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dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 6.0.237

Mac、Windows、Linux 用の CloudMe Desktop Sync ソフトウェアは、CloudMe サービスをコンピュータに統合します。それは複数のフォルダの同期を可能にし、すべてのフォルダーを共有してアクセスします.

CloudMe はバックグラウンドで動作し、CloudMe と同期されたコンピューター上のローカルフォルダーを保持します。コンピュータのネイティブファイルマネージャを使用して同期されたフォルダを管理し、変更はデバイス間で反映されます。さらに、CloudMe は、他のデバイス、共有フォルダ、およびその後の WebShare で作成された同期フォルダへのアクセスを提供するユーザーインターフェイスを提供します。お使いのコンピュータに CloudMe をインストールすれば、フォローしているフォルダーについてのプッシュ通知も受信します.

CloudMe は、あなたの人生をより簡単にする安全なヨーロッパのサービスです。 CloudMe Desktop では、あなたのファイルがどこにあるのかを 2 度考えなくても、いつでもあなたと一緒にいることができます.

このサービスは、クラウドストレージとデータの同期を組み合わせて、モバイルカメラのロールをタブレットやテレビなどと同期させることができます。コンピュータとモバイルデバイス間でファイルを同期したり、友人や同僚とファイルを共有したり受信したりすることができます。 CloudMe は、ヨーロッパで第 1 位のクラウド / シンクストレージサービスであり、世界のほとんどの国で使用されています。私たちは、すべてのタイプのクライアントで安全で豊富な経験を提供しています.

顧客のデータのセキュリティとプライバシーは私たちの最優先事項です。 CloudMe は、ほとんどのクラウドストレージ企業とは対照的に、独自のデータセンターとハードウェアを運用し、運用しています。すべてスウェーデンの欧州連合(EU)内にあり、EU のプライバシーに関する法律によって保護されています.

CloudMe 機能:

必要なものはいつでも you
CloudMe はあなたの人生を少し楽にする安全なヨーロッパのサービスです。 CloudMe を使用すると、ファイルがどこにあるのかを二度考えなくても、いつでもあなたと共有することができます.

Collaborate and share privately
CloudMe は、友人やビジネスの知人とあなたが望むものを正確に共有することを可能にします。デスクトップフォルダで一緒に作業するか、フォルダを Web ページとして公開します.

CloudMe は、クラウドファイルサーバに従業員、サプライヤ、パートナー、顧客のための共有スペースを提供します。すべて会社によって管理されています。これはクラウド内のファイルサーバーのようなもので、データは企業アカウントに保存され、各従業員のアカウントには保存されませんでした.

EU 一般データ保護規則
EU 内の企業とその CEO または指定データコントローラーは誰に関係なくそれを引き起こした。米国のデータ転送を許可するためにプライバシーシールドのような免除を使用しても、違反の責任は取り除かれません。なぜリスクを冒すのですか? CloudMe は安全な GDPR に準拠した EU サービスであり、不要なリスクにさらされません.

Sync 選択的に必要なフォルダ
各コンピュータにどのフォルダが同期されているかを選択します。 CloudMe を使用すると、自分の仕事のコンピュータ上で個人的なものをすべて取得する必要はありません.


ファイルのバージョン dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 6.0.237
ファイル名 dbforgesql58pro.exe
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 CloudMe Team
更新日 https://www.cloudme.com
更新時間 2021-02-24

What's new in this version:

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 6.0.237
The DevOps Automation feature:
Now dbForge Studio for SQL Server takes part in DevOps Automation. On the start page, in the DevOps tab, added links to install the following plugins:
- Plugin for Jenkins
- Plugin for TeamCity
- Plugin for Azure DevOps
- Plugin for Bamboo
- PowerShell module that helps with organizing database DevOps processes for your SQL Server databases. It allows you to develop, source-control, and safely automate the deployment of database changes by using dbForge for SQL Server tools via the PowerShell interface.

Connectivity improvements:
- Heroku Cloud connectivity support
- Display of the SQL Server version when testing connection

Code Completion improvements:
- Column sensitivity classification information available in the completion list and Quick Info
- Support for statement: GRANT ALTER ANY SECURITY POLICY
- Support for statement: GRANT ALTER ANY COLUMN MASTER KEY
- Support for statement: CREATE/ALTER/DROP EXTERNAL LANGUAGE for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for the function PREDICT for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for CREATE USER for Azure SQL Database
- Expanded support for CREATE INDEX for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for CREATE EXTERNAL LIBRARY for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for ALTER DATABASE for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for ALTER TABLE for SQL server 2019
- Expanded support for ALTER EXTERNAL LIBRARY for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP for SQL server 2019
- Expanded support for DROP EXTERNAL RESOURCE POOL for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for DROP EXTERNAL LIBRARY for SQL Server 2019
- Expanded support for ACCELERATED_DATABASE_RECOVERY in ALTER DATABASE for SQL Server 2019
- Temporary tables suggestion
- OPENJSON objects suggestion
- Properties suggestion for built-in metadata functions
- Prompting hints names for the USE HINT option
- Prompting time zones in AT TIME ZONE
- Displaying MS_Description for SQL Azure database objects
- Prompting objects in the context of DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS
- New options suggestion for the ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION statement

- Code Refactoring improvements:
- Converting stored routines execution into a script
- Unwrapping dynamic SQL into parameterized queries
- Find Invalid Objects to get to know if any objects are referencing objects that have been dropped and no longer exist in the database

- Code Navigation improvements:
- Jump between CASE/END
- Jump between BEGIN TRY/END TRY
- Extend INSERT Highlight Occurrences feature to show a popup with the column name in the values area

- Code Execution improvements:
- Run a single script against multiple databases in parallel or serial mode
- Execution Warnings to warn of UPDATE or DELETE statements without a WHERE clause as well as TRUNCATE and DROP statements
- Export of execution history to CSV file format

SQL Formatter improvements:
- New formatting profiles introduced: Collapsed; Commas before; Compact; Extended; Indented; MSDN SQL; Right aligned; Stack compact
- Quick select formatting profile from context menu of SQL file

Data Editor improvements:
- Cached Updates Mode to defer posting updates to a table to a later time
- New Web view for Data Viewer
- Unified display of DATE in the Results Grid and Data Viewer
- Ability to customize colors for Data Viewer JSON view in the dark skin
- Export data from a data grid to the CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON formats
- Settings for the export data from a data grid to the CSV
- Copy data as CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON formats to clipboard as well as to a file
- Keyboard shortcut for the Apply Changes command

Data Export/Import improvements:
- Data Export/Import to Google Sheets
- Output Settings tab is added to Data Export Wizard
- Information about the export format is added to the Data Export Wizard header
- Remember the Save an Export Project checkbox value

Schema Compare improvements:
- Redesigned Progress Window for schema comparison and synchronization
- In-place SQL Formatting option for the text compare control
- Pre/Post-scripts execution tab in Schema Synchronization Wizard
- Append Timestamp to the File Name option in Schema Synchronization Wizard
- Colors for Modified, Added, and Deleted blocks are changed in the text compare control

Data Compare improvements:
- Redesigned Progress window for data comparison and synchronization
- Exclude newly added objects option in Data Compare Wizard
- Ignore Whitespaces option in Data Compare Wizard
- Tolerance Interval option in Data Compare Wizard
- Pre/Post-scripts execution tab in Data Synchronization Wizard
- Hide empty columns options for Only in Source and Only in Target view of Data Compare document

Data Generator improvements:
- Redesigned Progress Window for data generation
- Documenter improvements<
- Auto-line-break of long headings

Other improvements:
- Generate Script As for DML Commands
- Access to SQL Designer from the context menu is added
- Search for options is introduced
- Remember the size of the column properties window
- DevExpress controls updated to v20
- New vector HiDPI skins

User-reported and internal bug fixes:
- The "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow." issue is SQL Profiler (T310029)
- Unexpected exception occurred when generating data via the command line(T320298)
- The freeze when describing user database in Data Generator (T319445)
- Improved generation of data previews in the data generator for tables with composite indexes (T316409)
- Bug during generation of data preview in Data Import (T308286)
- Unexpected exception occurred during data generation for tables with circular dependencies (T278700)
- Improved object search. When editing a search query, a new search occurred according to the previous query (T304247)
- Changes to the Description field in the generated documentation were not saved in Documenter (T293113)
- Unexpected exception was thrown when opening any execution plan saved in SQL Server 2012 (T294320)
- Display of controls in dark skin in the table editor (T277001)
- Mapping settings when comparing data in backups (T323655)
- Critical parsing error (T312403)
- Error with displaying data in the Data Compare grid (T319144, T297723)
- Critical error with mapping when opening the data compare document (T306175)
- Error occurred in Comparison Wizard when connecting to TFS (T308893)
- Incorrect parsing of the FUNCTION parameters (T317519)
- An option to exclude versioned tables from comparison is added (T309869)
- Error with setting connection in the Script Folder creation form (T294568)
- Initial values were missing for SEQUENCE when retrieving DDL (T307257)
- Error with defining compatibility of the columnstore indexes when working with Azure SQL (T306938)
- Error with parsing DDL script of objects containing brackets (T303303)
- Script parsing error occurred (T283445)
- Incorrect synchronization script was generated when setting IDENTITY for the NOT NULL column (T275640)
- Data display in the Data Compare document (T268482)
- Generation of CREATE and CREATE OR ALTER scripts (T267680)
- Display of equal objects (T293657)
- The Insert Semicolons menu item put semicolons in wrong places making the script invalid (T323877)
- Incorrect behavior of the split/combined layout toggle when retrieving data for tables from Database Explorer (T318219)
- Code Completion did not suggest columns for table aliases (T304419, T305484)
- When selecting the dark color scheme and applying the dark mode in the Windows settings, the text in an SQL document remained black (T309895)
- The Edit.GotoBeginEnd command was missing from shortcuts configuration table
- Possible critical error after printing an SQL document (T317747)
- The Unexpected Object Already Exists errors were popping up frequently within the database objects editor (T304855)
- The procedure script was reformatted unexpectedly when trying to modify the latest (T304521)
- The multiline string was incorrectly highlighted within an SQL document
- The toolbar customizations are lost after restarting the program (T298461)
- The modify method for the XML data type was treated incorrectly by the syntax checker (T297890, T297936)
- Possible critical error within text comparison module when comparing database schemas (T297377, T297515, T297919, T298365, T298573,T302658, T304732, T305199, T305378, T305599, T306396, T309922)
- The FOR JSON clause was not allowed in the CURSOR statement (T289629, T320446, T314673)
- It was impossible to select multiple lines at once within an SQL document (T281370)
- The syntax checker did not accept user variables within the SEND statement (T283619)
- The syntax checker did not accept the FORCESEEK hint with the brackets
- Items in the completion list were scrolled by pixels but not rows, thus it was impossible to use mouse wheel for navigation (T280133)
- The formatter failed to process queries containing column aliases defined via the 'alias = column' syntax
- The Alt + R accelerator in the Find and Replace window did not work (T270967)
- The JSON_QUERY was not recognized correctly by the syntax checker (T266900)
- Incorrect statement was highlighted with the error marker when profiling specific statements (T264205)
- The WHERE keyword was not highlighted in case the JOIN condition was incomplete (T263709)
- Improved generation of DDL script of a trigger for the Modify command in Database Explorer (T318082)
- Error with defining the server version in (T309862, T309689)
- Description of the Schema Export options is improved (T313400)
- Error occurred when updating the values of the joined tables in Data Editor (Modif298178)
- Behavior with the window focus when executing queries in SQL document is tweaked (T294116)
- Error occurred when opening the Database Diagram file in the previous version (T294212)
- The work of the Filter Editor window in Data Editor is tweaked (T276373)
- Support for the SSDT folder structure in Script Folder and Source Control (T251625)
- Issue with connecting to the cloud Git repositories (T306465)
- Error when working with a SEQUENCE with large values (T281220)
- Improved performance when displaying data with a large number of columns (T283046, T289442)
- Formatting was disabled when generating the script objects script
- Error when executing SELECT queries with the FOR JSON clause (T244543, T264914, T272571)

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 5.8.127
Bug fixes:
- Problem with Generate Script As on SQL Server 2019 is fixed
- Problem with connecting to azure managed instance is fixed
- Problem with freezing on refresh Source Folder is fixed
- Problem with displaying comperison result is fixed
- Other User-reported bugs are fixed

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 5.8.107
Data Compare improvements:
- Redesigned data compare control
- Redesigned data comparison report window
- Redesigned data comparison report in CSV

Schema Compare improvements:
- Object filter
- Redesigned objects text diff control
- Redesigned schema comparison report window
- Redesigned schema comparison report in HTML

User reported bug fixes:
- Problem with execution of push command is fixed
- Problem with virtual relation on database diagram is fixed
- Problem with constraint renaming is fixed
- Problem with data view in data editor is fixed
- Other user reported bugs are fixed

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 5.7.99
Fixed bugs:
- Problems with data refreshing in data editor are fixed
- NRE in view editor is fixed

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 5.7.98
- Problem with connecting to GIT using proxy is resolved
- Problems with incorrect query generation are fixed
- Problem with procedure creating in the editor is fixed
- Problems with conneting to repository are fixed
- Problems with parser error are fixed
- Problems with opening database diagram are fixed
- Problems with saving changes when modifying an object in the object editor are fixed
- Other user reported bugs are fixed

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 5.7.31

- Support for the Active Directory - Universal with MFA authentication

Schema & Data Compare:
- Comparison performance improved dramatically

User reported bug fixes:
- Problem with column order is fixed
- Problem with wrong error messages is fixed
- Problem with lost user shortcuts is fixed
- Problem with check constraints is fixed
- Problems with drag and drop several tables to diagram are fixed

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 5.6.104
Bugs fixed:
- Problems with a virtual relation on a database diagram
- Problem with the connection to Azure
- Problem with mapping a foreign key on a database diagram
- Problem with shortcuts
- Problem with wrong differences after data comparing

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Professional 5.6.62
SQL Server support:
- Connectivity support for SQL Server 2019
- Lots of Azure improvements implemented

Data Generator
- Foreign Key Generator for a group of unique table columns

Source Control:
- Support for TFS 2018

User reported bug fixes:
- Synchronization issue using command line is fixed
- Problem with false different records is fixed
- Problem with view renaming is fixed
- Problem with script generating for system-versioned table is fixed
- Problem with connect to TFS is fixed
- Problem with inserting data in data editor is fixed
- Problem with editing table structure is fixed
- Problem with renaming file for data export to CSV is fixed
- Problem with documentation generation is fixed
- Problem with object duplicate is fixed
- Problems with activation are fixed
- Other user reported bugs are fixed

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Profesional 5.5.369
- Problem with popup menu in database explorer is fixed

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