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IVPN Client 3.9.43

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ファイルのバージョン IVPN Client 3.9.43
ファイル名 IVPN-Client-v3.9.43.exe
オペレーティングシステム Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新時間 2022-10-31

What's new in this version:

IVPN Client 3.9.43
- obfs4 support for OpenVPN connections

- UI: Eliminated the delay which sometimes occurred before showing dialogs in app settings
- UI: Migrated to latest frameworks

- UI: Mismatch of servers when changing entry/servers immediately one after the other
- UI: The application did not connect to the last port selected
- UI: The obfsproxy settings were disabled after changing the protocol

IVPN Client 3.9.32
- Support for custom ports
- Ability to adjust MTU value for WireGuard connections
- (Linux) Ability to change DNS management method to directly modify the '/etc/resolv.conf' file

- CLI: -any option now connects to a random server
- Use the same fastest server configuration for OpenVPN and WireGuard

- Uninstalling the app does not remove custom CLI settings
- UI: App reconnects when clicking on the protocol section of the main panel
- Minor UI fixes

IVPN Client 3.9.9
- Fixed: OpenVPN connection issue

IVPN Client 3.9.8
- (Windows/macOS) Option to take part in Beta testing
- (macOS) Dock menu in macOS app

- Show specific hosts in the favorite menu of the system tray
- Updating account status
- Reworked UI for sending diagnostic logs
- CLI: Show specific host and obfsproxy status in the connection info
- (Windows) Updated: WireGuard v0.5.3; OpenVPN v2.5.7 (OpenSSL v1.1.1o)
- (macOS) Updated: WireGuard v0.0.20220316; OpenVPN v2.5.7 (OpenSSL v1.1.1o)
- (macOS/Linux) Removed unnecessary popup when shutting down
- (Linux) Implemented the DNS-change protection mechanism

- (Linux) Applications in Split Tunnel were blocked by the firewall
- (Linux) VPN's DNS server was missing after waking the system from suspend state on some Linux distributions
- (macOS) Application won't close with Cmd+Q
- Sometimes UI shows the wrong connection status after connecting to Fastest Server
- UI: Update Port and obfsproxy status used in the CLI

IVPN Client 3.9.0
- Ability to connect to a specific host in a location
- (Linux) Snap package support

- Updating account status on every application start
- Fetch VPN connection ports info from the backend
- Warning about existing VPN connection when downgrading subscription plan
- (Linux) Using systemd-resolved for controlling DNS settings (when possible)
- (Linux) Upgrade retains user settings (applicable only for future updates)
- (Linux) Retain firewall configuration on upgrade (applicable only for future updates)

- Communication with IVPN servers blocked by ISP’s proxy
- (Linux) Intermittent issue with users logged out after upgrade (applicable only for future updates)
- (Linux) Firewall rules: potential DNS leak via the link-local IPv6 addresses

IVPN Client 3.8.20
- UI: Ability to see detailed info about the application version

- UI: Displaying server info in system tray instead of ‘Random Server’ for Multi-Hop connections
- Minor UI improvements

- ‘Fastest Server’ detection issue when auto-connect on application launch
- Keep paused after regeneration of the WireGuard keys
- UI: Tray menu now shows only favorite servers for the current protocol
- (Windows) Service crash when using specific configuration for custom DNS
- (Windows) Split Tunnel configuration missing from Settings

IVPN Client 3.8.7
- Change log not available for this version

IVPN Client 3.7.0
- Change log not available for this version

IVPN Client 3.6.4
- New: Configure custom DNS over HTTPS (Windows 11)

IVPN Client 3.5.2
- Fixed: Split Tunneling issues

IVPN Client 3.4.5
- Fixed the problem of opening a minimized application

IVPN Client 3.4.4
- Improved: Updated WireGuard: v0.5.2
- Improved: Firewall rules
- Fix: The Wireguard binary is signed to avoid false positive detections by antiviruses

IVPN Client 3.4.0
- Multi-Hop for WireGuard protocol
- Option to reset app settings on logout
- Option to keep Firewall state on logout
- CLI option to show all servers and to connect to specific server

- Speed up the response timeout to API server
- Force automatic WireGuard key regeneration if the rotation interval has passed
- (Windows) Updated WireGuard: v0.4.9
- (Windows) Updated: OpenVPN: v2.5.3; OpenSSL: 1.1.1k

- Fastest server settings were ignored in some cases
- Option to run multiple UI instances in some cases
- Server selection issues
- Other minor issues and improvements
- (Windows) Compatibility with Windows Server
- (Windows) IVPN Firewall rules overlap blocking rules from Windows Firewall
- (Windows) Icons created in %temp% each time app is launched

IVPN Client 3.3.40
- New: Split Tunneling

IVPN Client 3.3.30
- New: Preparation for 2FA in CLI
- Improved: (Linux) The installation path changed from '/usr/local/bin' to '/usr/bin'
- Fixed: Server selection order incorrect when sorted by country
- Fixed: (Linux) Removed unnecessary paths from package which may lead to conflict with other software

IVPN Client 3.3.20
- IPv6 inside WireGuard tunnel
- IPv6 connection info
- New option in settings ‘Allow access to IVPN server when Firewall is enabled’
- (Windows) Contrast tray icon (black or white; depends on Windows color theme)

- VPN was active after reboot when connected to Trusted WIFI
- Sometimes application was failing to connect to IVPN daemon
- (Windows) The daemon service was not starting when the 'Windows Events Logs' service is not running
- (macOS) WireGuard compatibility with old macOS versions

IVPN Client 3.3.10
- new restore window position
- improved No delay to redraw UI content when opening the application from the system tray

IVPN Client 3.3.7
- new: Added connection information to system tray menu
- new: (macOS) Application checks if it is installed to the correct path
- improved: (WindowsLinux) Title bar now matches app style

IVPN Client 3.3.5
- Improved Overall stability

IVPN Client 2.12.9
- Set custom DNS to
- Various UI issues

IVPN Client 2.12.6
- Improved: Uninstaller improvements

IVPN Client 2.12.4
- Improved: Account ID validation logic

IVPN Client 2.12.3
- Improved: User-defined extra configuration parameters for OpenVPN moved to separate file with access rights only for privileged account
- Fixed: Random disconnections on waking-up from sleep or hibernation
- Fixed: Updated installer to allow access to application for non privileged users

IVPN Client 2.12.2
- Improved: Overall stability
- Fixed: Installer issues
- Fixed: Potential disconnection when network changes

IVPN Client 2.12.1
- Fixed: Potential disconnection when network changes

IVPN Client 2.12.0
- New: Command line interface for IVPN service
- Improved: Overall stability

IVPN Client 2.11.9
- Improved: Removed WireGuard warning

IVPN Client 2.11.6
- Reconnection functionality
- Updated CA certificate for OpenVPN

- 'Automatically change port' feature
- Sometimes ping indicators are not updating

IVPN Client 2.11.4
- Crash because of the missing library on Windows Server
- Potential local privilege escalation vulnerability

IVPN Client 2.11.3
- Pause feature for WireGuard
- Various UI issues

IVPN Client 2.11.2
- WireGuard upgraded to 0.0.38
- Wintun upgraded to v0.8

- Unable to connect WireGuard if its service not uninstalled
- Issue with background update of WireGuard keys
- Firewall config changes from Always-On to On-Demand after upgrade
- Processing of users additional OpenVPN parameters

IVPN Client 2.11.0
- Improved performance of IVPN Service

IVPN Client 2.10.9
- Change log not available for this version

IVPN Client 2.10.8
- Fixed potential privilege escalation vulnerability by improving OpenVPN extra parameter filtering

IVPN Client 2.10.7
- Fixed various UI issues

IVPN Client 2.10.6
- All API calls to IVPN servers using TLS v1.2. Please note: In-app updates will fail after 01.01.2020 if you do not install this release
- Installer is signed with a timestamp

IVPN Client 2.10.4
- Bypass DNS blocks to IVPN API

- WireGuard upgraded to v0.0.31
- Wintun upgraded to v0.7
- Option to use custom DNS from local network
- Login session management

- Incorrect 'fastest server' detection after system reboot

IVPN Client 2.10.3
- DNS leak when 'Allow LAN traffic' is enabled
- WireGuard sometimes loses connectivity after PC wake up

IVPN Client 2.10.2
- WireGuard upgraded to v0.0.23
- Wintun upgraded to v0.6

- Various installer issues
- Save/restore selected server for WireGuard

IVPN Client 2.10.1
- Added new port for connection: 1194 UDP

- Overall stability

- OpenVPN re-connecting sometimes on slow connections
- DNS issue with Multi-Hop connection when AntiTracker enabled
- Various UI issues

IVPN Client 2.10.0
New WireGuard protocol:
- WireGuard is a new VPN protocol that promises better security and faster speeds compared to existing solutions like OpenVPN or IPSec. The WireGuard protocol is currently under heavy development and should be considered as experimental. Review the WireGuard project for more information. We do not recommend WireGuard except for situations where security is not critical.

IVPN Client 2.9.9
- DNS switching problem
- Failure to submit error reports
- Various UI issues

IVPN Client 2.9.8
- AntiTracker: block ads, malicious websites, and third-party trackers
- Custom DNS: specify DNS server when connected to VPN

IVPN Client 2.9.7

- Display public IP and geolocation information
- Fastest server configuration
- Setting to skip confirmation when application closing in the connected state
- Notification when IVPN service is not installed

- OpenVPN upgraded to v2.4.6
- OpenSSL upgraded to v1.1.1a
- Uninstaller will close 'IVPN Client' application
- Settings are reset to defaults on logout

- Ocassional IVPN client reconnections
- Account status check
- Crash when user settings file is broken
- Windows firewall exception 'Cannot abort a WFP Transaction'
- High CPU usage after the first login
- Various UI issues

IVPN Client 2.9.6
- Improved: Overall stability
- Fixed: Various UI issues
- Fixed: UI issues on Windows 7

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