Sonarr は、ショーをダウンロードするだけでなく、事後にそれらを維持することを可能にする Windows PC 用のテレビシリーズ管理ソフトウェアです!頻繁な更新。アプリの快適さを残すことなく新しいものを見てください。すべての今後のエピソードを 1 つの便利な場所でご覧ください!すべてのリリースを見つけ、必要なものを選んでダウンロードクライアントに送信してください。 Sonarr は、失敗したダウンロードを過去のものにします。パスワードで保護されたリリース、修復ブロックが見つからない、または事実上他の理由がありますか?心配ない。 Sonarr は自動的にリリースをブラックリストに登録し、works.

Sonarr が見つかるまで別のエピソードを試します特徴:
新しいエピソードを自動的に検出する既存のライブラリをスキャンして不足しているエピソードをダウンロードできますあなたがすでに持っているエピソードの品質を監視し、アップグレード。例えば。 DVD から Blu-Ray へ自動的に失敗したダウンロード処理が失敗した場合に別のリリースを試す手動検索でリリースを選択するか、リリースが自動的にダウンロードされなかった理由を見る完全に設定可能なエピソードの名前変更 SABNzbd および NzbGet との完全な統合 XBMC、プレックス(通知、ライブラリの更新、メタデータ)スペシャルとマルチエピソードの完全サポート美しい UI

ファイルのバージョン Sonarr
ファイル名 NzbDrone.master.exe
ファイルサイズ 7.7 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Sonarr Team
更新時間 2019-08-20

What's new in this version:

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

- Add MediaInfo to Episode Files returned from the API
- Opt-in to delete empty series/season folders
- Remove empty series folders after disk scan/deleting last episode file and create emoty series folders is disabled
- New Delay import of episodes without titles temporarily
- Option to add paused for Deluge
- Option to add paused for Transmission
- Device names for Join notifications
- Setting for absolute maximum size for a release
- Consider all scene SxxE00 releases Specials as well.
- Run missing root folder health check when an import is successful

- Updated NLog to 4.5 RC6 to handle mono 5.10
- Parsing of WEB-DLMux files
- Send category to qBittorrent when adding torrent/magnet
- Removexpost suffix from release groups
- Disable delete button on used quality profiles
- Show error if System->Logs fails to load due to ad blocker.
- Show error message when manual import fails to load
- Remove Pre and postbot suffixes from release groups
- Parsing releases with standard and daily formats
- Parsing of pre range multi-episode filenames
- Set air date to 1970-01-01 if episode aired before (mono)
- Improve logging for invalid NZB messages
- Invalid scene numbering leading to manual import failing to load
- Mono internals does not properly copy/move symlinks, but instead copies the contents
- Handling of unknown status types in DownloadStation

- Include APFS disks in disk space
- Channel setting for Slack notifications to override default channel
- Validate NZBs before sending to download client
- Add authentication options to Webhook

- Security vulnerabilities allowing authentication to be bypassed (discovered by Kyle Neideck)
- Sorting by episodes on series overview and poster views
- Import failures when audio channels are in an unexpected format
- Sorting Manual Import by relative path
- Parsing of resolution in TVRips
- Parsing when using episode number as folder name in naming config
- Incorrect parsing of filenames with [SDTV] suffix trigging Anime pattern
- Regression preventing new downloads from bypassing the Download Client Back-off logic

- Change log not available for this version

- Fixed Regression in http redirect logic causing failed grabs and >25% cpu usage
- Fixed Logging error when accessing mount point
- Fixed Hide some more irrelevant paths from System->Disk Space such as /boot
- Fixed Use pending download if no download client is configured instead of logging a warning

- Legacy TLS is not supported on OSX

- TvMaze and IMDB IDs added to custom script environment variables
- New Paths for deleted files when upgrading an existing file
- New Additional variables for custom script on grab events
- New Episode files sent to Recycling Bin are put into subfolders
- New Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.93
- New White icon with transparent background for Join notifications notification bar icon
- New Added UHD to list of queried RARBG categories
- New Rename subtitles and extra files when renaming files
- New Option to import subtitles and extra files when importing media files (Settings->Media Management)
- Fixed Import from torrent Download Station should move since DS maintains an internal copy for seeding
- Fixed Sabnzbd error when tv sorting enabled for all categories
- Fixed Newznab default capabilities erroneously cached if indexer is unavailable
- Fixed Zero length file causes MediaInfo hanging in 100% cpu load
- Fixed DownloadStation api client for DSM 5.x
- Fixed Parsing releases with year added to the end of the series title
- Fixed Sabnzbd 2.0 api compatibility
- Fixed Join grab messages
- Fixed Refactored rtorrent interface to fix reliability issues with adding magnets & torrents
- Fixed Parsing cookies with trailing semi-colon
- Fixed Broken migration due to extensionless extra files
- Fixed Delay profiles are no longer hidden under advanced settings
- Fixed Clear EpisodeFile records from database if Series folder is missing, but root folder appears to be mounted
- Fixed Health check failing and preventing others from running
- Fixed Improve health check message when all enabled indexers are disabled due to failures
- Fixed Reduce parameters required to add a new series via API
- Fixed Clean RSS feed before detecting type

- New Allow Uppercase in Transmission category
- New support for REAL releases
- New Added `Quality Real` naming Token
- New Quality Full will add real to file name when applicable
- New Newznab Preset for NZBCat
- Fixed Force grabbing some delayed releases
- Fixed Improved parsing of some multi-episode filenames
- Fixed Prevent series from being added with an invalid Profile ID

- Fixed Saving settings changes

- New Manual search shows error when download fails
- Fixed Hidden calendar tooltips
- Fixed Add wrapping to fix long paths in labels
- Fixed Logging invalid version when failing to connect to Kodi
- Fixed Failing missing episode search when one search fails
- Fixed Manual import when quality was not available after failed parsing
- Fixed Magnet links with torrent blackhole
- Fixed Prevent incorrectly grabbing a similar or identical release for 12 hours
- Fixed Stricter parsing of some release filenames
- Fixed Log download client name when communication fails
- Fixed Test messaging when indexer API returns an error with a message
- Fixed Parsing anime series with number in title
- Fixed Specials season search UI messaging
- Fixed Added verified file transfer mode that doesn't revert to copy
- Fixed External links again open in new windows
- Fixed Removal of common suffixes such as [ettv] while parsing

- Fixed History will always be used to determine upgrade eligibility when CDH is disabled

- New Blackhole won't grab another release if release in last hour meets the cutoff
- New Implemented Newznab changes to support search by tvdbid/tvmazeid instead of only tvrageid
- New Added TvMaze link to series details
- New Option to remove illegal characters instead of replacing them
- New Show time instead of date if event occurs/occurred today
- New Add Webhook support
- New Warning message that Torrent Blackhole will move files, not copy or hard link
- New Ability to push releases to Sonarr via API for processing
- New Sonarr can now update series to use another tvdbid in case when tvdb removes a duplicate and Skyhook detects it.
- New Hungarian language support
- New Support 5-digit multi-episode releases
- New Sonarr logo is optional for Pushalot notifications
- New Twitter Notifications
- New Boxcar 2 notifications
- New Titans of TV tracker
- New Will now fetch multiple pages in the rss feed in order to catch up (for indexers supporting paging), or produce a warning otherwise. (benefits lower rss-intervals)
- New Will now temporarily stop using an indexer if the indexer reported an error
- New Run custom scripts (Connection)
- New Reenabled verified file transfer
- Fixed Torrent Blackhole client will not track torrents by hash
- Fixed SeasonPass didn't update Series monitored flag if only those were changed
- Fixed Don't produce scene mapping warnings if TheXEM only maps the second half of a season
- Fixed Invalid season packs preventing future releases from being grabbed when using SAB as download client
- Fixed Adding label to torrents in rTorrent
- Fixed Don't import single files that start with ._
- Fixed Tooltips for series and season searches
- Fixed TV Directory is not required for local rTorrent
- Fixed Removed deferrer from external links, instead relying solely on the rel=noreferrer attribute (supported by Chrome and Firefox, but not all browser)
- Fixed Consistent display of sizes (1000 vs 1024)
- Fixed Missing Episode Search command wasn't stored properly in the db causing it to search for all series, instead of one
- Fixed Only show completed downloads in queue when Completed Download Handling is enabled
- Fixed Removing torcache url query params to avoid redirect
- Fixed Parse TVRip releases as SDTV
- Fixed Parsing 4-digit season packs
- Fixed Log error message when moving file to recycling bin fails
- Fixed Extremely long series titles causing display issues on main page
- Fixed Preserve startup arguments during restart
- Fixed Only run a complete section update in Plex if all partial updates fail
- Fixed Import episodes in ascending numerical order
- Fixed Don't log all daily episodes parsing as unknown episodes
- Fixed Better parsing of full season x265 releases
- Fixed Indexers returning relative urls for grabs
- Fixed Emby metadata added date will use series added date
- Fixed Don't check for missing TheXEM numbering when importing existing series
- Fixed rTorrent category is optional
- Fixed Should ignore indexer provided tvrageid when scene naming exception exists
- Fixed Series failing to load when there were no seasons
- Fixed Refreshing individual series incorrectly delayed the scheduled Update Library task
- Fixed Readded series monitoring flag to Season Pass view
- Fixed Updated libcurl version mappings to use libcurl.4 instead of libcurl.3
- Fixed Indexer returning an empty page during the rss sync
- Fixed Extrapolate TheXem scene numbering when newer episodes exist on TheTvdb but don't auto import

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