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Cheat Engine 7.1

Cheat Engine は、シングルプレイヤーゲームを変更して、自分の好みに合わせて難易度を増やすことができるようにするためのオープンソースツールです(例:100hp が簡単すぎるのを見つけたら、最大 1 HP で試合を試してみてください)だけでなく、デバッグゲームや通常のアプリケーションでも役立つ便利なツールが含まれています.

ゲーム内で使用される変数をすばやくスキャンして変更できるようにするメモリスキャナが付属していますが、デバッガ、逆アセンブラ、 、スピードハック、トレーナーメーカー、ダイレクト 3D 操作ツール、システム検査ツールなどが含まれます。新しいユーザーの場合は、チュートリアル(Cheat Engine に付属のもの、インストール後にプログラムリストで見つけることができます) Cheat Engine.

の使用法の基本的な理解のためにステップ 5 に到達してください注:一部のアンチウイルスプログラムは、Cheat Engine の一部を誤ってトロイの木馬 / ウイルスとして拾い出します.

ファイルのバージョン Cheat Engine 7.1
ファイル名 CheatEngine71.exe
ファイルサイズ 21.9 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Dark Byte
更新時間 2020-04-22

What's new in this version:

Additions and changes:
- Added support for il2cpp (mono)
- Added support for .NET dll plugins
- Change register on breakpoint now also affects FP and XMM registers
- Added CEShare, a way to share your tables with other people
- Improved disassembling
- copy bytes+addresses now only does bytes+addresses
- call filter can now use the unwind data for functions to get a decent list of instructions
- structure dissect shows the pointerpath at the bottom
- Follow register while stepping (rightclick the register to show the option)
- registersymbol and label now support multiple definitions in one line
- improved the speed of the structure list when getting data from a pdb
- hexview: doubleclicking a non-byte value now shows in the type you set
- added sorting to the found code dialog
- added filtering to the changed addresses window
- the debugger settings won't lock from changing anymore, still needs you to reopen a process to have an affect
- added always hide children groupoption
- group headers can act as address now
- AA command createthreadandwait now has a timeout parameter
- Assembler scanning improvement
- Added an AVX2 version of CE, which will speed up all those floating point operations CE does so much...
- Improved structure lookup for PDB files
- Symbolhandler can now have the following types in front of pointers : (BYTE), (WORD), (DWORD), (QWORD), (CHAR), (SHORT), (INT), (INT64) to typecast the pointer to a value of that type
- Structure dissect can detect vc++ and object pascal classnames now
- Dissect code now also detects references to strings
- Sorting the addresslist now sorts faster and more properly with regards to groups (depends on the level your current selection is)
- Rightclick the addresslist header to bring up a menu which allows you to disable sorting
- Improved the processlist responsiveness
- The chosen floating point rounding type is now saved in the registry
- You can now use (addresslist description) as an address
- Improved autocomplete

- DBVM doesn't activate the TSC hook by default. You can still activate it by using dbvm_enableTSCHook()

- Fixed memoryleak when opening a file for hexediting again
- Fixed utf8 display of the dissect windows window
- Clear the taskbar progress when using a custom scan
- Hexview: Fixed changing the address when pressing a non char key
- Hexview: Fixed changing the address when doubleclicking and then canceling
- alloc with a prefered base is now more aggressive in getting the range you want
- fixed mono symbol lookup while dlls are still being loaded
- fixed the structure compare not giving a proper errormessage
- fixed improper error messages in structure dissect
- fixed opening process in XP
- fixed potential deadlock with the symbolhander
- fixed issue with using the process var as symbol
- fixed default form size for some windows when using high DPI
- fixed DBVM on systems that have the default MTRR set as 6 (e.g Asus systems)
- fixed DBVM find what accesses with large datasets

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