PSD& Avocode で Windows PC でデザインをスケッチします。CSS、Swift& レイヤーから直接 XML を抽出し、画像、色、フォント、スタイル、サイズ、および測定値をエクスポートします。チームメンバーを招待し、ユーザー権限を簡単に管理します。同じデザインを同時に多数の人が閲覧できます.8997423 バージョンの選択:Avocode 2.17.1(32 ビッ...

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What's new in this version:

BYOND 512.1472
Dream Daemon:
- Filter list access for animations, setting vars, etc. sometimes resulted in spurious "index out of bounds" errors. (Lummox JR)
- The server did not send sound information properly, which prevented sound.environment from accepting 0 to reset the environment. (VolAs)
- MouseEntered() is now called right after MouseDrop() in response to the fact that the object under the cursor has changed. This call is generated on the server instead of the client. (Ter13)
- Case insensitivity was not properly handled in some complex regular expressions. (Altoids0)

Dream Maker:
- Several issues regarding global color changes in an icon have been fixed. (NSBR)
- The backspace key didn't work correctly in the loop count edit box of the icon pixmap editor. (Nadrew)
- The map editor suffered reduced performance. (Ter13)

Dream Seeker:
- Visual contents of objs and mobs did not reset in some cases when they were removed from the map and later re-added, but not deleted in the interim. (Mport2004)

Dream Maker:
- In the pixmap editor's movie area, you can now insert or delete entire columns. Using a regular delete when a column is selected will ask if you'd rather shift the other columns over. The new insert-columns and delete-columns commands have keyboard shortcuts Shift+Ins and Shift+Del, respectively

BYOND 512.1471
Dream Daemon:
- In some cases, the server did not properly send map chunk information that was necessary to handle big icons
- Some proc calls using the call() proc were misinterpreted, causing named arguments not to work correctly when calling those procs with an arglist()

Dream Maker:
- The map editor has had some updates to improve its ability to handle certain conditions like the use of BACKGROUND_LAYER
- The compiler did not include some vars in turf underlays that impacted their appearance, when those underlays used modified types (vars set in the map editor). This very old bug, which can be traced back to BYOND 324 because it impacted pixel offsets too, has been corrected
- Setting parent_type in a way that created a circular reference caused the compiler to hang or crash

Dream Seeker:
- Color matrices and certain situations applying alpha values did not mix properly, resulting in incorrect color matrix calculations
- alert() couldn't use buttons starting with a period, which resulted in some broken behavior
- blend_mode was not applied properly in icons using flick()


What's new in this version:

- Expand image capture. (add "mask" button)
- Integrate file attachment and folder attachment function
- Fixed a configuration change that sometimes created a text log on the desktop


What's new in this version:

Avocode 3.7.2 (64-bit)

SVG export improvements:
- We know that SVG export is an essential feature in Avocode, so we keep improving it. In this update, you can enjoy compatibility with SVG sprites, correct export of vector shapes with rounded corners and also SVG export of layers with clipping effects in Photoshop files

Bug fixes:
- When you reopened Photoshop designs in the 3.7.1 update, bitmaps with masks would fail to load. We’re happy to say that this regression is fixed in this update
- The export preview in the inspector panel now correctly loads the whole design when no layers are selected

Avocode 3.7.1 (64-bit)

Display Retina-ready designs:
- We have added a new option for displaying your designs in retina ready resolution to the App preferences. This way you can look at and present your designs in extreme detail

Bug fixes:
- While searching for Sketch artboards which were synced to Avocode via the plugin (Sync selected option) you should be able to open them without any issues
- fixed the behavior of layouts and grids in the designs
- fixed the mention feature in Comment mode
- improved upload error notifications
- fixed the flow when you delete the last artboard in a Sketch page

Avocode 3.7.0 (64-bit)

New features:
- Now you can download any state of the design file you kept in the version history. Just switch to the respective version in the Project manager and hit DOWNLOAD in the right sidebar or from the design preview contextual menu.

- Newly added design files are now opened up to 3X faster. The reason is that the app is no longer waiting for bitmaps and the design preview and renders only the viewport that you’re seeing
- Newly added design files will be rendered sharply up to 400% zoom. When it comes to vector shapes, they even scale up to 1000%. This way you can look at and present your designs in extreme detail. If your computer doesn’t have enough power to run our progressive rendering, you can disable smooth design scaling in the App preferences
- Adobe XD import in the desktop app is now up to 3X faster, especially when it comes to larger files with a lot of artboards. When you import an XD file, upload is skipped completely, and design parsing and rendering is done locally so you could access your design layers as soon as possible. In the meantime, the design is also uploaded to the cloud, so you or other team members could open it online
- Now you can purchase a subscription or update your credit card right in the desktop app.
- We have added buttons to Inspect, Comment, and Share in the Preview mode.

Bug fixes:
- We have fixed an issue with scrolling and exiting the Prototype mode
- When you import multiple design files via our Dropbox integration that already existed in the project, they will be added as new versions
- When you have only one design file in a project, opening the project will now direct you straight to the file, so you can see the designs within as soon as possible
- The sum of all your comments on a design artboard is now indicated also in the Inspect mode
- Projects and subfolders are now visually distinguished in the import modal that appears during sync via a plugin from Sketch
- Search in projects now lists also files in nested subfolders
- We have added a View in Figma button to Figma files, that navigates to the source file in Figma where you can either edit it or download it
- Members with limited access to projects no longer can create or delete projects

Avocode 3.6.12 (64-bit)
- Bug fixes: We have fixed the option to Sync Selected Artboards from Sketch plugin for large Sketch design files

Avocode 3.6.11 (64-bit)

Smart naming of exported assets:
- We have re-added a feature for saving exported image assets into separate folders. When you add a common slash / in front of the image asset name, it will add it into a special folder. For example, when you name an asset: /2x/image - Avocode will create a folder “2x” and add the asset called “image” inside. If the folder “2x” already exists, Avocode will simply select it and insert the asset called “image” inside. This is especially handy for saving assets in different resolutions in separate folders

Bug fixes:
- text visibility in the “Invite member” confirmation modal for the Light theme
- the ability to open Sketch file even before the upload is finished
- improved the performance of sync after designs are uploaded
- gradient code generation in the Android code template
- fixed private link sharing from search

Avocode 3.6.10 (64-bit)

Electron 4 update:
- We have updated our core infrastructure to Electron 4 to improve stability and performance of our desktop app. This update also fixes the proxy issues that some of our users experienced on Windows and Linux with a slower internet connection

Better rendering of Adobe Illustrator files:
- We’ve improved color rendering of unique color modes
- We’ve fixed bitmap bounds calculations and multiple clipping masks rendering. Soon we’ll release another improvement of clipping masks on group layers

Avocode 3.6.9 (64-bit)

Bug fixes:
- the design search by URL in the desktop app
- a 404 bug when opening a design via a private link

Avocode 3.6.8 (64-bit)

Bug fixes:
- The option to log in to your desktop app via browser is back
- Log out issue after restarting the app has been fixed
- We’ve fixed regressions that appeared after uploading a new version
- Texts from hidden design layers are now accessible in Avocode. Just click on the eye icon in the layer panel to display them
- We have fixed a processing issue that made design previews look disabled after file import

Avocode 3.6.7 (64-bit)
- We’re temporarily hiding the option to log in to your desktop app via browser. A fix will be released soon.

Avocode 3.6.6 (64-bit)

Adobe Illustrator Beta support is here:
- We have overhauled our parsing and rendering technology for AI files, resulting in 10x faster performance, more stable import and significantly more precise rendering. Additionally, AI artboard names are now displayed correctly in Avocode. This means that our AI support is no longer experimental. There are still some improvements to be done, so it’s now in a Beta state

Login device limit:
- For security reasons, we have limited the number of logged in devices to three at a time. If you need to log in to your account from a new device, you will need to log out from the previous sessions

Bug fixes:
- We have fixed a plan upgrade issue caused by the Slack integration
- We got rid of meaningless error notification for Team members

Avocode 3.6.5 (64-bit)

- Team settings in the desktop app
- You can now manage team members and billing in the desktop app

Comment count:
- When you switch to the List view in the Project manager, there is an indication of how many comments each design artboard has. When you click on the comment icon, the design will open in the Comment mode

Dropbox upload from the design version switcher:
- You can now upload designs via Dropbox right from the version switcher
- New activities in sidebar
- We added an information a:bout a newly uploaded design via Dropbox to activities in sidebar
- Pending invite request notification
- From now you will see a notification when there is a pending invite request from a user outside of your team

Bug Fixes:
- Export of files with illegal characters in their names should work on Windows
- Fixed vertical ruler being positioned under sidebar of .ai files

Avocode 3.6.4 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Avocode 3.6.3 (64-bit)
- Design processing of prototypes now finishes correctly before you can actually access the design file in Avocode
- We have fixed an issue with layer bound in the Design view
- We have polished the UI of the Prototype mode. Btw, we’ll be happy for any feedback you might have regarding playing prototypes in Avocode
- We have fixed an 403 error when opening a Sketch artboard

Avocode 3.6.2 (64-bit)
- We have fixed an issue that was hiding some layers in Figma symbols

Avocode 3.6.1 (64-bit)
- We have fixed a bug that caused a crash report when when a layer was selected in PSD and Figma design files

Avocode 3.5.6 (64-bit)
- We have fixed a display issue of Design guides that appeared when you had multiple designs opened
- We have fixed an issue that appeared on older PCs and Macs that was slowing down the app, for example, when opening a new tab

Avocode 3.5.5 (64-bit)
- We have fixed macOS desktop app auto-update

Avocode 3.5.4 (64-bit)
- We have fixed a regression that caused issues in our Photoshop and Illustrator plugins

Avocode 3.5.3 (64-bit)
- We have updated our core infrastructure to Electron 3 to enable more users to take advantage of our Monroe rendering. By default, Monroe engine will be now enabled to all users. If you’re still experiencing some troubles (mainly seeing Lite mode in design formats other than Figma), please get back to us at team@avocode.com. Meanwhile, disabling the Monroe rendering in App preferences should help

Avocode 3.5.2 (64-bit)

- Sketch 52 design file support
- We now support import of Sketch design files that were created/saved in Sketch 52

Bug fixes:
- We have fixed the version upload abortion bug that was causing the deletion of the whole design file. We apologize for any issues this might have caused

Avocode 3.5.1 (64-bit)
- We have significantly sped up Photoshop file import in the desktop app. When you import a PSD, upload is skipped completely, and design parsing and rendering is done locally so you could access your design layers as soon as possible. In the meantime, the design is also uploaded to the cloud, so you or other team members could open it online
- Pixel checker transparent background has been fixed for some Linux distributions
- Adobe XD plugin now syncs also special characters to Avocode
- Searching and importing missing font collections should work as expected in the desktop app

Avocode 3.4.1 (64-bit)
- Exported assets from designs for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) were missing a default (1x) scale variant
- Measure tool now works between layers and guides and between guides themselves
- Slices can now be expanded by shift-clicking on other layers again
- We have fixed the CMD+R shortcut for Developer's guides

Avocode 3.4.0 (64-bit)

New features:
- Adobe Illustrator experimental support and a new Illustrator plugin
- We're excited to release a first public experimental Illustrator file format support. You can import your .ai files to Avocode directly or via a plugin (installed automatically with Avocode desktop app). At the moment you can select and export layers, however the layer panel is not included in this version. To make sure your .ai file is displayed correctly, always save it as PDF compatible and that all objects that you want to hand-off to the developer are places on artboards. Also please check that you're using RGB color profile.
- Layout Grid and Regular Grid
- Finally, you can show Layout Grid and Regular Grid on Sketch, XD, and Figma artboards to measure columns and objects better. Read more.

- New Photoshop plugin
- We’ve completely rebuilt the Photoshop plugin to sync designs faster. It's installed automatically with Avocode desktop app. When you sync a design, Avocode app is automatically launched so you could assign the file to a project or subfolder. Read more.
- Support for Typekit fonts
- If your imported design is missing a font, that is not even in your system; you can now pull it from your Typekit. All you need is to have an active Adobe Typekit account set up on your computer. Avocode will automatically find the missing font file and give you an option to upload it into your Avocode team so it would appear in all designs where it is used. Learn more.

Bug fixes:
- We have fixed incorrectly rendered Sketch Symbols

Avocode 3.3.2 (64-bit)
- We have fixed a rendering issue that caused incorrect display of rotated layer masks in Adobe XD files
- Design preview in the Project manager now shows the correct version of design artboards
- Project manager contextual sidebar now shows the exact number of artboards in a Sketch file - both in the web app and the desktop app

Avocode 3.3.1 (64-bit)
- We've improved sorting in the Project manager when design and artboard names start with numbers. To give you an example, numbers will now be sorted in this order: 1 2 3 4 10 11 12
- We’ve fixed a regression when some users could not download Sketch and XD design files
- We've fixed broken Design settings for Sketch and XD design groups
- We’ve fixed incorrect version number that appeared in the breadcrumbs

Avocode 3.2.0 (64-bit)
Create a new team with the same e-mail:
- To create a new Avocode team, go to app.avocode.com, click on your profile avatar in the top right corner and then click on “Switch team”. In the pop-up window, click “Create a new team” and name it

Auto-locating missing font files resolved:
- We have found a new technology to recognize font files that are missing in your design, auto-locate them in your Font book (on macOS, Windows, or Linux) and offer for import

Avocode 3.1.1 (64-bit)
Design preview on mobile devices:
- Now, you can finally preview designs on mobile devices when someone sends you a n Avocode sharing link. You can also switch between individual versions of the design. Commenting on mobile devices will be added later on.

Bug fixes:
- We have fixed an issue in the design name dropdown for quick navigation between design screens. Now, when you switch to a different screen the design name will be changed accordingly.
- We were forced to roll back the auto-recognition of missing font files in the user font book due to unexpected issues that our users have reported. We're currently investigating the issue and hope to add this feature in the upcoming updates.

Avocode 3.1.0 (64-bit)
New features:

Design overview:
- Now you can see a list of all colors and fonts (including font-size) that appear in a design (PSD) or artboards (Sketch, XD, Figma) directly in the Inspect mode. Just click off of the design canvas or select the artboard in the layer panel. Then you can pick one color or a font, click on “Show layers”, and all layers with this style will be selected both on the canvas and in the layer panel. If you hold the ALT key and click on a layer in the layer panel, the design canvas will automatically reposition so you can see it. When you're using the Design overview, you can also select a font and click View in Typekit or View on Google Fonts in the dropdown to get to the respective font file in the browser.

Sketch direct import is out of Beta:
- Based on thousands of Sketch files, that were imported during the last months since the introduction of Sketch file direct import, we have optimized our design parser to represent your designs in Avocode even more precisely. If you stumble upon on design import or rendering issues, please let us know at team@avocode.com.

Drop-down switcher for designs/artboards:
- Finally, you can quickly navigate between Sketch, XD, or Figma artboards directly from the design name breadcrumbs in the Inspect mode or the Comment mode. When it comes to PSD, PNG and JPEG files, the name drop-down will lead to other files in the same project or project subfolder that you're currently in.

Drop-down switcher for design versions:
- There is also a new faster way to change versions. Versions are no longer hidden in a separate tab in the left panel, but the version number (along with a drop-down of all versions) is now next to the name breadcrumbs in the Inspect mode and in the Comment mode.


Missing font file upload:
- If a missing font file appears on your computer, Avocode can now auto-locate the file in your Font book (on macOS, Windows, or Linux) and offer for import. You can also upload missing font files by drag & dropping them to the Font import modal in the Inspect mode.
- 32bit version of the desktop app will no longer be supported
- Since the number of users using 32-bit systems is continually dropping, and the development for 32-bit systems is rather time-consuming (specific bugs and issues appear only on 32-bit systems) we have decided to drop the support completely to dedicate more time to improve Avocode and create new exciting features for the majority of our users. You can still use the 32-bit version of Avocode 3.0, but you won't be receiving any new updates as long as you're on a 32-bit operating system. You will always be able to use the latest web version of Avocode app at app.avocode.com.

Bug fixes:
- Minor bug fixes

Avocode 3.0.0 (64-bit)
New features:
- Light theme: We're excited to introduce you the last bit of the Avocode 3 update - the Light theme! To choose your preferred look, just go to App preferences (CMD/CTRL + ,).
- New Sketch plugin: While you can import Sketch designs directly to Avocode, we're still improving our Sketch plugin. This latest version supports Sketch Symbols with Overrides and Sketch Resizable Symbols. It works hand in hand with our Monroe rendering which means the plugin does fewer tasks during design sync and is significantly faster.

- Code export panel: Based on many user requests Code export is now the default state in the right contextual panel in the Inspect mode. To show layer Styles, just click on the eye icon on top of the Code panel.
- Auto-update: We’ve added a less intrusive way of updating your desktop app. This is good news especially for Linux users since they update overly does no longer show up each time when you launch the desktop app, but there is a static update badge in the top right corner.