Bitwig Studio 3.0.2

AxCrypt は、Windows とシームレスに統合され、個々のファイルを圧縮、暗号化、復号化、保存、送信、および処理します。それは強力な暗号化を使用して任意の数のファイルを保護する Windows エクスプローラとの統合を右クリックすると、Windows の個々のファイルを暗号化するための最も簡単な方法ですが、電子メールやその他の手段でユーザーに送信することができます.

選択肢 AxCrypt?

128 ビットまたは 256 ビット AES 暗号化によるファイルセキュリティ


AxCrypt 英語、フランス語、スペイン語、スウェーデン語など.

他の AxCrypt ユーザーが自分のパスワードで開くことができる保護されたファイルを作成する


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注:AxCrypt プレミアムの 30 日間のトライアルが含まれており、アカウントを有効にすると開始されます.

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ファイルのバージョン Bitwig Studio 3.0.2
ファイル名 Bitwig-Studio-3.0.2.msi
ファイルサイズ 183 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 AxCrypt Team
更新時間 2019-08-27

What's new in this version:

New Features:
Launcher clips now offer a third Play Mode setting:
- from Start, triggering the clip from the top each time
- Continue, taking over from the previously playing clip at the same relative position
- Continue Quantized, taking over from the previously playing clip at the clip quantize interval

- When multiple Launcher clips are selected, pressing [ENTER] now launches all selected clips
- When adding samples to a drum machine, key tracking is now off
- When slicing to multisample, the loop region now defaults to the slice region instead of to the whole sample duration
- When setting Launch Quantization for Launcher Clips to Off it is now completely off
- Improved the appearance of the Mappings Browser Panel
- Windows and Linux: Improved file dialogs
- Windows: New ASIO audio setting to Override Driver Timing, for rare cases where MIDI and synchronization isn't acting correctly (or at all)
- Nektar controllers: improved scripts and documentation for the SE25 and SE49, as well as the GX and LX+ product lines

- Audio stretched with Elastique modes could randomly become silent in rare situations
- Crash when assigning a channel to multiple selected notes that have different channels but are equal in time/key
- Sample stop time marker disappears when resizing new raw audio clip
- MIDI import: notes might get truncated when there is another note at the same time/key but on a different channel
- Time selection was sometimes not preserved after duplicating a time selection including group tracks
- Some graphical elements & transitions didn't get affected by the Contrast controls
- Dragging mouse outside of a text entry popup and releasing would cancel the text input and all other popups
- Was only possible to type in a value for a parameter (like Shuffle in the Play menu) if the mouse remained inside the text entry area
- Pressing ESC while entering a value for a parameter (like Shuffle in the Play menu) would cancel the play menu popup too. Now it just cancels the entering of the value and second press of Esc will then cancel the play menu popup
- A control script that performed some error on startup would notify the user twice
- If a control script file is not properly encoded in UTF-8, give a useful error message
- Any errors found scanning control scripts are shown in the Global tab of the control script console
- Crash when dropping a note clip into the empty area below the tracks while the note editor is open (in clip content / drum mode), and then hitting undo
- MIDI channel information was not shown in the Mappings Browser Panel for MIDI mappings
- Notification that files were missing could be shown when bouncing and recording audio in some cases
- Relative clip automation (additive [+] or multiplicative [×]) didn't work in some cases
- Fixed potential errors that could happen while recording or bouncing audio
- Deleting a Grid module could create an illegal connection in some cases
- Deselecting a Grid module with the [ESCAPE] key didn't redraw that patch
- When playhead follow is on and stop is pressed (to set the playhead to top of arrangement), include a small visual margin to the left of the playhead
- MIDI CC device: Could send the wrong values when automated
- Note LEDs in Device Panel could get stuck when playing the same note on multiple channels
- Linux: Harrison Plug-ins no longer crash after opening the window
- LinnStrument help file couldn't be opened from Bitwig Studio preferences

- Since 3.0: Some modulation mapping didn't sound correct after duplicating a device

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