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Node.js 12.10.0 (64-bit)

Ashampoo Anti-Virus は、妥協のない洗練されたリアルタイム保護を提供します。セキュリティ上、リソースの不足、ウイルス、トロイの木馬、スパイウェア、およびその他のマルウェアは、ホスト PC の速度を低下させることなく自動的に排除されます。ゼロデイの脅威さえも、高度な行動ブロッカーを使用して効果的に中立化されます。 Ashampoo Anti-Virus は、高度に熟練したボディガードのようなもので、可能な限りユーザーの介入を最小限に抑えて危険な状況を自律的に処理します。単にインストールして忘れてしまいます.

Ashampoo リアルタイム保護は、発生した攻撃を中和します。行動ブロッカーはアプリケーションの動作を監視し、ゼロデイ攻撃などの分類されていない脅威も排除します。オンアクセスガードは、ファイル操作中の感染の試みを効果的に中和します。最高の精度を得るために 2 つのスキャンエンジンを備えたマルチエンジンスキャナ。マルウェアによるプログラム操作を防止するための統合自己保護。毎日の更新は date.

Note まで常に保護を保つ:10 日間の試用版(無料登録後 40 日間の追加と拡張することができます)0.

ファイルのバージョン Node.js 12.10.0 (64-bit)
ファイル名 node-v12.10.0-x64.msi
ファイルサイズ 17.32 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Ashampoo
更新時間 2019-09-05

What's new in this version:

Notable changes:
- Update npm to 6.10.3 (isaacs)

- Add recursive option to rmdir() (cjihrig)
- Allow passing true to emitClose option (Giorgos Ntemiris)
- Add *timeNs properties to BigInt Stats objects (Joyee Cheung)

- Allow reading data into a static buffer

- bootstrap: run preload prior to frozen-intrinsics
- buffer: correct indexOf() error message
- buffer: consolidate encoding parsing
- buffer: correct concat() error message
- buffer: improve equals() performance
- Revert "build: add full Python 3 tests to Travis CI"
- build: add full Python 3 tests to Travis CI
- build: hard code doctool in test-doc target
- build: integrate DragonFlyBSD into gyp build
- build: make --without-snapshot imply --without-node-snapshot
- build: test Python 3.6 and 3.7 on Travis CI
- build: move tooltest to before jstest target
- build: add Python 3 tests to Travis CI
- build,win: accept Python 3 if 2 is not available
- build,win: find Python in paths with spaces
- console: use getStringWidth() for character width calculation
- crypto: don't expose openssl internals
- crypto: simplify DSA validation in FIPS mode
- deps: V8: cherry-pick 597f885
- (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: update npm to 6.10.3
- doc: escape elements swallowed as HTML in markdown
- doc: add extends for derived classes
- doc: add blanks around code fences
- doc: format http2 anchor link and reference
- doc: remove multiple consecutive blank lines
- doc: add devnexen to collaborators
- doc: inconsistent indentation for list items
- doc: heading levels should only increment by one
- doc: add dco to github pr template
- doc: add https.Server extends tls.Server
- doc: fix nits in
- doc: add missing extends Http2Session
- doc: indicate that Http2ServerRequest extends Readable
- doc: indicate that Http2ServerResponse extends Stream
- (SEMVER-MINOR) doc: add emitClose option for fs streams
- doc,crypto: add extends for derived classes
- doc,errors: add extends to derived classes
- doc,fs: add extends for derived classes
- doc,http: add extends for derived classes
- doc,tls: add extends for derived classes
- errors: provide defaults for unmapped uv errors
- esm: support loading data URLs
- events: improve once() performance
- (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: add recursive option to rmdir()
- (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: allow passing true to emitClose option
- fs: fix (temporary) for esm package
- fs: document the Date conversion in Stats objects
- (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: add *timeNs properties to BigInt Stats objects
- gyp: remove semicolons (Python != JavaScript)
- gyp: futurize to prepare for Python 3
- http: simplify timeout handling
- lib: add ASCII fast path to getStringWidth()
- lib: consolidate lazyErrmapGet()
- module: avoid passing unnecessary loop reference
- (SEMVER-MINOR) net: allow reading data into a static buffer
- process: improve nextTick performance
- querystring: improve performance
- src: do not crash when accessing empty WeakRefs
- src: turn GET_OFFSET() into an inline function
- src: inline SLICE_START_END() in
- src: allow --interpreted-frames-native-stack in NODE_OPTIONS
- src: expose MaybeInitializeContext to allow existing contexts
- src: add large page support for macOS
- stream: don't deadlock on aborted stream
- stream: improve read() performance
- stream: async iterator destroy compat
- stream: do not emit drain if stream ended
- test: remove Windows skipping of http keepalive request GC test
- test: fix test-benchmark-net
- test: fix flaky test-http-server-keepalive-req-gc
- test: use print() function in both Python 2 and 3
- (SEMVER-MINOR) test: add emitClose: true tests for fs streams
- tools: update ESLint to 6.3.0
- tools: use 'from io import StringIO' in
- tools: fix mksnapshot blob wrong freeing operator
- tools: update ESLint to 6.2.2
- tools: update babel-eslint to 10.0.3
- tools: fix Python 3 issues in inspector_protocol
- tools: fix mixup with bytes.decode() and str.encode()
- tools: fix Python 3 issues in tools/icu/
- tools: fix Python 3 issues in gyp/generator/
- util: do not throw when inspecting detached ArrayBuffer

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