableguys user account.
- New: LFO Smooth control for all Shapers except TimeShaper.
- Fixed: FilterShaper Core 2's Stereo Offset setting was not saved with songs.
- Fixed: If an LFO used Hertz mode, the background LFO waveforms (from other Bands/Shapers) were shown with the wrong length.
- Fixed: Dialog boxes were scaled incorrectly for Scalings other than 100% or 200%.

ShaperBox 2.2.1
- Fixed: In Reason, a Shaper sometimes became bypassed shortly after it was added.

ShaperBox 2.2
- New: Stereo Offset control for FilterShaper Core 2. Shifts left/right filter cutoff in opposing directions, up to 60 semitones.
- New: 1-slider Envelope/Compressor Editing. Amount/Ratio and On/Off controls are always accessible.
- New: Skew selection. Ctrl-drag a corner/side handle of the selection to adjust it vertically.
- New: Draggable LFO parameters for Volume/Pan/Width Shapers to shift the LFO waveform up/down.
- New: "Move points to grid" command in Wave Editor menu. Moves each point inside the selection onto the grid.
- New: Right-click any preset for "Use as startup preset" option. Disable in the Main Menu`s Startup section.
- New: Wave Switch Smoothing, for preventing clicks/pops when switching Waves via MIDI, automation, or clicking in the interface.
- New: MIDI Trigger LED to visualise MIDI note input.
- New: Reset Shaper via Main Menu, initialising to default empty preset or a Quick Preset.
- Improved: Snap to grid is now a toggle option and works for selections too. Hold Shift to temporarily toggle Snap.
- Improved: TimeShaper resampling algorithm is 2x lower in CPU, with even quieter interpolation artefacts.
- Fixed: TimeShaper Step Mode could change the sound of non-stepped audio-rate waveforms.

ShaperBox 2.1
- New Shaper: CrushShaper, the ultimate creative bitcrusher, for modern mix tricks and inspiring lo-fi FX. Free for existing owners of the ShaperBox 2 Bundle (please install ShaperBox v2.1 and download/apply your updated license file)
- Improved: Dragging Cutoff/Resonance parameters in FilterShaper Core 2 is now more consistent (smoother)
- Fixed: Minor issues with resizable interface on dual monitor setup

  • - Fixed: Right-click menu in Wave area was shown at wrong size when interface was not at 100% size

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