Autodesk EAGLE 9.4.1

ALLPlayer はおそらく、字幕が合っている映画を見るための最も人気のある番組です。すべての既知のメディア形式、RAR ファイルを再生し、ムービーファイルを開く際に問題がある場合は、最新のコーデックを更新する LiveUpdate 機能が実装されています。また、すべての言語で一致する字幕が自動的に検索されます。インテリジェント字幕は、字幕を読むために必要な時間、字幕を画面に表示します。 AVI Doctor は、トレントファイルをダウンロードしてムービーをプレビューしたいときに役立ちます。 AVI Doctor を使用すると、壊れたファイルを修正することもできます。

DivX、XviD、MP3、AVI、FLV、MP4、3GP、MKV、M2TS、MPG、MPEG、RMVB、WMV、QuickTime、MOV、FLAC、APE など多くのフォーマットは、コーデックダウンローダをライブアップデートする。その他の機能:DVD サポート、CD サポート。 Web カメラ、DV、または TV チューナーなどの他のビデオソースからムービーをプレビューするオプション。 2 つのモニター、またはモニターと TV のサポート。ドルビーサラウンド、SPDIF、3D オーディオをサポート SPDIF を含むあらゆるオーディオ出力を選択することができ、アンプに無損失でデジタル音を伝えることができます。すべての既知のフォーマットで字幕をサポートしています.

ALLPlayer 特長:
無料の使いやすいマルチメディアプレーヤー無料のシンプルなビデオエディタマッチングサブタイトルダウンローダ内蔵フリービデオメニュー作成者フリーコンバータ内蔵字幕オーディオリーダー任意のビデオとオーディオフォーマットを再生 Dolby Surround をサポート、3D Audio および SPDIF ビデオカバーおよびムービー情報のダウンロードベスト MKV および Divx Plus エンコーダ 2 つのモニタにビデオを表示再生リストおよびイコライザフリー DivX サブタイトルマルチプレクサ RAR Player

ファイルのバージョン Autodesk EAGLE 9.4.1
ファイル名 Autodesk_EAGLE_9.4.1_English_Win_64bit.exe
ファイルサイズ 122.89 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 ALLCinema Ltd
更新時間 2019-04-24

What's new in this version:

Object Inspector:
- The new Object Inspector shows properties of selected objects. The Inspector panel is available in the schematic, board, footprint and symbol editor windows. Use the GROUP command to select objects. Depending on the selected objects it is possible to change its properties directly in the panel.

Selection Filter:
- The Selection Filter panel allows to pre-select the objects and the layers or layer sets you want to execute a command on. With the Reset button you can restore the initial settings.

CAM Processor:
- When the CAM Processor dialog is launched from the Manufacturing Fly-out, its location is centered in the PCB Editor window.
- A new Auto Drill output item has been added to the CAM Processor, providing comprehensive drill output for any layer stack configuration.
- A new Assembly section and BOM output item have been added, providing a simple bill-of-materials output.
- Output Sections are now presented in an order that conforms more closely to a manufacturing process order.
- System template and example CAM files have been updated to utilize the new Auto Drill and BOM Output types.

Managed Libraries:
- Added the ability to remove/re-install bundled Eagle managed libraries using library manager.
- Creating a managed library (or a new version of a managed library) can now be done in the background (i.e. the progress dialog and library can be hidden).

COPY Command:
- The COPY command now has options to copy Devices, Symbols, Footprints, and Packages from a design file into a library.
- The context menu of assets in design files now has entries for copying assets into a library.

EDIT3D Command:
- This new command can be used on an element or part and allows you to edit the associated managed 3D package. If the element or part has an override_package3d_urn (see CUSTOM3D command), it will edit that associated custom package instead of the originally managed 3d package.

CUSTOM3D Command:
- This new command allows to assign a custom 3D package to a part or element in schematic or board. If there was already a reference to a 3d package, it will be ignored in favor of the custom 3D package in the Fusion ECAD/MCAD process.

- This command removes the overriding custom 3D package assigned to an element or part.

ROUTE related Command and modes:
- ROUTE modes that were once specified as command modifiers have been converted into explici individual commands. You will find them logically grouped together as dropdown listboxes of icons on the command toolbar when a route command is active. See the online HELP for details about these commands.
- The new ROUTEMULTI command has been added to allow you to interactively select multiple signals, and then route them concurrently as a parallel configuration of wires.  The new command operates consistently with existing single wire ROUTE command, in that it can avoid obstacles with walkaround or push and shove, responds to the BACKSPACE/DELETE key by deleting the prior committed wires (prior mouse click), and more. See the online HELP for complete details.
- The ROUTEDIFF command has been added to allow you to interactively route differential pairs. This command behaves similar to the ROUTEMULTI command, in that you concurrently route both sides of the pair; however, maintenance of the pair's mutual proximity is automatic. See the online HELP for complete details.
- The ROUTE command will now properly utilize a microvia for a layer change, if the design rules and conditions dictate that placement of a microvia is appropriate.

- When a Wire has an extremely small Curve value (virtually linear) which would cause an overflow of the Radius field, EAGLE automatically adjusts the curve to 0.0.

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