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GitHub Desktop 1.5.1

GitHub Desktop は、GitHub と GitHub Enterprise でプロジェクトに貢献するシームレスな方法です。 GitHub Desktop では、開発者はブランチの同期、リポジトリのクローニングなどを行うことができます。プルリクエスト、マージボタン、フォークキュー、問題、ページ、wiki:共有を容易にするすばらしい機能。しかし、コードを GitHub.

GitHub Desktop にプッシュしただけで、これらのことは素晴らしいものになります。特徴:


ブランチから既存のリポジトリを直接クローンする off
GitHub 上で変更を提案してコードをレビューするにはブランチが不可欠であり、常に利用可能ですリポジトリビューの左上隅に表示されます。現在のブランチを選択してブランチを切り替えたり、新しいブランチを作成したりするだけです.

Craft perfect commit
コミットされていない変更を表示し、変更を行うファイルや特定の行を選択して完全なコミットを作成してください。要約と説明を入力してから commit.

同期ボタンは GitHub に変更をプッシュし、他の変更を 1 回の操作でプルダウンします。それは、あなたが押していない変更があるとき、または GitHub に新しい変更があることを知らせます.

Windows 用の GitHub Desktop にリポジトリを追加すると、自動的にあなたが所属する組織に。リポジトリを からプルダウンしたいですか?ウェブサイトのボタンを確認してください.

Powerfully simple branching
ブランチは Git の優れた機能の 1 つです。リモートブランチを試したり、新しいブランチを作成したり、ブランチを公開して他の人と分かち合いましょう。

注:マイクロソフトが必要です。 NET Framework 4.0 をインストールするには、GitHub account.

Also が利用可能です。ダウンロード:GitHub Desktop for Mac

ファイルのバージョン GitHub Desktop 1.5.1
ファイル名 GitHubDesktopSetup.msi
ファイルサイズ 77.2 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 GitHub, Inc.
更新時間 2018-12-20

What's new in this version:

GitHub Desktop 1.5.1

- Provide keyboard shortcut for getting to commit summary field
- Add hover states on list items and tabs
- Add Dockerfile syntax highlighting
- Support Visual SlickEdit as an external editor

- Allow repositories to be cloned to empty folders
- Prevent creating branch with detached HEAD from reverting to default branch
- Fix "Open In External Editor" for Atom/VS Code on Windows when paths contain spaces
- Persist Branch List and Pull Request List filter text
- Retain renamed branches position in recent branches list
- Prevent avatar duplication when user is co-author and committer
- Provide keyboard selection for the "Clone a Repository" dialog
- Close License & Open Source Notices dialog upon pressing "Enter" in dialog
- Dismiss "Merge into Branch" dialog with escape key
- Focus branch selector when comparing to branch from menu
- Reverse fold/unfold icons for expand/collapse commit summary

- Allow toggling between diff modes
- Show focus around full input field
- Make lists scroll to bring selected items into view
- Consistently order the options for adding a repository
- Clear merge conflicts banner after there are no more conflicted files

GitHub Desktop 1.5.0

- Clone, create, or add repositories right from the repository dropdown
- Drag-and-drop to add local repositories from macOS tray icon

- Resolve merge conflicts through a guided flow
- Allow merging branches directly from branch dropdown
- Commit file list now has "Copy File Path" context menu action
- Keyboard shortcut for "Rename Branch" menu item
- Notify users when a merge is successfully completed

- "Compare on GitHub" menu item enabled when no repository is selected
- Diff viewer blocks keyboard navigation using reverse tab order
- Launching Desktop from browser always asks to clone repository
- ish dialog displayed on push when repository is already published

- "Publish Repository" dialog handles emoji characters
- Avoid repository checks when no path is specified in "Create Repository" dialog
- Clarify the direction of merging branches
- Default commit summary more explanatory and consistent with
- Display a more informative message on merge dialog when branch is up to date
- Getting a repository's status only blocks other operations when absolutely necessary
- Display current branch in header of merge dialog
- Sanitize repository name before publishing to GitHub
- Show the branch name in "Update From Default Branch" menu item
- Update license and .gitignore templates for initializing a new repository

GitHub Desktop 1.4.3

- Add "Remove Repository" keyboard shortcut
- Add keyboard shortcut to delete a branch

- Emoji autocomplete not rendering in some situations
- Release notes text overflowing dialog box

- Support Python 3 in Desktop CLI on macOS
- Avoid unnecessarily reloading commit history
- Publish Branch dialog will publish commits when pressing Enter

GitHub Desktop 1.4.2
- Update embedded Git to Desktop to use version 2.19.1 of Git

GitHub Desktop 1.4.1

- Support for opening repository in Cygwin terminal

- 'Compare to Branch' menu item not disabled when modal is open
- Co-author form does not show/hide for newly-added repository
- Desktop command line always suffixes `.git` to URL when starting a clone
- Dialog styling issue for dark theme users on Windows
- No message shown when filter returns no results in Clone Repository view

- Branch names cannot start with a '+' character
- Clone dialog re-runs filesystem check when re-focusing on Desktop
- Commit disabled when commit summary is only spaces
- Commit summary expander sometimes shown when not needed
- Error handling when looking for merge base of a missing ref
- Warning if branch exists on remote when creating branch

GitHub Desktop 1.4.0

- When an update is available for GitHub Desktop, release notes can be viewed in Desktop
- Detect merge conflicts when comparing branches

- Avoid double checkout warning when opening a pull request in Desktop
- Error when publishing repository is now associated with the right tab
- Disable affected menu items when on detached HEAD
- Show border when commit description is expanded
- GitLab URL which corresponds to GitHub repository of same name cloned GitHub repository
- Caret in co-author selector is hidden when dark theme enabled
- Authenticating to GitHub Enterprise fails when user has no emails defined

- Avoid multiple lookups of default remote

GitHub Desktop 1.3.5

- Disable delete button while deleting a branch
- History now avoids calling log.showSignature if set in config
- Start blocking the ability to add local bare repositories
- Revert workaround for tooltip issue on Windows

- Error message when publishing to missing organisation
- Don't hide commit details when commit description is expanded

GitHub Desktop 1.3.4

- Cloning message uses remote repo name not file destination
- Support VSCode user scope installation

GitHub Desktop 1.3.3

- Maximize and restore app on Windows does not fill available space
- 'Clone repository' menu item label is obscured on Windows
- User can toggle files when commit is in progress

- Repository indicator background work

GitHub Desktop 1.3.2
- Change log not available for this version

GitHub Desktop 1.3.1
- Change log not available for this version

GitHub Desktop 1.2.6
- Fixed: Visual indicator for upcoming feature should not be shown

GitHub Desktop 1.2.5
- Fixed: Feature flag for upcoming feature not applied correctly

GitHub Desktop 1.2.4

- Dark Theme preview

- Syntax highlighting for Cake files
- WebStorm support for macOS

- Compare tab appends older commits when scrolling to bottom of list
- Remove temporary directory after Git LFS operation completes
- Unable to compare when two branches exist
- Unhandled errors when refreshing pull requests fails

- Remove context menu needs to hint if a dialog will be shown
- Upgrade embedded Git LFS
- Update banner message clarifies that only Desktop needs to be restarted
- Discard Changes context menu entry should contain ellipses when user needs to confirm
- Initializing syntax highlighting components
- Only show overflow shadow when description overflows
- Changes tab displays number of changed files instead of dot

GitHub Desktop 1.2.3

- No autocomplete when searching for co-authors
- Error when checking out a PR from a fork

GitHub Desktop 1.2.2

- Make cURL/schannel default to using the Windows certificate store
- Restore text selection highlighting in diff

GitHub Desktop 1.2.1

- Brackets support for macOS
- Pull request number and author are included in fuzzy-find filtering

- Decreased the max line length limit
- Updated embedded Git to 2.17.1 to address upstream security issue

- Display the difference in file size of an image in the diff view

GitHub Desktop 1.1.1

- Render WebP images in diffs

- Edit context menus in commit form input elements
- Escape behavior for Pull Request list does not match Branch List
- Keep caret position after inserting completion for emoji/mention
- Handle error events when watching files used to get Git LFS output
- Potential race condition when opening a fork pull request
- Show placeholder image when no pull requests found
- Disable commit summary and description inputs while commit in progress
- Ensure pull request cache is cleared after last pull request merged
- Focus two-factor authentication dialog on input
- Branches button no longer disabled while on an unborn branch
- Delete gitignore file when all entries cleared in Repository Settings
- Add visual indicator that a folder can be dropped on Desktop

- Attempt to focus the application window on macOS after signing in via the browser
- Refresh issues when user manually fetches

- Add `Discard All Changes...` to context menu on changed file list
- Improve contrast for button labels in app toolbar
- Speed up check for submodules when discarding
- Make keychain known issue more clear within Desktop
- Continue past the 'diff too large' message and view the diff
- Repository association might not have expected prefix
- Add message to gitignore dialog when not on default branch
- Hide Desktop-specific forks in Branch List
- Disregard accidental whitespace when cloning a repository by URL
- Show alert icon in repository list when repository not found on disk
- Repository list now closes after removing last repository
- Move forget password link after the password dialog to match expected tab order
- More descriptive text in repository toolbar button when no repositories are tracked
- Context menu in Changes tab now supports opening file in your preferred editor

GitHub Desktop 1.1.0

- Check out pull requests from collaborators or forks from within Desktop
- View the commit status of the branch when it has an open pull request

- Add RubyMine support for macOS
- Add TextMate support for macOS
- Syntax highlighting for Elixir files

- Update layout of branch blankslate image
- Expanded avatar stack in commit summary gets cut off
- Clear repository filter when switching tabs
- Avoid crash when unable to launch shell
- Ensure renames are detected when viewing commit diffs
- Fetch default remote if it differs from the current
- Handle Git errors when .gitmodules are malformed
- Handle error when "where" is not on PATH
- Ignore action assumes CRLF when core.autocrlf is unset
- Prevent duplicate entries in co-author autocomplete list
- Renames not detected when viewing commit diffs
- Support legacy usernames as co-authors

- Update branch button text from "New" to "New Branch"
- Add fuzzy search in the repository, branch, PR, and clone FilterLists
- Tidy up commit summary and description layout in commit list
- Use smaller default size when rendering Gravatar avatars
- Show fetch progress when initializing remote for fork
- Remove references to Hubot from the user setup page
- Error handling around ENOENT
- Clear repository filter text when switching tabs
- Allow window to accept single click on focus
- Disable drag-and-drop interaction when a popup is in the foreground

GitHub Desktop 1.0.13

- Commit together with co-authors
- PhpStorm is now a supported external editor on macOS
- Update embedded Git to 2.16.1

- Blank slate view is now more responsive when zoomed
- Documentation fix for Open in Shell resource
- Improved error handling for Linux

- Allow links in unexpanded summary to be clickable
- Update Electron to 1.7.11 to address security issue
- Allow double dashes in branch name
- Sort the organization list
- Check out PRs from a fork
- Confirm deleting branch when it has an open PR
- Defer user/email validation in Preferences
- Checkout progress did not include branch name
- Don't block branch switching when in detached HEAD
- Handle discarding submodule changes properly
- Show tooltip with additional info about the build status
- Update placeholders to support Linux distributions
- Refresh local commit list when switching tabs

GitHub Desktop 1.0.12

- Syntax highlighting for Rust files
- Syntax highlighting for Clojure cljc, cljs, and edn files

- Prevent creating a branch in the middle of a merge
- Truncate long repo names in panes and modals to fit into a single line
- Keyboard navigation support in pull request list

- Inconsistent caret behavior in text boxes when using certain keyboard layouts
- Only render the organizations list when it has orgs
- Checkout now handles situations where a ref exists on multiple remotes
- Retain accounts on desktop when losing connectivity
- Missing argument in FullScreenInfo that could prevent app from launching

GitHub Desktop 1.0.11

- Highlight substring matches in the "Branches" and "Repositories" list when filtering
- Add preview for ico files
- Fallback to Gravatar for loading avatars
- Provide syntax highlighting for Visual Studio project files
- Provide syntax highlighting for F# fsx and fsi files
- Provide syntax highlighting for Kotlin files
- Provide syntax highlighting for Clojure

- Toggle the "Repository List" from the menu
- Prevent saving of disallowed character strings for your name and email
- Error messages now appear at the top of the "Create a New Repository" dialog
- "Repository List" header is now "" for consistency
- Rename the "Install Update" button to "Quit and Install Update"

- Fix ordering of commit history when your branch and tracking branch have both changed
- Prevent creating a branch that starts with a period
- Branch names are properly encoded when creating a pull request
- Re-enable all the menu items after closing a popup
- Removes option to delete remote branch after it's been deleted
- Windows: Detects available editors and shells now works even when the group policy blocks write registry access
- Windows: Menu items are no longer truncated
- Windows: Prevent disabled menu items from being accessed

GitHub Desktop 1.0.10

- ColdFusion Builder is now a supported external editor
- VSCode Insiders build is now a supported external editor
- BBEdit is now a supported external editor
- Hyper is now a supported shell on Windows too
- Swift is now syntax highlighted
- Vue.js is now syntax highlighted
- CoffeeScript is now syntax highlighted
- Cypher is now syntax highlighted
- .hpp is now syntax highlighted as C++
- ML-like languages are now syntax highlighted
- Objective-C is now syntax highlighted
- SQL is now syntax highlighted

- Better message on the 'Publish Branch' button when HEAD is unborn
- Better error message when trying to push to an archived repository
- Avoid excessive background fetching when switching repositories
- Ignore menu events sent when a modal is shown

- Parse changed files whose paths include a newline - #3271
- Parse file type changes
- Windows: 'Open without Git' would present the dialog again instead of actually opening a shell without git
- Avoid text selection when dragging resizable dividers
- Windows: Removed the title attribute on the Windows buttons so that they no longer leave their tooltips hanging around
- Windows: Detect VS Code when installed to non-standard locations
- Hitting Return would select the first item in a filter list when the filter text was empty
- Add some missing keyboard shortcuts
- Handle "304 Not Modified" responses
- Don't overwrite an existing .gitattributes when creating a new repository

GitHub Desktop 1.0.9

- ColdFusion Builder is now available as an option for External Editor
- Swift code is now syntax highlighted

- Better message on the 'Publish Branch' button when HEAD is unborn
- Better error message when trying to push to an archived repository

- Parse changed files whose paths include a newline
- Parse file type changes
- Windows: 'Open without Git' would present the dialog again instead of actually opening a shell without git
- Avoid text selection when dragging resizable dividers

GitHub Desktop 1.0.8

- Crash when rendering diffs for certain types of files
- Continually being prompted to add the upstream remote, even when it already exists

GitHub Desktop 1.0.7

- Syntax highlighted diffs
- Add upstream to forked repositories

- Only reset scale of title bar on macOS
- Filter symbolic refs in the branch list
- Address path issue with invoking Git Bash
- Update embedded Git to support repository hooks and better error messages
- Provide credentials to LFS repositories when performing checkout
- Assorted changelog typos

GitHub Desktop 1.0.6

- The Branches list wouldn't display the branches for non-GitHub repositories
- Pushing or pulling could error when the temp directory was unavailable

GitHub Desktop 1.0.5

- The command line interface now provides some helpful help!
- Create new branches from the Branches foldout
- Add support for VSCode Insiders
- Linx: Add Atom and Sublime Text support
- Linux: Tilix support
- Linux: Add Visual Studio Code support

- Report errors when a problem occurs storing tokens
- Bump to Git 2.14.3
- Don't try to display diffs that could cause the app to hang
- Handle local user accounts with URL-hostile characters
- Cloning a repository which uses Git LFS would leave all the files appearing modified
- Signing in in the Welcome flow could hang
- Properly replace old Git LFS configuration values

GitHub Desktop 1.0.4

- Report Git LFS progress when cloning, pushing, pulling, or reverting

- Increased diff contrast and and line gutter selection
- Clarify why publishing a branch is disabled in various scenarios
- Improved error message when installing the command Line tool fails
- Improved Format the branch name in "Create Branch" like we format branch names elsewhere

- Avatars not updating after signing in
- Lots of bugs if there was a file named "HEAD" in the repository
- Handle duplicate config values when saving and
- The "Create without pushing" button when creating a new pull request wouldn't actually do anything

GitHub Desktop 1.0.3

- Increase the contrast of the modified file status octicons

- Showing changed files in Finder/Explorer would open the file
- Cloning an empty repository would fail
- Catch logging exceptions

GitHub Desktop 1.0.2

- Better message for GitHub Enterprise users when there is a network error
- Clone error message now suggests networking might be involved
- Include push/pull progress information in the push/pull button tooltip
- Allow publishing a brand new, empty repository
- Make file paths in lists selectable

- Disable LFS hook creation when cloning
- Use the new URL for the "Show User Guides" menu item
- Make the SHA selectable when viewing commit details
- Windows: Make `github` CLI work in Git Bash
- Use the initial path provided when creating a new repository
- Windows: Avoid long path limits when discarding changes
- Files would get deleted when undoing the first commit
- Find the repository root before adding it
- Display warning about an existing folder before cloning
- Show contents of directory when showing a repository from Show in Explorer/Finder instead of showing the parent

GitHub Desktop 1.0.1

- Message for GitHub Enterprise users when there is a network error

- Disable LFS hook creation when cloning
- Use the new URL for the "Show User Guides" menu item
- Make the SHA selectable when viewing commit details
- Windows: Make `github` CLI work in Git Bash

GitHub Desktop 1.0.0

Simple Changelog:
- Use the loading/disabled state while publishing
- Lock down menu item states for unborn repositories
- Windows: Detecting the available shells and editors when using a language other than English

Image diffs:
- Easily compare changed images. See the before and after, swipe or fade between the two, or look at just the changed parts.
- @mathieudutour implemented image diffs for Kactus, a design review tool forked off GitHub Desktop. Then he was kind enough to submit the work back upstream to us!

Faster cloning:
- See all your repositories and clone them with the click of a button. Git LFS assets download in parallel for even faster cloning.

Editors and terminals:
- Open your favorite editor or shell from the app, or jump back to GitHub Desktop from your shell. GitHub Desktop is your springboard for work.

- GitHub Desktop works with GitHub Enterprise. Log in to your GitHub Enterprise server, clone, commit, push, and pull. Whether you're working on a personal or company project, GitHub Desktop is here to help.

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