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Calibre (64-bit)

Calibre 64-bit はあなたの eBook コレクションを管理するためのプログラムです。 e-Library として機能し、フォーマット変換、eBook 変換へのニュースフィード、電子ブックリーダーの同期機能、統合された電子書籍ビューアも可能です.Calibre 特長:電子書籍コレクションの管理に時間を費やす Calibre’ ユーザーインターフェイスはできるだけシンプルに設...


What's new in this version:

- Added support of Kodi v19 style extrafanart (fanartX.ext)
- Added support of sorting in movie set/TV show tree #540
- Provide a filter for multi select combo boxes
- Added file name options for movie set artwork
- Added support for downloading TV show themes #825
- Added video bitrate to movie columns
- Added audio language filter
- Added subtitle language filter
- Major rework of the TV show renamer (cleanup of TV show related files)
- Added first aired date to the episode chooser
- Added the media source .WEB. to WEB-DL
- Added "decade" tokens to movie renamer
- Better movie title search (#1089)
- Add support for syncing MP2, FLAC and DTS-ES metadata to
- Enhanced visualization of the image chooser #1090
- Enhanced detection of container formats #1038
- Added more icons for media sources #1069
- Fetching 0.0 rated movies
- Detect 4 digit episode numbers
- Fixed TV show genre filter #1104
- Separated reload media information from rewriting the mediainfo.xml file #1105
- Skip data sources in "update data source" which are excluded in the settings
- Prevent a possible memory leak in the trailer downloader #1099
- Do not show missing seasons as shown #1102
- Added aac logo