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Advanced Installer は、開発者およびシステム管理者が最新の Microsoft Windows ロゴ認定要件を満たし、推奨される Windows インストーラのベストプラクティスに従って、信頼性の高い MSI パッケージを簡単に構築できる Windows インストーラオーサリングツールです。 Advanced Installer は、非常に柔軟なライセンスモデルでリリースされています。コアアプリケーションは、商用および非商用目的で 100%無料で使用できます。

Advanced Installer 特長:

学習するスクリプトがなく、編集するデータベースがなく、XML を書くこともなく XML を書くことはありません write

ウィザードを使用して開発、既存のインポート IDE プロジェクト、自動構築ツールとソース管理システムに統合します.




標準の Windows インストーラテクノロジに基づいて、ロールバック、

Advanced Installer の熱狂的なサポートチームは、あなたが持っているかもしれないインストーラーの質問をお手伝いします。

既存の投資を活用する。古いインストーラ、MSI、WiX プロジェクトを再パッケージ化します。オープンフォーマットを使用して、独自のトラップを避けてください.

注:フリーウェア、プロフェッショナル、Java、エンタープライズ、アーキテクトの機能を含む完全な Advanced Installer アプリケーションを含む統一パッケージです。フリーウェアの機能は、「シンプルな」タイプのプロジェクトを作成することによっていつでもアクセスできます.

ファイルのバージョン Lansweeper
ファイル名 LansweeperSetup.exe
オペレーティングシステム Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Caphyon Ltd
更新時間 2021-04-14

What's new in this version:

- Added: LAN-8053 An auto-update feature is now available under ConfigurationServer Options that can be enabled to automatically keep Lansweeper scan servers up-to-date

- LAN-4287 Help desk email and email alerts now support Modern Authentication and Microsoft Graph for Office 365 mailing, as Microsoft is deprecating Basic Authentication
- LAN-7993 If a Lansweeper installation is linked with the IT Asset Data Platform and turned off for several days, the installation now immediately requests a new ADP license token upon restarting and thus prevents temporary ADP access issues
- LAN-5375 Intune and Office 365 data can now be scanned with a new v2 scanning target that uses Modern Authentication and Microsoft Graph, as Microsoft is deprecating Basic Authentication
- LAN-7714 Lansweeper now automatically restarts the sync with the IT Asset Data Platform when a temporary access issue (e.g. Internet connectivity issue) has occurred
- LAN-8825 Modified some of the labels of the Azure credential input boxes, to make them clearer and more consistent with Azure’s own naming conventions
- LAN-8706 Optimized the way IT Asset Data Platform setting changes are read from the Lansweeper database, to reduce the amount of database querying
- LAN-8837 Updated the built-in list of iOS codes and names

- LAN-3580 A SQL Server instance that is removed from a Windows computer fails to be removed from the computer’s asset page in Lansweeper after a rescan
- LAN-3220 Active Directory User/Group Path scans of large OUs can take several days to complete
- LAN-4490 Character encoding issue in schedule names under DeploymentScheduled Deployments
- LAN-1663 Character encoding issue in the popup you see when hovering over a user in the web console
- LAN-8083 If a Linux computer has a software installed with left or right quotation marks in its software properties, Lansweeper fails to scan the computer’s full software inventory
- LAN-8511 If the FQDN field of an asset is empty and the asset is edited, the field is sometimes filled with a blank string, which causes incorrect results in certain reports
- LAN-8248 Lansweeper fails to scan software info of Arch Linux distributions
- LAN-4336 Lansweeper fails to scan the LastSuccessSync date of some ActiveSync devices on Exchange servers
- LAN-8928 Object reference error when adding an order in the SQL Server license compliance module
- LAN-4137 OS information of non-Windows assets is not displayed on the AssetsLsAgent Assets page
- LAN-8751 Path traversal issue related to certain Lansweeper configuration pages
- LAN-8784 Software scanning inconsistencies between LsPush and agentless scanning, causing incorrect software history entries to be generated
- LAN-4680 The help desk ticket API fails to process ticket requests whose ticket description includes line breaks or other formatting
- LAN-9291 The Lansweeper scanning service is stuck in the Starting state when updating from a version older than 8.0 to the latest Lansweeper release
- LAN-5020 The list of available action parameters under ConfigurationAsset Pages in the web console does not mention the {mac} parameter though this parameter is functionally available
- LAN-9043 The popup for adding an OS to the license list in the OS license compliance module fails to load
- LAN-2305 The unique identifier of a Windows computer is sometimes erroneously set to the computer’s IP address instead of its domain ame combination, resulting in duplicate assets for the same machine
- LAN-5649 The unique identifier of manually created monitor and other types of assets is incorrectly formed sometimes

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