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Visual Paradigm Community Edition 16.1 (64-bit)

HandBrake 64-bit は、ほぼすべてのフォーマットのビデオファイルを、幅広くサポートされている最新のコーデックに変換する、フリーでオープンソースのツールです。 iPhone、iPad、Apple TV、Android 搭載の携帯電話、Android テーブルなどのあらゆるバージョンを含む、さまざまなデバイスで再生できるように、カメラの動画を簡単に準備することができます。もちろん、アプリケーションは、あなたの DVD から MPEG- 4 形式のファイルに変換することによって、DVD から映画のすべての時間トランスファの最も普及したビデオ変換プロセスの 1 つを完全にサポートします。ビデオコーデック、品質とフレームレート、オーディオコーデック、ミックスダウン、サンプリング周波数レート、およびビットレートを設定するだけでなく、多くの素晴らしいビデオフィルタ(グレースケール、デチレシス、デノム、デインターレース、ノイズ除去、デブロック)を適用することができます.

HandBrake は、このアプリを短命の BeOS オペレーティングシステム専用に作った Eric Petit が、Windows、MacOS、Linux(Ubuntu)に移植した直後だった。プチは 2006 年までアプリの開発を積極的に続けていましたが、そのコミュニティがアップデートを継続できるようにしました(元々は MediaFork という名前で作られましたが、後に Handbrake に改名されました).

今日、 Handbrake 64 ビットは、市場で最も人気のあるビデオ変換プログラムの 1 つであり、変換プロセスを簡単かつ直感的にする多くの機能をサポートしています。 Handbrake はまだ 100%無料であり、定期的にアップデートすることで、現在市場で普及しているすべてのビデオおよびオーディオコーデックに対応できるようになっています.

Handbrake を愛すると思う理由のいくつか:

Built-in デバイスプリセット
デバイスに最適化されたプロファイルを選択して HandBrake を数秒で起動するか、標準または高品質の変換用にユニバーサルプロファイルを選択します。簡単、簡単、高速です。より多くの選択をしたい場合は、エンコードを改善するための多くの基本的なオプションと高度なオプションを調整してください.

Handbrake は、一般的なマルチメディアファイルと、コピープロテクトのない DVD または BluRay ソースを処理できます.

ファイルコンテナ: .M4V)、.MKV ビデオエンコーダー:H.264(x264)、MPEG-4、MPEG-2(libav)、Theora(libtheora)オーディオエンコーダー:AAC、CoreAudio AAC / HE-AAC(OS X のみ)、MP3 、Flac、AC3、Vorbis オーディオパススルー:AC-3、DTS、DTS-HD、AAC、MP3 トラックさらに多くの機能
タイトル / チャプター選択複数のエンコード待ちチャプターマーカー字幕(VobSub、クローズドキャプション CEA-608、SSA 、SRT)VFR、CFR、VFR ビデオフィルタの一定品質または平均ビットレートビデオエンコーディングのサポート:デインタレース、デコンビュート、デセルカイン、デブロック、グレースケール、クロッピングおよびスケーリングライブビデオプレビュー注:.NET Framework.

も利用可能:HandBrake をダウンロード Mac

ファイルのバージョン Visual Paradigm Community Edition 16.1 (64-bit)
ファイル名 Visual_Paradigm_CE_Win64.exe
ファイルサイズ 662 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Handbrake Team
更新時間 2020-05-05

What's new in this version:

Visual Paradigm Community Edition 16.1 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Visual Paradigm Community Edition 16.0 (64-bit)
Large-Scale Scrum Canvas:
- Large-Scale Scrum Canvas is a scrum tool built for every scrum team to plan, track and manage scrum projects through an intuitive visual canvas. Whether your software project involves a single team or multiple teams around the world, we keep everyone on the same page, same canvas.

Navigate project with ease:
- Manage product backlog, sprint planning, impediment, daily scrum, sprint review and other Scrum events and artifacts from within the same place - the Large-Scale Scrum canvas
- Works for any scale projects
- Dedicated canvas for every Scrum team to access the project and sprint details relevant. The canvas is designed to help make large-scale development efficient

Improve communication:
- Effectively communicate ideas the with documents generated from the information gathered under work items
- To use this feature, select Agile > Large-Scale Scrum Canvas from the toolbar
- LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum), is a trademark of The LeSS Company B.V

Form Builder - Design Your Forms:
- We support your data collection needs by introducing a new form builder that is feature-rich and intuitive. You can create your own forms using our drag-and-drop form builder that has all the layout tools, form fields and flexibility you need. Choose from a vast collection of form templates to create registration forms, order forms, feedback forms and more

Drag-and-drop form designer:
- Drag the fields you need and drop them on the form editor. Drag to move fields and adjust layout. Form building is simple and intuitive.

Rich collection of form objects:
- A rich set of fields is there to support both standard and advanced form design needs - text, image, choices, boolean, separator, etc.

Flexible layout:
- Easily adjust the ratio of fields through dragging the slider between fields. The result will reflect instantly as you drag.
- You can create a Form through the New Diagram window.
- Form sharing and data collectors

Share your form with your target audiences via a secure link or embed it into a page on your website:
- Web link: share your form via a secure link. We host your forms and help you collect the data you need to get business done.

Embedded code:
- An engaging form on your website is a great way to collect the information you need from your target audiences. You can embed your form seamlessly into a page on your website to collect data

Form Builder - Form Data Browser:
- Collected data can be viewed in a summary table or directly in the form editor. You can also export data in CSV format.
- Brosing form results

Quality control toolset:
- Quality control experts make use of the so-called "7 Basic Tools of Quality" to improve their organizations as part of an overall quality control effort. The 7 tools are graphing techniques that are commonly used for quality control troubleshooting purposes. Visual Paradigm features these 7 tools, along with a unique dashboard-like feature that helps you manage the use of these tools in different quality initiatives.
- 3 new chart makers for quality initiatives
- Our quality control toolset is enhanced to support three new chart types. Together with our flowchart maker, check sheet tool, scatter chart maker and cause and effect diagram tool, you can now perform quality with the help of all the 7 basic quality tools

Pareto Chart:
- Pareto Chart is a combination of bar chart and line chart, where individual values are represented in descending order by bars, and the cumulative total is represented by the line

Control Chart:
- Control Chart helps in studying whether a process is in control or not. In a Control Chart, process mean is plotted at center and the upper and lower control limits are plotted on both sides of it. The values lying outside the control limits indicate that the process is out of control

- Histogram is a kind of bar chart that shows the distribution pattern of data. Histograms are useful in studying patterns of distribution and in drawing conclusions about the process based on the pattern

Quality Control Canvas:
- Quality Control Canvas is a management tool that helps you manage your charts and diagrams created for quality initiatives. The canvas provides you with direct access to the various quality tools such as flowchart, control chart, cause and effect diagram, pareto chart, etc. You can simply click on a tool to start creating your chart and diagram

Dashboard of quality tools:
- Access to all the seven quality tools within the same place - the canvas. You don't have to move between pages and applications to find the tool you need

Keep all your works in one place:
- Each item in the canvas stores all the charts in same type, which makes it easy for you and your colleague to access your work

Intuitive chart editor:
- Easily input your data in a spreadsheet editor. The chart preview enables you to view the result instantly as you input your data.
To use this feature, select Tools > Quality Control from the toolbar.

Multiple templates to fit different quality initiatives:
- Multiple quality control templates are provided to support the different kinds of quality control needs

7 Basic Quality Tools:
- The 7 Basic QC Tools QC template provides quick access to the seven simple yet effective "tools of Improvement" suggested by Kaoru Ishikawa, one of the quality management gurus. The tools are widely used as visual problem-solving tool and as general management tools in design and delivery processes

Six Sigma (DMAIC):
- Six Sigma is an organization-wide approach used to specify how organization managers set up and achieve objectives. Six Sigma prescribes an improvement process called DMAIC. The DMAIC QC template visualizes the classification of different quality tools in the Six Sigma methodology.

- The PDCA-cycle is popular management method used for the continuous improvement of business processes and products. The PDCA QC template visualizes the use of quality tools in realizing continuous improvements throughout a PDCA cycle.
- Visualize your business model in a nice one-page canvas. The latest version of Visual Paradigm features an intuitive Business Model Canvas editor for you to build your Business Model Canvas quickly.

Business Model Canvas:
- You can create a Business Model Canvas through the New Diagram window
- Business Model Canvas is designed by
- The Business Model Canvas is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
- Rich collection of professionally designed template
- Create your own Business Model Canvas with our pre-developed templates. No matter what niche you are in, you will be able to find a template that fits your need well. While you can use them all as they are, feel free to add your personal touch and customize them

- Basic
- Basic (Iconless)
- Basic (Watermark)
- Basic (Bullet Points)
- Icy
- Green Bean
- Blueberry
- Strawberry
- Elegant
- Navy
- Vibrant
- Bricks
- Lemon Tea
- Turquoise
- Wasabi
- Grapes
- Summer Fiesta
- Latte
- Light
- Traveling
- Blackboard
- Categorized

Analysis Canvas Tool - Build Your Own Canvas:
- If you want a way to capture and organize your ideas, then an analysis canvas is a useful, quick and easy way to do so. Categorize your ideas by splitting a canvas into multiple partitions. Add memo and sticky notes into the partitions to describe your ideas. Publish the canvas online and share it with your co-workers, partners and friends. Visual Paradigm provides a convenient Analysis Canvas tool that helps you achieve all these.

Analysis Canvas Tool:
Build your Analysis Canvas with ease:
- Build your canvas with ease
- Start from a pre-defined template or from scratch. Structure your ideas into different partitions with simple steps. Adjust the cell size by dragging the splitter.

Rich collection of memo and sticky notes:
- Jot your thoughts and ideas down onto the canvas as they develop and grow, using sticky notes and memos. A rich collection of notes and memos is provided. They have different looks and colors that serve and fit different needs and preferences.

100+ pre-designed Analysis Canvas templates:
- Over 100 professionally designed Analysis Canvas templates with ready-to-use layouts and icons are available. They serve as good starting points for you to build your own canvas
- 4 Quarters Canvas
- Contract Canvas
- 12 Months Canvas
- 4: Retrospective Canvas
- Personal Agility Canvas
- User Story Conversation
- Agile Sprint Rpt. Canvas
- Basic Kanban Canvas
- Milestone Mgmt. Def.
- Lean Change Canvas
- Project Canvas
- Project Canvas II
- Project Kick-Off Canvas
- Maker Project Canvas
- Program Canvas
- Change Mgmt. Canvas
- Behavior Change Canvas
- Data Canvas
- Project Charter Canvas
- Business Model Zen
- Business Model Archit.
- GovTech Business Model
- Open Business Model
- Business Model Inno.
- Universal Business Mdl.
- Mobile Application
- Partnership Canvas
- Partnership Match
- Elevator Canvas
- Service Model Canvas
- Co-creation Canvas
- Storytelling Product
- Process Model Canvas
- Digital Policy Model
- Context Map Canvas
- SAAS Business Canvas
- Operating Model Canvas
- Value Model Canvas
- Enterprise Design
- Business Support
- Business Pivot Canvas
- Outcome Based Map
- Social Business Model
- Business Analysis
- Ideation Canvas
- Universal Prob. Solving
- Kanban Canvas v1.0
- Go-Product Roadmap
- Product Development
- Product Management
- Hardware Product
- Minimum Viable Canvas
- Product Design Canvas
- Game Design Canvas
- 1-Page Game Design
- Design Thinking Venture
- Prototype Canvas
- Timebound Project
- Requirements Discovery
- User-Centered Design
- Platform Value Canvas
- Platform Idea Canvas
- Focused Innovation
- Open Innovation Project
- Innovation Project
- Employer Branding
- Product/Market Fit
- Customer-Value Canvas
- Strategic Partnership
- Digital Strategy Canvas
- Mission Model Canvas
- Core Story Canvas
- Cloud Strategy Canvas
- Product Vision Board
- Product Vision Board (Ext)
- Life Model Canvas
- Social Lean Canvas
- SWOT Canvas
- Opportunity Analysis Canvas
- Startup Analysis Canvas
- Startup Canvas
- Startup Marketing
- Market Analysis Canvas
- Disruption
- Deep Learning AI Canvas
- Experience Canvas
- Machine Learning
- Learning Ecosystem
- Consupremo API Canvas
- MVP Canvas
- Personal Impact Canvas
- Full Time Living Inno.
- LernOS Canvas
- Course Design Canvas
- HR Innovation Canvas
- Collaborative Creativity
- Employee Experience
- Team Canvas Basic
- Role Expectation Map
- Healthcare Lean Canvas
- Feedback Canvas
- Process Connector

- No more process silos! Manage your enterprise, business and IT processes with our all-round process management tools, and have they integrated using Process Connector. Process Connector provides process designers an option to establish a navigable linkage from one process to another. No matter you are working on Guide-Through process like TOGAF ADM Guide-Through, Just-in-Time process like PMBOK Just-in-Time or Process Canvas like Scrum Process Canvas, you can connect them using Process Connector.
- To use Process Connector, unlock your Guide-Through Process / Just-in-Time Process / Process Canvas to enter editing / authoring mode.

30+ new online diagrams:
- 30+ new types of diagram have be added into Visual Paradigm since V.15.2 ranging from software design, business design, UX design, flowcharting, quality control, mind mapping, cloud architecture design, and to decision analysis, etc. You want even more new types of diagram to fit your specific need? No problem! Simply suggest them in the User Forum

30+ new online diagrams:
- Software and business design
- Enterprise Integration Patterns diagram tool
- Enterprise Integration Patterns
- System context diagram tool
- System context diagram
- Arrow diagram software
- Arrow diagram
- Problem flow diagram tool
- Problem flow diagram
- Information flow diagram software
- Information flow diagram
- Affinity diagram tool
- Affinity diagram
- Interrelationship diagram tool
- Interrelationship diagram
- Causal loop diagram tool
- Causal loop diagram
- Enterprise architecture diagram tool
- Enterprise architecture diagram
- Dendrogram maker
- Dendrogram
- Flowchart makers
- Cross-functional flowchart maker
- Cross-functional flowchart
- Microsoft Azure
- SDL diagram
- Audit flowchart maker
- Audit flowchart
- Accounting flowchart maker:
- Accounting flowchart
- Organizational chart makers:
- Family tree maker
- Family tree
- Genogram software:
- Genogram

Kinship diagram maker:
- Kinship diagram
- Quality control diagrams

Threat modeling tool:
- Threat model

TQM diagram tool:
- TQM diagram
- Fault Tree Analysis software
- Fault Tree Analysis
- UX design

Site map diagram tool:
- Site map diagram
- Material design wireframe tool
- Material design diagram
- Atlassian wireframe tool
- Atlassian wireframe
- Wired UI diagram tool
- Wired UI diagram
- Fluent Design wireframe tool
- Fluent Design wireframe
- Mind Mapping

Concept map diagram tool:
- Concept map diagram
- Bubble diagram maker
- Bubble diagram
- Seating chart
- Create beautiful and professional seating chart in minutes with the help of the drag-and-drop feature and the full set of seating plan icons and props.
- Event Hall Seating Plan
- Banquet Hall Seating Plan
- Banquet Hall Seating Plan
- Restaurant Seating Plan
- Restaurant Seating Plan
- Huawei Cloud architecture diagram
- Design your Huawei Cloud architecture using the Huawei Cloud architecture tool. Full set of ready-made Huawei cloud symbols that help you accurately communicate your design ideas through Huawei architecture diagrams.
- Enterprise-level disaster tolerance service:
- Enterprise cloud disk solution
- Enterprise cloud disk solution
- SAP common architecture
- SAP common architecture
- Decision analysis and others

Decision tree tool:
- Decision tree

Timeline diagram:
- Turn your Google Sheet data into beautiful chart
- Turn your Google Sheet data into beautiful chart
- Automatically form a chart from data entered in your Google Sheet. With auto refresh, changes you made in the sheet will reflect in the chart automatically, keeping your work consistent.

Kerberos authentication:
- Kerberos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography. Your team can now authenticate through Kerberos

Kerberos authentication:
- Edit Customer Journey Map's chart data via full editor
- You can use charts in a Customer Journey Map to represent statistical data. The experience of editing is now improved. You can now edit chart data via the full spreadsheet editor

Visual Paradigm Community Edition 15.2 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Visual Paradigm Community Edition 15.1 (64-bit)
- Minor bugfix

Visual Paradigm Community Edition 15.0 (64-bit)
- Wireflow diagram - A wireframe-based flow chart: Wireframes is a widely adopted UX tool that allows designer and client to work together in identifying the content and functionality of screens. A wireflow makes UX even more effective by harnessing the power of wireframe and flowchart, creating a step-based UX diagram that illustrates the steps and decision points of particular scenarios and the possible navigation paths throughout these steps.
- Animating Wireflow diagram: As long as a user interaction involves alternate and exceptional cases, there are multiple paths of wireflow that can be navigated. To reduce the application complexity, the wireflow editor allows you to specify a particular path (or often called scenario) of wireflow to be animated, so that we can split a user feature to be in sync with the partition of a simple user story or testing scenario.
- STEPS Wizards: Analysis and Design Step-by-Step: Seamless Techniques Expressed in Prescribed Steps (STEPS) is a powerful and groundbreaking feature for software development. Like a recipe that tells you how to cook a meal, STEPS are recipes that lead you through a series of well-defined steps for conducting a particular (reusable) analysis or modeling pattern for certain aspect of your development process. Your team can reuse or choose the appropriate Wizard in your project from the default set provided by Visual Paradigm.
- Visual API designer for Swagger and API Blueprint: Design, describe and document RESTful API in a total graphical way. You can design RESTful API easily by creating simple Class Diagram, like the one below. The graphical design approach, along with our award-winning diagramming interface make API design simple, straight-forward and error free.
- Visual Paradigm Online: After five years of consolidation, our dedication of high quality service in Agile Development has positioned VPository as one of the leading platforms in the agile and visual modeling industry. To reflect this tremendous expansion of VPository, we announce the update of the brand identity from VPository to Visual Paradigm Online ("VP Online") to re-message the products and online services we supply.
- On-Demand Model ETL: Design your desirable views of model data in a tabular form for bulk-view/edit/prioritize/visualize using Model ETL big data technology.
- Upgrade to Hibernate 5.1: To ensure that your work continues to remain secure and robust, we have upgrade our ORM support to use Hibernate 5.1, the latest version of Hibernate.

Visual Paradigm Community Edition 14.2 (64-bit)
Visual Paradigm 14.2 introduces a number of new features, which includes:
- Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)
- Automatic document generation from Customer Journey Map
- On-Demand Model ETL
- Tailoring Just-in-Time Process with custom diagrams and text
- Target-First BMM Guide-Through Process
- Baseline-First BMM Guide-Through Process (Extended version of the ordinary process)
- Automatic visualization of BMM traceaibilities with ArchiMate diagram
- Supported specifying stewardship for Means elements in BMM Guide-Through
- New deliverable for BMM Guide-Through: Business Motivation Model
- Online State Machine Diagram tool
- Online Activity Diagram tool
- Online Component Diagram tool
- Online Deployment Diagram tool
- Online Package Diagram tool
- Supported mixed use of notations for online diagrams (e.g. to draw Actor in Class Diagram
- Supported keeping commonly-used shapes for cross-diagrams reusability
- Supported importing palette from user-imported images (e.g. svg, png, jpg)
- Supported importing palette from Visio .vssx

Enhancements to Visual Paradigm 14.2 includes:
- Re-Designed Assessment form in BMM Guide-Through for better documentation of influencers' impacts
- Supported customizing the heading text for the document generated from a Just-in-Time form
- Supported customizing the prefix and suffix of content blocks in document generated from a Just-in-Time form
- Supported bi-directional project reference
- ArchiMate 3.0.1 connection rules
- Supported marking a PostMania topic as resolved
- Supported cloning member in VPository and Teamwork Server
- Supported different scope settings for rows and columns in matrix
- Supported automatic check-out of referenced project
- Re-designed product start page

Visual Paradigm Community Edition 14.1 (64-bit)
General Fixes/Enhancements:
- Fixed no response when attempting to import a non-supported diagram type from Visual Paradigm Community Circle
- Fixed unable to mirror an element from referenced project
- Fixed not handling physical, logical and conceptual elements in ERWin importing
- Fixed diagram image preview not fully shown in Doc. Composer
- Fixed a VPository subscription issue
- Fixed wrongly allowed creating sub-diagram on locked model when create via New Diagram window
- Fixed a wrong referenced project path checking in using referenced project
- Fixed a compile error related to generated ORM code
- Fixed a potential hang issue related to pasting content into a form (TOGAF ADM Guide-through)
- Fixed a couple of issues related to C++ round-trip
- Fixed an undo issue related to Fact Model
- Fixed image exported for Maturity Analysis crops part of the label
- Fixed cannot drag & drop entity from reverse result to diagram on Mac
- Reduced VPository's subscription time
- Renamed Fact Diagram to Fact Model
- Removed the restriction of inner stage cannot exceed outer stage in Maturity Analysis
- Made UeXceler, Tasifier and PostMania enabled by default when creating a new project
- Made User Interface Diagram publicly available
- Made the selection of Just-in-Time process template unspecified by default in New Diagram window
- Supported retrieving the Doc Field for document components in Doc. Composer
- Supported retrieving the URI to use in developing plug-in for components in Doc. Composer

- Fixed UeXceler sometimes not working
- Fixed requirements under use case not being published to Project Publisher
- Made user story fall back to Affinity Table upon a failed attempt to move it to Spike List via drag and drop

Guide-through Process:
- Fixed duplicated deliverables in Architecture Repository

Online Drawing Tools:
- Fixed several issues related to activation editing in sequence diagram on web

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