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XviD4PSP 7.0.493 (64-bit)

XviD4PSP 64 ビットは、HQ ビデオおよびオーディオのエンコードまたはリミュレーションのための使いやすいフリーソフトウェアです。すべてのコーデックとコンポーネントは、追加なしで動作します。 Xvid4PSP は PSP、PS3、iPod、BlackBerry、Iphone、ニンテンドー DS、Xbox 360、SonyEricsson、Nokia、Itouch、Blu-ray、AVI、DV などの PC 用のビデオを変換するための使いやすい高品質オールインワンプログラムです。 MP4、M2TS、MKV、H.264、XviD、MPEG2 ビデオ、AAC、AC3、MP3 オーディオ。 DVR-MS FLV…


ソニー:PSP、PS3、エリクソン K610、エリクソン K800。アップル:iPod、iPod Touch、iPhone、iPad、Apple TV、iMovie iOS。 Nokia:Nokia N8、Nokia N900、Nokia 5700、Nokia S60v5、Nokia X6。 Другие:Xbox 360、YouTube、DVD プレーヤ HD、iRiver Clix 2、HTC Touch Diamond 2、Samsung Galaxy Tab 1010、Archos 5G、BlackBerry 8100、BlackBerry 8800、BlackBerry 8830、LG Prada、Motorola K1 など。注:.NET Framework.


ファイルのバージョン XviD4PSP 7.0.493 (64-bit)
ファイル名 XviD4PSP-Win64.zip
ファイルサイズ 23.97 MB
オペレーティングシステム Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Winnydows
更新日 https://winnydows.com/en/
更新時間 2019-09-30

What's new in this version:

- Updated all the codecs and internal components
- Fixed possibility of crash when you start the program and start coding
- Corrected the definition of the layout for multi-channel ALAC files
- Fixed lock file open dialog on Windows systems
- Added automatic connection of the decoder to determine how long the files without timcode
- Speed test encoding protected from stuffing options
- Presets and optimization for x265 codec updated to latest version with high quality at presets is harder than Medium
- Minor fixes
- Added forced test to use the latest build
- Added auto update function
- All settings are now stored in the working program folder and are stored only at successful closing
- Added integration with menu “Recent files”
- Presets for codecs translated into JSON format
- Presets formats globally reformed and translated into the JSON format
- For sample format added 24-bit extension
- The maximum number of reference frames are now automatically reduced for specified level
- Updated codecs: х264, х265, VPX
- Added MXF output format, and presets D-10 Mapping 30/40/50mbps
- Maximum resolution increased to 8K (4320p)
- Codec x262, x264 and х265 now able to accept arguments in the info format and are automatically removed unknown or incorrect option
- For the GIF codec unlocked all the possible frame rate
- In the top menu Tools added Encoding Speed Test (formerly W.E.S.T)
- x265 received support encoding to YUV422P, YUV420P10, YUV422P10, YUV444P10, YUV420P12, YUV422P12, YUV444P12
- When editing metadata changes now apply to all selected files
- Now supports previews of the system without the video drivers and with OpenGL 1.0
- Many different fixes, reforms and optimizations
- Added Cluster encoding engine (yet without the support of trim, passes and metrics)
- Added Simple encoding engine . Does not require a lot of memory. Has the best stability and efficiency of the old MT mode
- Added option when encoding to combine files with different parameters of the stream
- Now every file in join group may have its own unique filters
- Added support for importing AVCHD
- Added filter rotation and reflection
- Added BWDIF deinterlacer
- Added NNEDI deinterlacer
- The build for Windows has switched to GCC 7.1 and MinGW 5.0.2

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