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BricsCAD 22.2.05

Adobe AIR SDK には、テキストエディタや別の開発環境で作業したい場合は、Adobe AIR アプリケーションのパッケージ化とデプロイに必要なツールが用意されています.

Adobe AIR SDK& コンパイラ(リリースノート)は、デバイスやプラットフォーム(Windows、Mac、iOS、Android)でブラウザ外のアプリケーションやゲームを配信するための一貫性のある柔軟な開発環境を開発者に提供します。

AIR SDK および Compiler には次のものが含まれています。
Adob​​e AIR API 用フレームワーク ActionScript コンパイラ 2.0 Adob​​e AIR アプリケーション用のテンプレート install badge コマンドライン Adobe AIR Debug Launcher(ADL)コマンドライン Adobe AIR デベロッパーツール(ADT)

ファイルのバージョン BricsCAD 22.2.05
ファイル名 BricsCAD-V22.2.05-1-en_US(x64).msi
オペレーティングシステム Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新時間 2022-06-09

What's new in this version:

Improvements to BricsCAD:
Parameters Manager panel:
- Improved display of Name, Expression, Description cells

- Specifying both a user profile and a drawing file at the command line caused the specified user profile to be ignored when deciding whether to open the specified drawing file in an already running application instance.

Improvements to Mechanical:
- Recognition of form features was improved

- It is now possible to enter or choose the localized name for "Default" lineweight when specifying a layer lineweight in local language installations

2D Constraints:
- Fixed a compatibility issue with .dwg files saved in R13-R2010 format. The files could not be opened (regression in V19-V22).

- Civil 3D labels using background mask are now displayed correctly

- Fixed a V22.2 regression that caused attributes to move incorrectly during the ATTSYNC command

- Fixed a crash after choosing No when prompted to open a read only drawing file by SHELL command

- Fixed a crash when the BATTMAN command is executed for drawings with non attributed BLOCKS with the "hasAttributes" flag set to ON

- Fixed an endless loop (stack overflow crash) when ANNOAUTOSCALE > 0, and no dimension block is present for "1:1" annotation scale

- Fixed a defect in Beautify/Reformat function, when a line comment contains an unbalanced number of ( and ) braces :subsequent code lines got a wrong indentation

- The Preferences.Files.ColorBookPath property has been implemented

CRS with inverted axes:
- WMS requests for CRS with inverted axes (x - northing, y - easting) were fixed

Color Dialog Box:
- The missing RGB value display in the Index Color panel of the Select Color dialog has been restored

- Fixed regression: layer preview inside the Drawing Explorer no longer displays the entities of the selected laye.

- Fixed: Dimensions between centermarks/centerlines do not keep the annotative property.

- Certain invalid fields could crash and prevent drawings from opening. Such drawings now open successfully, but display an error at the command line.

- Fixed regression: a solid is not highlighted in SOLIDEDIT/BODY/SHELL if SELECTIONPREVIEW is ON

- IFCIMPORT is more forgiving towards invalid IFC files. In some cases, invalid NOTDEFINED values will be ignored.
- When the setting to create XREFs during IFC IMPORT is active, you can not open an IFC file with drag and drop, and you should use IMPORT. A warning has been added when this is not the case.
- Fixed an issue to speed up the import of certain IFC files

Invalid dwg structure after BSAVEAS:
- Fixed: Wrong Block name was displayed in Block Reference properties

Invalid sheetset database is ignored:
- The sheetset database is ignored if it is invalid/corrupt. BricsCAD will show a warning message and automatically create a new database.

- Clicking with the mouse inside the layer name edit control no longer closes the edit mode

- Custom COM properties of type ACAD_COLOR now update properly when a new color is selected in the Properties panel

- Fixed an error when opening a specific drawing containing invalid data in block dependencies

- Fixed an issue where the POINTCLOUDDEVIATION command panel was empty

Parametric Blocks:
- Fixed a regression: when inserting a block with reference curves, the "Guided Insert" option works properly again
- Fixed a crash when inserting parametric blocks that contain flip lines or a parametric stretch action

- A crash has been solved in the Parametrize option of the ReferenceCurves command.

- A multi-threaded display regen crash related to text entities has been fixed.

- Enabled RTEXT entity to correctly process $(xrefs...) and $(images...) DIESEL expressions

Rhino Import:
- Fixes a wrong color assignment (RGB 0,0,0), which should be ColorIndex 7. The entities were not visible on black screen background.

- Fixed an error that caused "Access violation" message in the command line window during section generation

- The TABLEMOD toolbar is now sized correctly on high resolution displays

- Fixed a crash when changing the font or other properties of a text style in a particular drawing while MTFLAGS flag 1 (multi-threaded regen) is set

- Fixed the behaviour of TEXTEDIT command for dimension entities

- Modifying TOOLPALETTEPATH setting will update the ToolPalettes panel during the same session. An application restart is no longer needed.

- Fixed regression: BricsCAD hangs after freezing of XREF layers in viewport
- _datasmithconnect
- Image / Material of TIN Surface is draped on the upper side of the TIN Surface

- Improved compatibility of (vl-cmdf) and (command-s) function when ESCAPE key is used: only actual (vl-cmdf) statement is skipped, but Lisp execution continues.Additionally, (vl-cmdf) is adjusted to return T on successful execution, NIL for cancelled/escaped execution, for compatibility.

- Application.ShowModalDialog() now honors StartPosition property of the form.
- The Application.XrefFileLock class has been introduced, with limited implementation including several commonly requested member functions.
- Utils.GetTextExtents() now returns a Point2d instead of a generic ValueType.
- ViewportDraw.RawGeometry no longer throws InvalidCastException.

- The AcDbOsnapPointRef constructor now sets the near point parameter value.

- Fixed a problem with selected RadioButton set via Lisp (set_tile). The regression was introduced with BricsCAD V22.2.02.

- Fixed a V21 regression: (IsPropertyReadonly) (GetPropertyValue) (SetPropertyValue) triggered an error when called the first time

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