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HitFilm Pro 15.0.2407

公式の WhatsApp for Mac デスクトップアプリケーションでは、家庭や仕事場の電話機やコンピュータなど、いつでもどこでも連絡を取り合うことができます。アプリ自体は、拡張機能を意図した WhatsApp Web と非常によく似ています。あなたの携帯電話の会話とメッセージをミラーリングします.

WhatsApp for Mac は、OS X 10.9 以降で使用でき、モバイルデバイスと同期しています。このアプリはデスクトップ上でネイティブに動作するため、ネイティブのデスクトップ通知やキーボードのショートカットをサポートしています.

ちょうど WhatsApp Web のように、新しいデスクトップアプリケーションを使用すると、携帯電話をポケットに入れたままで友だちや家族とメッセージを伝えることができます。あなたの携帯電話に WhatsApp をインストールして、Mac.

注:WhatsApp ユーティリティがインストールされ、64 ビットプロセッサ搭載の携帯電話が必要です.

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ファイルのバージョン HitFilm Pro 15.0.2407
ファイル名 HitFilmPro_15.0.2407.pkg
ファイルサイズ 483 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 WhatsApp Inc.
更新日 https://www.whatsapp.com/download/
更新時間 2020-08-07

What's new in this version:

- A new Preference option allows the root folders of a new layer to be open by default, in the controls panel
- Additional plugin presets have been added to the Grid and Lightning & Electricity effects
- The zoom options in the Viewer panel now allow a wider range of zoom levels
- Added the ability to export audio using the WAV format
- Added the GoPro FX Reframe effect, for fully customizing the framing of your 360º footage
- Added a Track Select tool, to select everything to the left or right of the playhead
- New mask shapes allow you to create and customize Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, and Star shaped masks
- The Crop / Pan & Zoom effect allows you to crop the contents of a clip, and animate the crop to control which area is shown
- Four new templates for lower thirds have been added: Banners, Flashy Double, Peeking with Line, and Smooth Blocks
- Added a Motion Track effect, for easily attaching a timeline object to a specific element in the scene
- Added the Color Adjustment effect to allow a range of selected colors to be shifted (originally designed for Imerge Pro)
- The new Auto Stabilizer effect provides easy smoothing of motion in handheld video clips

- Image sequences can now be imported by dragging one or more images from the sequence into the Media panel
- Image Sequences can now be imported using the Import button, by selecting a single image from the sequence
- Import image sequences by selecting a file or a range of files in a folder
- The layout of the menus in the top menu bar has been improved
- Paste Attributes now asks before duplicating the attributes on the source
- The Text tool now allows multiple customizable outlines
- Upgraded the X-audio component of the installer, to eliminate an error some users were seeing on install
- CTRL+W now closes the current composite shot, and CTRL+Shift+W closes all open composite shots
- The zoom controls for scaling the timeline have been refactored and improved
- Improved performance of embedded composite shots and grade layers through caching
- The graphic interface for the Curves control is now available in two sizes, small and large
- Improved performance of creating the Effects panel

Bug Fixes:
- The error messages shown when an export folder is not available are now more accurate
- PCM audio in DV-AVI files now conforms more reliably (PC)
- Right-clicking item in the top menus no longer displays menu contents incorrectly
- Improved rendering accuracy when using Intel Iris graphics for hardware decoding (PC)
- The scopes effect no longer causes stability issues
- Using the arrow keys while editing a text layer no longer causes stability issues
- Eliminated an uncommon stability issue with the audio meters during Trimmer playback
- The frame rate of MXF files is more accurately detected on import
- Locked audio tracks can no longer be edited using the audio mixer panel
- The Float option in the panel burger menu is now correctly disabled after the panel has been floated
- Restoring the Audio Mixer panel in the interface layout no longer causes stability issues
- Animated textures applied to 3D models now respect the start frame of the texture layer
- Playback of the Denoise effect no longer causes stability issues
- Adding a mask point no longer causes multiple items to be added to the History
- User created Export Presets can now be selected as the default export preset through the export menu without requiring a restart
- Applying an animation file to a 3D model no longer affects the responsiveness of the software interface
- Fixed the text styling in error messages which may appear when opening a project whose name contains a degrees symbol
- Adjusting the Roundness of a mask containing bezier handles no longer causes unexpected distortion
- Export of AAC audio no longer fails when an incompatible bitrate is selected, instead the closest supported bitrate is used
- Unsupported audio sample rates were removed from the Export options
- Updated the pre-render icon in the Media Panel for high-DPI displays
- Improved performance of 3D models using the FBX format
- Projects containing composite shots with large numbers of layers now open more quickly
- The trimmer now properly retains focus when the cursor is moved over the timeline (Mac)
- Improved the layout of the Background Color swatch, in the Options panel
- The home page can no longer be used to browse the internet
- Exporting using a different sample rate than your timeline will no longer result in truncated audio
- New mask points can now be created correctly, regardless of which view you are using
- Improved the layout of the color Labels tab of the Options panel
- Animation behaviors have been moved into the behaviors folder, where you would expect them
- The preview shown for text layers, while they are being trimmed on the editor, is now the correct size
- The Pin button now pins the Controls panel from one timeline open, when another timeline is selected
- Dragging vertically or horizontally now resizes a mask along a fixed axis
- The software can no longer be closed while the Options dialog, or any other modal dialog, is open (Mac)
- The option to paste effects via the right-click contextual menu is no longer enabled when it should not be
- You can now paste text into a template using the CTRL+V shortcut
- The project templates and export presets for Instagram have been updated to their current specifications
- The drop zone highlight is now displayed accurately when moving a panel of the interface
- Favorited effects are now retained more reliably in the Favorites panel
- Users are now warned when trying to set keyboard shortcuts which would conflict with existing shortcuts
- Adding an effect from the Effects menu to an editor object now correctly opens the effect controls in the controls panel
- You can now use the tab key to move between options in the autosave recovery dialog
- Recovered projects now use the same name shown in the Recovery dialog
- It is no longer possible to create timelines which exceed the maximum supported frame rate of the software
- Added a 'Paste' option into the right-click contextual menu for the Effects property group
- The ESC key now correctly closes the Effects pop-up (Mac)
- Right-click options now work correctly in the Effects pop-up window
- Updated the icons used in the effects pop-up, for High DPI displays
- Corrected the styling of the tooltip displayed for the Color bit depth controls in the Options panel
- The export queue now correctly aligns presets for completed tasks and pending tasks
- The overlay used when moving panels is now properly centered in the panel, for optimum visibility
- The search bar in the Effects pop-up window now supports input from IMEs
- Pausing an export at 100% progress no longer causes it to become permanently unresponsive
- All export errors are now correctly indicated on the program's taskbar icon (PC)
- The Orbit tool is now correctly displayed for all Viewer angles which support it, when multiple views are enabled
- Text-only Behaviors can no longer be pasted onto non-text objects
- Using an image with an embedded alpha channel as a bump map for a 3D model no longer corrupts the lighting of the model
- Improved the layout and styling of the Text panel
- Selecting multiple keyframes using the CTRL modifier now works correctly
- The Fade to Color transition no longer overexposes the footage to which it is applied
- The Export panel now supports export times exceeding 24 hours
- Creating a text layer using the New Layer Menu now correctly selects the Text tool so you can type immediately
- Creating a composite shot from an image which exceeds the software's maximum supported resolution now respects the aspect ratio of the image
- The "match editor timeline to media" prompt is no longer shown after "do not show again" is selected
- Mask outlines are now displayed correctly when multiple masks are selected
- Showing or hiding the Scopes panel no longer impacts RAM Previews
- Keyboard shortcuts for all viewer tools now work correctly
- ALT+arrow keys no longer unexpectedly moves focus in the controls panel property trees
- Resetting an effect no longer affects the Transform settings for the layer containing the effect
- Tooltips are no longer displayed while rubber band selections are being made
- Hovering the cursor over keyframes or bezier handles on the timeline no longer changes the cursor icon when the Selection tool is not active
- Updated the styling of the drop indicators shown when adding objects to the timeline
- The shortcut to convert a media file to a composite shot (CTRL+M) has been enabled in the Media panel
- Deleting media from the Media Panel using the keyboard shortcut now works correctly after resetting the interface layout (Mac)
- Rubber-band selecting multiple mask points no longer creates visual errors on systems using AMD graphics

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