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TagSpaces 3.7.6

Avast Free Antivirus は、ハッカーや泥棒から PC を保護するために必要なセキュリティを提供します。ブラウザのクリーンアップでは迷惑なプラグインを削除でき、SmartScan ではワンクリックスキャンが可能ですが、新しいホームネットワークスキャナではネットワーク上の問題をスキャンできます。はじめて、ルータやワイヤレスデバイスなどのホームネットワークデバイスをハッカーの攻撃から保護することができます。今日の市場で最高の無料アンチウイルスで Windows を保護してください。ダウンロード  Avast Free Antivirus ファイル共有から PC、Mac、および Android 用の PC およびスパイウェア対策のオフラインインストーラ now.

世界中で最も信頼性の高い最新バージョンのセキュリティが用意されており、完全に無料です。 Avast Free Antivirus は世界中の 2 億 2000 万人以上の人々、企業、モバイル機器を保護します。ダウンロード Avast Free Antivirus オフラインインストーラのセットアップ!

Avast 新機能:


重要なソフトウェアを簡単にアップデートし、PC の全体的なセキュリティと状態を向上させましょう.

Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance インターネット上で助けられました.

注:30 日後、アンチウイルスには無料登録が必要です.

もご利用いただけます:Avast for Mac

ファイルのバージョン TagSpaces 3.7.6
ファイル名 tagspaces-win-3.7.6.exe
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 AVAST Software
更新日 http://www.avast.com/
更新時間 2020-11-12

What's new in this version:

New features:
- Indexing of a location on opening is now disabled
- Indexing starts on the first search in a given location. The index is valid for 10 minuntes, after this time is elapsed the index is recreated on the next search. Every time a index is created it is saved in the current locations .ts folder as tst.json file
- After a successful indexing the amount of the indexed files is shown in the search panel
- Size of the location index was significantly reduced
- If an entry has a geo tag, a map is displayed in the entry properties showing the exact location of the tag
- The default electron spell-checker for desktop apps is enabled for the file and folder description filed and by editing of html files
- Pagination for the grid perspective was added, the max count of file in given page can be adjusted in the settings of the perspective
- PDF thumb generation in now in the main app windows, the hidden worker window is not shown anymore if a folder contains PDFs
- Explanation before stating the mac tag extraction was added
- Previewing files on Android was disabled due to security reasons
- Added support for acc audio format
- Added acc and flac file formats in search settings as audio formats
- Close and clear uploads button added in the upload status dialog
- [PRO] Previewing files on S3 is optimized to load only the first 10000 bytes of a given file.
- [PRO] The editing of the description for files anf folder can now be initiated with double click on the description field
- [PRO] Embedding images in the file and folder description and opening external links from there, adding md help
- [PRO] In is now possible to select a default perspective for every folder
- [PRO] Format of the date in the date editor dialog changed to YYYY-MM-DD for 2020-09-24
- [PRO] A new perspective in BETA status called KanBan was added

- The tray menu on macOS was reenabled
- The Smart Tags group can now be collapsed (#1246)
- Exiting full screen from the PDF-viewer fixed on touch enabled devices
- Folder properties are now be opened always with details switched on, switching the details off is not possible anymore
- The smart tags are now read-only and emoji icons were exchanged with real platform independent icons
- Generation of thumbnails for ZIP files was disabled due to a potential performance issues on large files
- Armenian, Japan, Korean and Chinese translation were updated
- [PRO] Button for navigation to parent direcotory added in the mapique and gallery perspectives

- Fixed showing thumbs and opening files from global search
- Fixed global search crash on no location
- Issues on switching dirs and location locally and on S3 fixed
- [PRO] Map in the mapique perspective is now redrawer after closing of a file or folder entry
- [PRO] Fixed issues with uploading files to S3 from the desktop and the web version

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