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PDF24 Creator 10.7.2

Adobe Camera Raw は、2003 年に初めてリリースされて以来、プロのフォトグラファーにとって必須のツールです。Adobe Camera Raw をサポートするアプリケーションには、Photoshop、Photoshop Elements、After Effects、Bridge などがあります。さらに、Adobe Lightroom は、Adobe Camera Raw.


カノン、カシオ、Contax、DxO、Epson、Fujifilm、Hasselblad、Kodak、Konica Minolta、Leaf、Leica、Mamiya、Nikon、オリンパス、パナソニック、ペンタックス、フェーズワン、リコー、サムスン、シグマ、ソニー、Yuneec.

注:Adobe Photoshop


のダウンロード Adobe Camera Raw

ファイルのバージョン PDF24 Creator 10.7.2
ファイル名 pdf24-creator.exe
オペレーティングシステム Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新時間 2022-02-08

What's new in this version:

PDF24 Creator 10.7.2
Reader: Overwriting opened files:
- In this version of PDF24 Reader, a problem with overwriting files that are already open in Reader has been fixed. Since overwriting open files leads to undefined state, overwriting of open files has been prevented so that the user has to save under a different file name.

QPDF: Update to version 10.5.0:
- QPDF is now used by default for merging PDFs
- With this change, merging PDFs in Creator is now a bit faster and certain issues are fixed. Furthermore, the merging code has been optimized so that a large number of files can now be merged.

DocTool: Automatically rotate pages integrated as shell command:
- How to use the new -autoRotatePages instruction is described in the PDF24 Creator manual

PDF24 Creator 10.7.1
Toolbox: More Modern Save As Dialog:
- The PDF24 Toolbox now uses a more modern Save As dialog which simplifies saving files. Finding a destination folder is much easier with this dialog.

Reader: Registry option OpenInExistingInstance integrated:
- The registry option OpenInExistingInstance (DWORD [0|1]) can be used to control whether PDF24 Reader opens files in an already open PDF24 Reader instance as a tab or whether the file should be opened in its own instance. This option can be used in the registry section HKCUSOFTWAREPDF24PDF24 Reader.

OCR: Deskew pages option causes problems with certain PDFs:
- The deskew pages option in the OCR tool causes problems with certain PDFs. We have seen a scanned PDF that has more than one image in the page. Usually there is exactly one image that is incorporated into the page of a PDF after scanning. But there can be more than one, as we have seen. However, the deskew pages function can currently only be used if there is exactly one image in the page. Therefore, we have implemented a detection here so that pages are only deskewed if, among some other conditions, the condition with this one image in the page is now also met.

Fixed issues with custom ICC problem when creating PDF/A and PDF/X files:
- Due to a bug, custom ICC profiles cannot be used in the older PDF24 Creator version. An empty PDF is created. PDF24 Creator 10.7.1 fixes this problem so that custom ICC profiles can be used again.

PDF24 Creator 10.7.0
OCR: Problem with tesseract.exe fixed:
- The tesseract.exe we used did not work correctly on some systems. Tesseract is responsible for recognizing the text in an image. We have now rebuilt tesseract.exe and used a new build flag which solves the problem. The new version should now run on the systems where it did not run before.

Image2Pdf: All EXIF orientations are supported:
- EXIF can be used to control the orientation of an image file. In one of the last versions we added support for some of these options. We have now extended this further and all EXIF orientations are now supported. This means that images will be embedded in a PDF in correct orientation.

Toolbox: Some overlay icons were not displayed:
- The tools "Extract Pages", "Remove Pages", "Rotate Pages", "Merge PDF" have icons over the page to make it clear to the user that he can interact with the page. These icons were not visible because the styles used were incorrect. The problem is solved.

Toolbox: Changed the layout of the file preview:
- The layout of the file preview in the file selection box has been changed. In the new version, the file tools, the preview image, the file name and the metadata such as file size and number of pages are displayed better.

Toolbox: Preview images for PDFs are now generated:
- In the toolbox, there is a file selection for most tools. In this file selection, the selected files are displayed. In this representation there is a preview image. Until now, preview images were only displayed for image files such as JPGs or PNGs. We have extended this and now a preview image is also generated for PDF files.

Toolbox: Enlarged overlay file preview added:
- The thumbnails in the file selection box are quite small and not always easy to see. The user did not always have an easy time seeing if he had selected the right file and if it was aligned correctly. This is now better with the help of the new enlarged file preview. The enlarged file preview can be opened via the magnifying glass icon.

Toolbox: Do not convert files twice:
- The toolbox automatically converts files to PDF format when the PDF format is needed for viewing. If the user subsequently creates the final PDF, then conversion is also required. Here we have improved so that now the previous conversion result is used. This way there is no need to convert twice.

Toolbox: New page mode icons in PDF Merge Tool:
- The old PNG icons have been replaced and the icon font is used here so that the icons are displayed equally well on different screens

Toolbox: Images in the "Images in PDF" tool can be rotated:
- The "Images to PDF" tool now offers the possibility to rotate images. For this purpose, there are two icons above the preview with which the alignment can be set. In the created PDF, the alignment is then set correctly.

Toolbox: EXIF orientation support built into the UI:
- The user interface of the toolbox is HTML-based. For the display, the IE11 of Windows is currently still used. IE11 does not support EXIF by default. We have improved this and added EXIF support. This is especially important for the "Images in PDF" tool, so that the user can also see the correct orientation of the image and so that the user can rotate the image if the orientation is not correct.
- Language files updated

PDF24 Creator 10.6.3
Vulnerability in PDF printer interface closed:
- The vulnerability could be exploited by a user to run a program on a machine with his user privileges where he was not logged in
- Language files updated

PDF24 Creator 10.6.2
- Change log not available for this version

PDF24 Creator 10.6.1
Using Ghostscript 9.55:
- Ghostscript 9.55 fixes a security issue, making it possible for an attacker to execute programs with elevated privileges. This is not desirable, especially in a corporate context. Therefore, we now use this version so that this problem is eliminated.

Use of a better security descriptor for the user-printer-pipes:
- We now use a better security descriptor for the user printer pipes, so that only LocalSystem, administrators and the user itself have write access to them. The user printer pipes are responsible for accepting and forwarding print jobs from the PDF printer. This restriction also helps to increase security.

Start User-Printer-Pipe Server for LocalSystem User only if necessary:
- The corresponding server for the user printer pipes is no longer started for the Local System account if this is not absolutely necessary. This is only necessary if the AutoSaveAsService configuration option is used. This is rarely the case and therefore this server does not need to be started, which also helps to increase security.
- More language files updated

PDF24 Creator 10.6.0
- More language files updated

Toolbox: Favorites in tool selection:
- In the tool overview in the toolbox, it is now possible to mark a tool as a favorite. This has the advantage that you can find individual tools more quickly, because sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. A filter for the favorites is also available.

Problem with language selection fixed:
- A problem has crept in with the language selection. Some languages were no longer displayed when selecting the language. Language variants such as Portuguese (Brazil) were affected. The cause of this problem has now been resolved.

PDF24 Creator 10.5.0
Toolbox: Page mode integrated in PDF split tool:
- In the online tools, the page mode has been around for a while now and is often used. This mode is now also integrated in the Split PDF tool in the toolbox. With this mode, the user can split a PDF at certain points by simply clicking on the corresponding scissors in the UI. This makes it quite easy and convenient to split a PDF.

Reader: Transfer the currently opened PDF to the Toolbox and process it further there:
- In PDF24 Reader there is an entry at the top of the toolbar to transfer the currently opened file to another program to further process the PDF there. Another element has been added here. It is now possible to open the current PDF in the toolbox to process it further there. This is quite interesting and leads to a better productivity, because you can e.g. open the PDF in the Toolbox for signing, editing, compressing and so forth.

Toolbox: Open Toolbox with files:
- The toolbox can now also be opened with a file, which is then displayed in the UI for further processing. The file is displayed in the UI and all the tools that are relevant for further processing of the file are displayed in the toolbox. All other elements and tools are hidden. This mode is used by PDF24 Reader to open a PDF in the toolbox for further processing.

Settings: Images in PDF menu entry not translated:
- The Images in PDF menu entry in the settings has not yet used the translations. This entry is now also translated.

Many language files updated:
- More than 10 language files have been updated and are up to date again

Toolbox: Check for updates link in footer has used a wrong flag:
- When calling the updater via the link in the footer, a certain flag was not used, so the latest updates were not found. This problem has been fixed

PDF24 Creator 10.4.0
Reader: PDF attachments can be managed:
- In the sidebar of PDF24 Reader there is now a panel where PDF attachments can be managed. Attachments can be added, removed, opened and saved. Attachments can also be added via drag & drop.

Reader: Copy and save page as image:
- By right-clicking in the page of a PDF, you can open a context menu that allows you to copy and save the page as an image. This function is sometimes very useful. It is copied in the current quality or zoom level.

Reader: Many other minor improvements:
- We have made some improvements in the source code, adjusted colors, improved icons, colored input fields in the info panel and updated texts. These changes make the reader even more beautiful and better.

Reader: Window position was no longer saved correctly:
- The window position from PDF24 Reader is saved so that this position can be restored when reopening. This no longer worked so reliably and this problem has been fixed.

PDF24 Creator 10.3.0
Problem with password input fields in Windows preview fixed:
- In the PDF preview in Windows Explorer, password input fields were opened behind the Explorer window, so you didn't see this input field. We have improved this and the problem should be solved.

Focus problem in PDF24 Reader fixed:
- When opening a PDF file normally in PDF24 Reader, the focus was no longer set to the newly opened PDF file, so you had to click in the viewport to make hotkeys work. This problem has been fixed.

Improved console mode of pdf24-Ocr.exe and pdf24-DocTool.exe:
- When using pdf24-Ocr.exe and pdf24-DocTool.exe on the console, there were still problems with the prompt not being displayed correctly in the console after the execution was finished. Here we have also improved. We now send a VK_RETURN to the parent console to display the prompt after the process has ended.

Placeholder $fileDir available on auto-save:
- The function for automatic saving at the PDF printer has now received the placeholder $fileDir. This placeholder stores the directory of the printed file. The name was already present before, but the directory was not. The directory stored in $fileDir is only present or not empty if this directory is also present in the print job name. If the print job name is the full path to a file, then the directory is available and stored in $fileDir.

Open PDF files in the same Reader instance:
- In this version, PDF24 Reader has been extended and the function that multiple PDF files can be opened in the same instance has been added. This function has been requested by some users. Whenever multiple files are open in a reader, a tab bar is displayed, which can be used to switch between the files. Using the context menu of a tab, you can then open this file again in another instance if you want.

PDF24 Creator 10.2.0
Windows file preview for PDF files:
- This version brings a new component for Windows that provides a file preview for PDF files. Many users have requested this feature because they do not want to install additional software for it. We have implemented the file preview based on PDF24 Reader, which we already like very much in the current first version. The preview is fast and requires relatively few resources. It works in Windows Explorer and also in Outlook.

Reader: Optimized UI startup:
- We have also optimized PDF24 Reader to load only the UI elements that are visible and needed in the current view. This saves resources and leads to a faster start of the UI.

Reader: Bookmarks area improved:
- The bookmark tree is now loaded on demand and also only the elements that are needed, which speeds up loading PDFs with large bookmark trees and reduces memory consumption. We have quite a large test file which now loads much faster with the new PDF24 Reader than before and it uses much less memory.
- Also a slightly larger indentation is used for child elements in the page tree, so that the structure is better visible
- The root element or the first entry in the root element is now also only opened if there is only one child element. If the root element has multiple children, then they remain closed. In the end, this has to do with how the page tree was created.

Reader: Fixed a bug with double-click word selection:
- By double-clicking on a word in the page, it can be selected. In a certain constellation there was a problem in the old Reader, which has now been fixed.
- Updated some language files

PDF24 Creator 10.1.1
OCR App Code Improved:
- There were two more code improvements in the OCR app, but they don't affect the function or user interface, but log issues

Script debug option added to the tolbox:
- In the toolbox, we have added an option to display script errors when they occur. We can use this option when we need to analyze problems with users.

Maximum script execution time adjusted:
- Adjusting this option prevents the Toolbox from displaying a message that a script slows down the UI in certain situations, which is usually not a problem because synchronous statements are usually used here and the message is unnecessary.

Dependent components updated:
- QPDF has been updated to version 10.3.2. Ghostscript to version 9.54. The JRE to version 16.0.2.

PDF24 Creator 10.1.0
Cloud print function removed:
- This service has been discontinued by Google and can no longer be used. Therefore this function has been removed from PDF24 Creator.

Update buttons can be removed:
- Update buttons can be removed in the user interface. This can be done via the configuration. The new option NoUpdateCheckBtns (DWORD32=[0,1]) is available for this purpose. Some companies have requested this feature.

Tray icon open tool can be set:
- A new option has been added in the configuration to set the tray icon open tool. This is the option trayIcon.openTool [REG_SZ]. Values can currently be [toolbox, launcher, creator]. If you double click on the icon or select the open option from the context menu, the corresponding program will be opened.

NoKeepDocInfo option introduced:
- The NoKeepDocInfo (DWORD=[0,1]) option can be used to set whether the metadata of a PDF should be kept from the source document or not. The default value is 0, so the data will be preserved. Note about custom output profiles: With the save profiles you can store your own metadata which should be used when a PDF is saved.

Dependency on spooler removed:
- This dependency is not strictly necessary and has been removed

Code improvements:
- The pdf24.exe has received extensive code changes, improvements and new options, which will hopefully help to better find potential further problems. Among other things, many more lines of code have also been added, which means that more information is written to the log files, which can be used to track the actions.

Automatic log files in temp folder:
- The pdf24.exe now automatically creates log files in the TEMP folder. The output of pdf24.exe is redirected to these log files. These log files help us, for example, if there are problems. This can be turned off using the DWORD option backend.autoLog=0.

$owner variable when saving automatically:
- The auto-save function now offers the placeholder variable $owner at the file name, folder and command, which stores the user name of the owner of the printed file or job

Memory consumption at startup reduced:
- Delayed loading of the language file can save 1 MB RAM per pdf24.exe process. The language file is only required when an interaction is made with the tray icon. This makes pdf24.exe start a little faster and saves RAM especially if there are many processes on a CITRIX farm.

Images to PDF:
Support for 8-bit Gray JPEGs:
- When converting or embedding JPEG images in a PDF, 8-bit gray JPEG images are now also supported in PassThrough mode

Support for CMYK JPEGs:
- CMYK JPEG images can now also be embedded or converted, but these images are currently converted internally to RBG images beforehand

Support for more image formats:
- Some other image formats are now also supported, but they are converted to RGB JPGs before embedding them into the PDF

GUI Framework:
Optimizations for faster GUI's:
- Several other improvements to the GUI substructure have been incorporated, resulting in faster user interfaces

New component for multiple selection option:
- The multiple selection option is based on a list view with checkboxes. This new component is used in the OCR user interface.

Zoom Type Button Click Fix:
- Zoom type button click effect is sometimes not applied. The problem is fixed now.

Optimization when clicking on Next/Previous page:
- Clicking on Next/Previous page sometimes moved the page up or down one pixel, which was a bit unattractive. This is now fixed

Grayscale printing available:
- Grayscale printing can be activated in the printer options. If this option is active, then the reader sends data to the printer in grayscale mode.

Automatically rotate PDF pages when printing:
- PDF pages are now automatically rotated to match the orientation of the printed page

Automatic scaling and positioning of pages during printing:
- When printing, pages are now automatically scaled and centered better

Fullscreen mode implemented:
- The Reader now also has a fullscreen mode. This can be activated and deactivated via F11. Deactivation is also possible via the Escape key.

Launch features disabled:
- Due to security considerations, some launch features in Reader that may be included in a PDF have been disabled

Default printer options are now taken into account:
- Users and admins can preset printer options. PDF24 Reader now uses these options as default settings when printing. This means that various settings do not have to be made again and again.

User interface improved:
- The OCR Tool user interface has been greatly improved. The layout is different, the font is better, there are new options and the window can be resized as well.

Option to rotate skewed pages (Deskew):
- Scanned pages are often slightly skewed. PDF24 can now get this just right, which significantly improves OCR performance.

Automatically rotate pages implemented:
- There is now an option to automatically rotate pages in the PDF based on the recognized text.

Option to remove the page background:
- An option has also been added to remove the background of a page that is present, for example, due to the scanning process

Supports files with rotated pages:
- Rotated pages in PDF are now also better supported

Supports multiple languages simultaneously:
- In the GUI, the user can now mark multiple languages to be used for the OCR process. Due to the extension of the GUI lib, this feature has now become possible.

Displaying overlay errors:
- Errors/exceptions when overlaying source page and recognized text are now displayed in the user interface. Problematic files can be sent to PDF24 so that we can analyze them.

Improved behavior regarding the scrollbar of a file:
- Improved the behavior of the horizontal scrollbar of a file. Clicking in the scroll track area sometimes did not behave correctly.

Internet access could not be prevented:
- Internet access in the toolbox could not be disabled. Some companies rely on this and so we have fixed this. The configuration value NoEmbeddedBrowser can be used to disable access.

Support for empty streams during decoding:
- Added support for empty streams during decoding. Some PDFs have such a case and PDF24 could not process them. This has now been improved.

File preview from Creator and Assistant:
Deadlock fixed:
- In a certain constellation of instructions (zoom, rotate) a deadlock could occur and the GUI stopped responding. The problem is fixed.

Bug fixed when scrolling:
- Fixed an error when scrolling the page preview. A page could be scrolled horizontally even though there was no scroll area at all.

Preview size optimized:
- The default preview size has been optimized a bit. The size now depends on the screen size and hopefully this will lead to less manual resizing. Previously the size was fixed after opening the preview.

Scroll functions and behavior improved:
- The scroll functions and the resulting behavior have been revised. This now works much better and is also more precise.

Dependent components:
Dependent components updated:
- QPDF has been updated to version 10.3.2. Ghostscript to version 9.5.4. The JRE to version 16.0.2. Also a custom WxWidgets version is currently used, which can use default values of a printer. The code was provided to the WxWidgets project.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.12
- Change log not available for this version

PDF24 Creator 10.0.11
Fixed problems with UTF8 character encoding on some systems:
- Some systems had problems with the UTF8 character encoding. In the toolbox for instance some umlauts were not displayed correctly. This did not affect all systems. We investigated and fixed the problem.

Fixed problem converting images to PDF:
- A problem with the "Images to PDF" function and the newly introduced embedding of JPG files without recoding has been fixed. If an image file has a .jpg extension and the image is not actually a JPG image, then direct embedding failed with a blank page. We are now using a different technique to identify JPG images so that images with incorrect file extensions will work correctly again.

In the settings area you can now configure the "Images to PDF" function:
- The "Images to PDF" block has been added to the settings area, where you can make some settings that the "Image to PDF" function uses. Before you could only do this directly via the Windows registry. It's more comfortable that way.

JRE updated to version 15.0.2:
- The new version is not a direct benefit, but it is important for some companies to have an up-to-date version

PDF24 Creator 10.0.10
Mediabox rotation improved:
- The Mediabox rotation is used for overlaying content. Improvements had to be made here because problems occurred with certain PDF files. The function now also supports Mediabox definitions where the lower left coordinate is not in the origin. This is quite rare, but some PDFs use this possibility.

Use of metadata when converting images to PDF:
- Metadata is now also evaluated when converting images to PDF. The orientation that can be stored in the metadata is used here. Based on the determined orientation, the rotation of the page in the PDF is adjusted accordingly. In this way, the user no longer has to correct the orientation afterwards. Especially with photos that come from smartphones, the orientation is often incorrect. This improvement now simplifies the conversion of images into PDF files.

Direct embedding of JPG images in a PDF:
- JPEG images are now embedded in the PDF without re-encoding. This often makes the PDF file size much smaller and the quality remains the same. This behavior can be controlled via the registry setting Img2PDFPassThroughJPEGImages (DWORD [0|1]).

Online converter block removed from the settings area:
- The online converter block has been removed from the Settings UI, as this option is also available from the features area in the settings. The duplication is not necessary here.

Problem with transformation matrices fixed:
- When calculating transformation matrices used in PDF files, two errors have been fixed which caused problems with certain PDF files. The new calculations are now correct.

Fixed script error in the toolbox:
- We fixed some script errors in the toolbox that occurred when using certain languages such as Dutch. We had to make some changes and add extensions so that the translated text does not cause problems with the scripts.

Fixed a script error when displaying grouped results in the toolbox:
- The toolbox shows the results of an operation grouped if this is necessary. When viewing these groups, a script error occurred with certain input files. The reason for the problem was the file name. Filenames with certain characters caused this problem. We have investigated and fixed this issue.

Three untranslated text translated in the toolbox:
- In the toolbox there were still 3 untranslated texts. The texts were displayed in German. Here we have improved so that these texts now also use the translated version.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.9
Toolbox: Sign PDF tool now has separate options for stroke and fill color:
- The Sign PDF tool now has a line and fill color option in the toolbar. This is sometimes required for some signatures to completely change the color of the signature, as the automatic detection of the combined color tool sometimes does not work as expected.

Toolbox: Sign PDF tool scales large signatures better when inserting them:
- Inserting large signatures was ugly from the user's point of view, as it was tedious to scale them down to the desired size. It's better now. The signature is inserted a little smaller if it is very large, so that it is easier to move it to the right place and to change the size.

Toolbox: Blacken PDF tool renders edited pages for security:
- Previously, the information from the blackening was placed on the page as a layer. With PDF editing tools it was too easy to get rid of this layer. In order to increase security, edited pages are now also rendered to an image and the actual content of the page is replaced with the image. In this way, you can no longer remove layers to make the content below visible. This makes the PDF a bit larger, but this is the only way to guarantee security.

Toolbox: Backspace button navigation disabled:
- Users have reported that the backspace key can be used to go back to the overview page. If you now e.g. edited a PDF and used the backspace key, then you leave the edit page, which is really ugly. This issue has now also been improved.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.8
Toolbox saves last window placement:
- The toolbox now saves the last used window size and position on the screen. This way, the user can better adapt the application to the hardware he is using. Especially with large screens, some users do not want a maximized display.

Tray icon Open action improved:
- The tray icon can be used to open the PDF24 via the icon context menu or via a double-click. This behavior has been improved. If the toolbox is activated, then the toolbox is opened. If the Toolbox is not activated, then the older launcher is opened instead.

Some brush types disabled for tools in the toolbox:
- For the Edit, Blacken and Annotate tools in the Toolbox, we have disabled some brush types because they do not run correctly in the offline version. Here we need to see how to switch these brush types so that they also work in the offline version.

Importing signatures into the signing tool improved:
- Signatures that are available as images can be imported into the tool. With large images there were problems with the display, so it was difficult to import them. Here we have improved so that this is now easier.

More functions can be deactivated in the toolbox:
- More instructions have been added in the Toolbox to disable some tools there. This can be done via the Windows Registry. The registry entries have the following form: feature.toolbox.[blacken | ...] = [0 | 1] (DWORD). For example, if you want to disable the blacken tool, then set feature.toolbox.blacken = 0.

Language files updated:
- Problem with updater fixed
- The updater did not evaluate an instruction correctly, which caused problems with the detection of updates. This problem has been fixed in this version.

Reader cannot overwrite currently opened file:
- In Reader we have built in a protection so that the currently opened file cannot be overwritten. If you wanted to do this in older versions, then there were problems with saving and the newly saved file was empty.

Filter options in the toolbox have made disabled tools visible:
- In the toolbox, there are several filters that the user can use to display tools. One of the filters is the one for recently used tools. Furthermore, there is the possibility to deactivate certain functions throughout the program, e.g. if they should not be available in a company. However, the use of the filters caused that these deactivated functions were made visible. This problem is now fixed.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.7
- Change log not available for this version

PDF24 Creator 10.0.6
PDF24 Toolbox shows hint page for an incompatible system:
- The PDF24 Toolbox requires Windows 10 to run without problems. With older systems, you may need to make some changes to make the UI display properly. If an environment is detected which is not sufficient for the PDF24 Toolbox, a hint page is displayed and some options are shown. This is a better way of picking up those users who are currently experiencing errors because they are using a too old system.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.5
- Included Java VM updated to version 15

Automatic DPI reduction in the OCR tool:
- We have further improved the OCR engine in the OCR tool. Some users have reported that sometimes no text is recognized. We have investigated this and found a problem with the DPI value. The DPI value is now automatically lowered to ensure that text can be recognized. Since, depending on the way the PDF is created, there may be a problem with the size and memory limit, and Tesseract will fail if the underlying image file becomes too large, this was a necessary step. The automatic DPI adjustment prevents this, because if the PDF file has an abnormal page size, the DPI value is automatically reduced so that internal processing does not fail.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.4
Option to leave the Scanner App open:
- In the selection window to choose a scanner source, there is now also a checkbox to leave the scanner app open after the scan process. This way, you can scan several pages in a row more quickly

Option to use scanner data sources via twain_32.dll:
- The twain_32.dll is part of Windows and sometimes displays other data sources that are not currently displayed. Therefore we have now made these data sources selectable via the selection window

Scanner selection window shows sources grouped:
- The scanner selection window now shows the data sources grouped. Data sources are determined in different ways and assigned to a group. The UI displays these groups and the corresponding data sources
- Included Java VM updated to version 15
- Language files updated

PDF24 Creator 10.0.3
Fixed problems importing from scanners:
- Version 10 had problems taking to a scanner. Access to the TWAIN interface was no longer possible. The reason is the update to the x64 architecture in version 10. We have analyzed this issue in more detail and developed a workaround for this problem. Through an indirection, the PDF24 Creator can now load x86 and x64 Twain drivers and import data from these sources. The user can select the appropriate source beforehand. If there are any further problems in this area, please let us know.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.2
Fixed problems saving files with certain tools from the toolbox:
- The tools for editing, annotating, signing and redacting were not able to save certain PDF files. The save function resulted in an error and the visualization for saving files was never stopped. Users have made us aware of this problem and have sent us test files that we have analyzed. The underlying problem has been fixed and the tools now also work with the PDFs sent to us.
- More language files updated

Problems with driving scanners are still there and we are working on them:
- Those who cannot import from your scanner should still use version 9.2.2, which you can also download from the PDF24 download section. Problems caused by the switch to x64 are known and we are working on a workaround to solve this problem.

PDF24 Creator 10.0.1
Problems with loading password protected PDF files into the toolbox fixed:
- We have fixed an error when loading password protected pdf files into the toolbox. Some tools did not behave correctly with this kind of files and loading failed. This problem is fixed with version 10.0.1

Fixed problems when loading PDF files into a toolbox that contain special characters:
- An error when loading files into the Toolbox that have some special characters in the path name was fixed. The Toolbox was not able to handle this kind of files. The encoding was not implemented correctly. This has been corrected and the problem is fixed.

A bug in the overlay tool introduced in version 10.0.0 was fixed:
- We have also fixed a bug introduced in version 10.0.0 regarding the overlay PDF tool. An error message appeared with an error during file conversion. This problem is now also fixed

Fixed an error when unlocking PDFs with the unlock tool in the toolbox:
- A bug with the PDF unlock tool was fixed. The unlocked file could not be saved by the user. Instead, the locked version was saved incorrectly. Now the correct version is used when saving

An error with the used toolbox url encoding scheme was fixed:
- A bug with the URL encoding scheme used in the toolbox was also fixed. Some users could not work properly with the new Toolbox due to special characters in user names or special characters in file names

More language files updated:
- Most of the language files are now up to date

PDF24 Creator 10.0.0
PDF24 Toolbox added:
- The biggest new feature in PDF24 Creator 10 is the toolbox. The new toolbox contains many PDF tools and which makes them as easily accessible as possible. With the online PDF Tools from PDF24 we have seen that users find very simple PDF Tools great. As a result, we have constantly expanded and improved the online tools. Our goal is to offer all PDF Tools as online and offline versions in the PDF24 Creator. Since the development of the online tools is a bit faster than the development of the offline tools, there were many tools online, but they were not yet available offline. This discrepancy will now be eliminated with the PDF24 Creator 10. The new PDF24 Creator 10 gets with the toolbox all the tools that are also available online and we are proud of that. Users who cannot or do not want to use online tools for data protection reasons can now find all tools as offline version in PDF24 Creator 10.

Paths in the registry changed:
- The PDF24 Creator settings are located in the Windows Registry. With version 10 we have adapted the paths where the PDF24 Creator stores the settings. The old paths were historical, but did not contain the term PDF24, which has always been a bit unsightly. Previously the settings were saved under "SOFTWARE/PDFPrint". In Version 10, "SOFTWARE/PDF24" is now used instead. Attempts have been made in the past to change this, but so far it has never worked. The PDF24 Creator 10 is a major update, so this point is now included here.

Update to Ghostscript 9.53:
- The PDF24 Creator 10 now includes the latest version of Ghostscript. In Ghostscript itself there have been many changes in the last revisions and we were advised to update to the current version. We have done this and we have adapted the PDF24 Creator to the new Ghostscript version.

PDF24 Creator 10 is now built for 64-bit systems:
- On the one hand, we have been asked about it several times, but on the other hand it is necessary for some new components to work properly with the PDF24 Creator. All parts of the PDF24 Creator are now x64-compatible. Dependent components and programs like Ghostscript are also delivered in the 64-bit version. This means that all parts of the PDF24 Creator are designed for x64 systems

Screen Capture Tool improved:
- The Screen Capture Tool can now also save to a file. This new mode is now available in the user interface. The tool also saves recently used settings so that you can take a screenshot more quickly next time.

OCR tool usable via command line:
- Using the command line you can now also detect text in files. The command line interface for the OCR tool is described in the new PDF24 Creator Manual. Some users have asked for such a solution and we have included this feature in version 10.

PDF24 Creator Manual is now available:
- With the PDF24 Creator 10 there is now also a manual for the first time, which contains a lot of information about the PDF24 Creator. This information is especially interesting for administrators. The manual will be further improved and maintained.

Fixed a problem with the generation of PDF/A-2b files:
- We have fixes a problem with the generation of PDF/A-2b files. Validation of generated files did not pass tests. This problem is fixed now

PDF24 Creator 9.2.2
- The pagination options have been changed so that the start offset marks only the first page on which to start pagination. The page numbers themselves are no longer influenced. In this way, the correct page number now appears on the correct page in the document. This change is useful when documents have been merged and when you need to add page numbers to the new pages.

-The Portuguese and Portuguese-Brazilian language files were incorrectly interchanged. This has been corrected. Some other language files have also been improved

- A problem with the updater has been fixed. The updater could not find some updates. Some users have made us aware of this

PDF24 Creator 9.2.1
Problem with 256 Bit encryption fixed:
- Some users have reported that there are problems with 256 bit encryption. We have investigated this. The problem does not seem to affect all users, because on our test systems we could not reproduce the problem. Version 9.2.1 provides a workaround for this problem, so that the 256 encryption is running again on the computers that reported problems.

PDF24 Creator 9.2.0
Problem with PDF printer fixed:
- A recent Windows update has caused the PDF printer to stop working correctly. Print jobs were stuck in the queue. We have analyzed and fixed the problem. All users who have problems with the PDF printer should upgrade to the current version 9.2.0.

Problem with metadata and PDF/A fixed:
- Problems occurred when changing the metadata of PDF/A files. This version fixes a problem in this area

PDF printer driver description improved:
- In the PPD file that describes the PDF printer, there were some minor problems. These have been fixed. Furthermore some minor improvements were made. For example, the minimum page size has been further reduced, which is sometimes useful for label production.

Improvements when loading many files in the Creator:
- In the Creator there were improvements when loading many files. Sometimes the display was not correct and the UI became slow when several hundred files were loaded.

Downloads folder in the Creator page tree:
- The downloads folder is now listed in the page tree of the Creator. This makes it easier to find this folder, because many files come from the Internet and end up in the downloads folder.

Updater improved:
- Many improvements have been made to the Updater, which will be necessary in the future. The Updater is now much more flexible, which will be necessary when choosing the right update. In the future there will be e.g. x64 versions and the updater has to choose the right architecture.

Password request when saving a PDF:
- The output profiles have been given a new option. You can now set that passwords are queried when a PDF is created. This way you can set the passwords again and again and thus give each PDF a different password.

PDF24 Creator 9.1.1
Send as fax not working when fax printer was not installed:
- If the fax printer was not installed, the functions for sending as a fax did not work due to a missing configuration parameter. This is now fixed and you can send faxes even if the fax printer is not installed.

Fixed a bug exchanging files with the PDF24 services:
- Due to an error within a certain function, the file name was not exchanged correctly with the online services PDF24 Mail, PDF24 CloudPrint, PDF24 Fax. This led to some problems there, e.g. a missing file name in the folder for sent faxes. This problem is now fixed.

Larger timeout for QPDF unlock operation:
- Sometimes it takes a little longer than expected for QPDF to unlock PDF files. The time limit now depends on the file size, so large PDF files get a little more time to unlock.

QPDF update to version 10.0.1:
- This release brings some optimisations regarding speed

PDF24 Creator 9.1.0
OCR: Option for automatic saving in the same directory:
- With this new option, the OCR tool is able to automatically save processed files in the directory where the file is located. This option can be very useful when processing many files.

OCR: Option for automatic saving in an output directory:
- With this new option, the OCR tool is able to automatically save processed files in a directory. This option can be very useful when processing many files

OCR: Skip documents and pages with text:
- With this new option, the OCR tool is able to skip files or pages that already contain text. In this way, files are not saved with duplicate text

OCR: Number, how many files are processed in parallel, is adjustable:
- This new option allows the user to set how many files should be processed in parallel. In this way, the user can decide how heavily his computer may be used

OCR: Security prompts for unsaved files:
- When files are removed or when the application is closed and if there are unsaved files, a confirmation prompt is displayed

OCR: Menu icon for each file:
- At the end of each line of a file entry there is a menu icon with further options for the file

OCR: Show recognized text via the menu icon:
- The menu icon now contains an option to display the recognized text. This makes it easier to see which text has been recognized

OCR: Error message if language information cannot be loaded:
- Language files and language information are downloaded from the Internet due to their size. If this fails, an appropriate message is displayed. Buttons for retrying or canceling are available.

OCR: Integration of a cache, for faster reprocessing:
- The cache makes a subsequent OCR process for the same file complete faster. This is especially useful if the options are changed later and the OCR process is restarted.

OCR: Faster processing:
- File processing is much faster with this new version than before. Sometimes files are processed almost twice as fast

OCR: Tesseract Update to version 4.1.1:
- The new version of Tesseract fixes problems and brings improvements so that these new features also benefit the user

OCR: GUI revised:
- The GUI is now slightly larger so that all new elements can be displayed
- The options area uses a flow layout to allow more options to be used in this area without wasting too much space
- There is a menu icon for each file with additional functions
- Icons in the toolbar were revised

General: PDF Lib improvements:
- Further improvements have also been made to the PDF Lib, which is used internally in PDF24 for many tasks

General: Password Cache to improve decryption of many files:
- Entered passwords are stored internally in the open program and will be used automatically when further documents are loaded. If several documents have the same password, then the password does not have to be entered again for these files.

Settings: Problem with duplicate entries solved:
- There is a Reload button in the settings area PDF Printer, Automatic Save, Profiles. Using this button has resulted in duplicate entries in the selection box. This problem is solved.

Creator: Automatic folder display when loading a file via command line:
- If a file is loaded in the Creator via command line, the folder where the file is located is displayed in the file explorer

Reader: Fixed problem with date display in file information area:
- The minute in the date was not correct due to an incorrect formatting specification. This issue has been fixed

Reader: Fixed problems when loading files with special characters in the name:
- PDF files with special characters in the name could not be loaded on some systems. There was a problem with the character encoding which caused these files not to be found. This problem has been fixed.

PDF24 Creator 9.0.6
Creator: Fixed problems loading non-PDF files:
- The creator could only load PDF files, but no longer displayed other files after the conversion. This problem was hidden in the previous version. Version 9.0.6 fixes this problem.

PDF24 Creator 9.0.5
Creator: Flickering removed:
- The Creator has been further optimized and annoying flickering has been eliminated in many places. This particularly affects flickering when scrolling and when selecting / deselecting / rotating pages.

Creator: Automatic hiding of the drag & drop info:
- The drag & drop info in the right window area is now hidden if loaded documents cover this info. This optimizes the display somewhat.

Creator: Asynchronous file loading activated:
- In the Creator, files are now loaded asynchronously to the user interface. This means that the GUI is less blocked when files are loaded. Especially when inserting many PDFs there were annoying blocks.

Creator: Fixed problems with sorting the file list:
- In a few cases, the function for comparing and sorting the file list has led to inaccurate results. This little problem is now also off the table.

Notifications: display problem fixed:
- There was a problem displaying content when displaying notifications. This has been resolved.

Overlay + OCR: Improvement in combining documents:
- Further improvements were made when combining PDFs using the overlay method. In older versions, the content of some documents was not combined correctly, so that the desired result was not generated. Thanks to the optimizations, we can now combine many more documents better. This change affects the overlay function and therefore also the OCR feature, which is also uses the overlay method.

Fixed an issue with displaying some banners in customized versions:
- Users can customize the PDF24 Creator with a banner. With some banners there was a problem with the display (briefly visible and then gone). This problem should now be solved.

PDF24 Creator 9.0.4
Issues with the digital paper feature fixed:
- Users have reported problems with the digital paper function. We analyzed this and optimized the code that combines the digital paper file with the actual document. The optimized code now supports more digital paper files. If you are experiencing problems with this feature, or if you have digital paper files that do not work, you should upgrade to this release, as this release will likely fix your issues.

PDF24 Creator 9.0.3
Reset to Ghostscript 9.27:
- With the current Ghostscript version 9.50 there are problems with the transparency of the watermark and the page number feature. Therefore Ghostscript 9.27 is used again. The problems with Ghostscript 9.50 have to be solved together with the Ghostscript team.

PDF24 Creator 9.0.1
- Change log not available for this version

PDF24 Creator 9.0.0
Rotation option for paper and overlay available:
- We've added a rotation option to the Paper and Overlays option block that lets you customize the paper or overlay page orientation according to the actual document

Option to use the save file name chooser dialog in auto save mode:
- This option can be used to let the user decide where to place the current file in automatic save mode. If this option is enabled and the PDF printer is configured in automatic save mode, a dialog box appears for selecting the file name in which the user must select the save path

Merge with zipper method available in the Creator:
- There is now also the new merge with zipper method available. This new merge mode merges page after page (page one from first file, then page one from second file, ...). This tool is added to the toolbar of the app

Function to reverse the page order now available:
- The Creator has a new function to reverse the page order of a document. The function is available in the context menu of a file that was opened there. Right-click an open file or click the new menu icon, and then click the appropriate menu item. This tool is very useful for scanned documents to reverse the page order and get the backs in the correct order. This is necessary for the new zipper merge, for example.

Document toolbar of the Creator now has a burger menu item:
- This burger menu item can be used to show the context menu of a file

Re-enabled the internal file explorer of the Creator:
- We have reactivated the creator's internal explorer and added some optimizations. The file explorer can be activated or deactivated from the main menu of the program

Copy/Paste improvements in the PDF reader for form fields:
- Copy/Paste could not be used in older versions of the Reader for form fields. This is now possible and you can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in form fields

PDF printer file name detection improved:
- We have improved the code that is responsible for recognizing the filename and path of the printed files. The new algorithm is slightly better

Replacement of special characters in file names:
- We found some more places where special characters in the filename were not replaced. This could lead to unsaved files or unwanted behavior. Invalid file name characters are now also replaced for files attached to a mail to avoid problems here
- Overlay and paper method improved
- We are now using a new algorithm to combine the contents of the files (digital paper and actual document), which gives better results under different conditions. The old method can be used by setting overlay.mode = "old" in the Windows registry settings
- Translaton file updates

Fix for a special PDF auto rotate pages bug:
- We found this special case that could lead to incorrectly rotated pages in PDF files and we fixed it

PDF24 Creator 8.9.0
Common: Format options dialog visually improved:
- The format options dialog is a larger component with dozens of options. Here we have room for improvement. We have optically improved the page tree on the left side and optimized some paddings and margins to make working with this component easier

Common: User settings key name changes of the assistant and creator:
- There are some options in the settings related to the PDF printer assistant and the creator. We have changed the names of these settings to the new format we introduced in other components, so that they now use the new format with a prefix followed by a period

Common: Single instance lock of the PDF24 Updater:
- We have implemented a single instance lock for the PDF24 Updater to prevent the Updater from opening twice. It does not make sense to have multiple instances of this application open

Common: More options available in the settings U:
- We have added some more options to the preferences interface. You can now also configure a fixed save directory used by the PDF printer assistant (assistant.fixedSaveDir) and you can tell the PDF printer assistant to use the name of the first file in the list when merging to a single PDF (assistant.joinFilesUseFirstName)

Common: Auto rotate pages are now enabled by default when converting PS files to PDF:
- PS files normally comes from the PDF printer, which we convert internally into the PDF format. Printing applications often adapt the orientation of pages to the standard paper formats, resulting in incorrectly rotated pages. For this reason, we have by default turned on the option to automatically rotate pages during conversion

Common: MAPI mail interface now creates modeless dialogs:
- The MAPI mail interface now creates modeless dialogs so that the user is able to work with other windows. The outlook mail interface has already used this mode

Common: Mail interface selection bug fixed:
- There was a bug in the mail interface selection code that wrongly switched back to the MAPI interface if the PDF24 mail interface was disabled through the settings

Common: Reduced wait times of command processor:
- We could reduce waiting times of the shell command processor, which is responsible for calling other applications like Ghostscript. This should in some cases lead to slightly faster results

Common: PDF printer auto save command templates:
- We have extended the PDF printer settings user interface page. We have added a selection box to select PDF printer auto save command templates to make it easier to set up a PDF printer configured in auto save mode

Common: Option NoReader=1 did not work correctly:
- With the NoReader registry setting you can control whether the PDF24 Reader is visible in the PDF24 Creator or not. This option did not work correctly in previous versions. This has been fixed

Common: Fix for a PDF security settings issue in case of an empty owner password:
- We have found a bug in the code that is responsible for applying the PDF security settings. An empty owner password leads to a small problem

Common: Update to QPDF 8.4.1:
- We had opened a ticket at the QPDF project because QPDF did not handle umlauts correctly in file names. This has been improved in QPDF 8.4.1. Internally we now use this version

Common: Update to Ghostscript 9.27:
- We had written a bug report to the Ghostscript team because older versions of Ghostscript had problems with some PDF files. The issue was font and color changes during PDF file reprocessing. The new version fixes this

Common: Optimized PDF password encoding:
- We have optimized the PDF password encoding when locking or unlocking pdf files to fix potential encoding issues with some readers

Assistant: Option for fixed save directory:
- The assistant now understands an option to use a fixed save directory when saving files to disk. This is the "assistant.fixedSaveDir" option that you can also configure via the settings interface

Assistant: Remembers last save directory:
- The assistant now remembers the last save directory, but only if the "assistant.fixedSaveDir" option is not used and if no directory is associated with the current file

Assistant: Special case for files stored in the temporary files directory:
- If the directory of a file is TEMP, then we do not set this directory as initial folder in the file selection dialog

PDF24 Creator 8.8.2
Faster language selection field in the OCR tool:
- We have over 100 languages available for selection in the OCR tool, which can be selected via the selection box. The list is now long and the loading time of the list was slightly higher than it should be, which was not so easy to use when working fast. We have optimized here. The language selection box is now fast again.

Correction for an un-inserted OCR text layer in previously compressed PDF files:
- In previously compressed PDF files, we were unable to merge the OCR text layer with the actual PDF. Here we have also optimized to eliminate this problem. OCR is now also possible with PDF files that were previously compressed.

Correction for overlay / underlay for PDF files with compressed PDF objects:
- Merging a PDF with compressed objects was problematic and we had problems with it. This problem has been solved and we are now able to merge PDF files here as well. This feature is the basis for the paper and overlay feature in the software.

Correction for Overlay / Underlay using the "Repeat Last Page" feature:
- The problem has crept in one of the last versions. If the option "Repeat last page" was used, the two PDFs were not merged correctly. This problem is now also out of the world.

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