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Winclone 6.2.2

Winclone for Mac は、Boot Camp Windows システムをデータ消失から保護するための最も完全なソリューションです。 Winclone は、Boot Camp を新しい Mac に移行する際の最も信頼性の高いクローニングソリューションです。すべての新しい Winclone Backup 機能は、以前のバージョンまたは削除されたデータを取得するための Windows ユーザーフォルダのスケジュールされた増分スナップショットを提供します.

Basic:Single Computer
Mac の内蔵ドライブに Boot Camp を実行していて、起動時のスナップショットと継続的なバックアップが必要です Boot Camp を新しいドライブまたは新しい Mac に移行する Mac
Boot Camp をあるドライブまたは Mac から別のドライブまたは Mac に移行するか、外付けドライブで Boot Camp を実行する必要があります(サポートされているハードウェアおよび Boot Camp をより小さいパーティションに縮小する必要があります。Pro:Boot Camp を複数の Mac にパッケージとして展開することができます.
複数の Mac で標準の Boot Camp ビルドを使用するパーティションを作成し、Boot Camp をパッケージとして展開する必要があります。サポートとメンテナンスメモ:Boot Camp パーティションが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Winclone 6.2.2
ファイル名 Winclone6.dmg
ファイルサイズ 17.6 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.11 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Shareware
著者 Twocanoes Software, Inc.
更新時間 2018-05-15

What's new in this version:

Winclone 6.2.2
- Added in a fix for the progress bar not showing up for some users
- Updated progress bar with a tool tip that shows the current progress in percent

Winclone 6.2.1
- Fixed issue with Winclone Backup constantly reporting issue with backup location is not found
- Added verify operation with WIM-based clone creation
- Updated opensource tools to resolve issue when creating WIM images from Windows that have large, uncompressible data

Winclone 6.2
- rearranged prefs window a bit
- applied sound pref to all success sounds and added in completed dialog
- added in sleep for cli after unmounting

Winclone 6.1.9
- Fixed issue with Winclone Menu / Winclone Backup not recognizing pure Windows 10 install

Winclone 6.1.8
- Fixed issue with Winclone Pro force efi / legacy option

Winclone 6.1.7
- Boot Camp not detected if Windows folder was in app uppercase
- Added additional models for EFI boot detection
- Fixed issue with partition type if partition was no in the first 4

Winclone 6.1.6
- Winclone now detects Windows correctly if the Windows folder is in all uppercase

Winclone 6.1.5
- Fixed Bullet Points in this list (thanks TC!)
- Improved log submission and feedback
- Improved error reporting for WIM errors
- Improved progress bar reporting
- Support for APFS for Winclone Backup

Winclone 6.1.4
- Fixed issue with block based restoring hanging at start
- Fixed issue with progress bar updating in block-based restoring
- Fixed progress bar updates across all image types

Winclone 6.1.3
- Changed launchd setting to reduce restore time on 10.13
- Fixed crash due to label issue in package restore in Winclone Pro

Winclone 6.1.2
- Change log not available for this version

Winclone 6.1.1
- Added dialog box for Creators Update
- Fixed Completed Sound
- Better Checking for SIP-Enable

Winclone 6.1
- High Sierra Support
- Fixed issue with restoring to a disk image
- Improved logging
- Improved SIP support and warnings

Winclone 6.0.4
- Fixed issue with command line tool for 10.11 (affected Windows 7 restores)
- Added backup and restore of volume boot record for file based restores (affected Windows 7 restores)

Winclone 6.0.3
- Fixed text in Creators Update warning dialog box

Winclone 6.0.2
- Added warning about Windows 10 creators update
- Additional bug fixes

Winclone 6.0.1
- Support for third-party NTFS drivers
- Fixed issue when removing pagefile with file-based imaging
- Fixed permission issue on image file with block-based imaging
- Fixed dialog text when saving to image file
- Various bug fixes

Winclone 6.0
- Support for new USB-C Macs: Winclone 6 supports cloning and restoring Boot Camp on Apple’s new USB-C MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The USB-C Mac models include disks equipped with a different block size than previous Mac models and most USB drives. Winclone 6 seamlessly clones Boot Camp between drives of all block sizes.
- Updated Interface: A pleasing new color scheme makes using Winclone 6 easier than ever.
- New Toolbar for Easy Access to common tasks: Winclone 6 improves the easy-to-use interface found in previous versions with a convenient toolbar for easier access to frequently used features and quick access to technical support and tutorial videos.
- In-App purchase of license and upgrades: Choose and purchase the edition that best suits your needs right in the app. When you need the additional power and features, upgrade to Winclone Standard or Pro without leaving the app.
- Read/Write Mounting of NTFS Volumes: Mount Boot Camp or other NTFS drives in read/write mode whenever you need to copy data between Mac and Windows volumes. All editions include support for mounting Boot Camp in read/write mode.
- Better Detection of Windows Version: Winclone 6 improves capability of identifying the Windows version to ensure your Boot Camp is compatible after migration to another Mac.
- Easy Access to Tutorial Videos: Jump straight to Winclone’s reference library of videos to get up and running or explore Winclone’s many features.
- Submit Support Ticket in the App: Need help? Send questions right from Winclone 6 to to get fast, friendly assistance from Twocanoes Software’s tech support team.
- Native Support for the WIM format as well as prior Winclone image format: Winclone 6 supports both block-based and file-based cloning for maximum flexibility and backward compatibility.
- Log Collection Compatibility for macOS: Winclone 6 supports Apple’s new logging format introduced in MacOS 10.12 (Sierra), making diagnostics and troubleshooting easier than ever.
- New Preference for Selecting File or Block-based imaging: Built for novices and experts alike, Winclone 6 makes it easy to integrate Winclone images with other industry standard deployment tools.
- Package support for USB-C Macs: Deploy Winclone packages to USB-C Macs with 4096-byte block drives
- Package support for WIM based Images: Deploy Winclone packages in WIM format to all supported Mac models

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